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Bingo for Money - Your Complete Guide to Play and Win Real Canadian Dollars

Few casino games online can carry a weight of enjoyable nostalgia than that of bingo. A much loved and played game globally, our bingo guide presents all the key features of this game including a guide to rules and strategies, with free games and bonuses for you to claim.

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Grab your lucky jackpot while enjoying best Online Bingo of 2024

You might be going through different online bingo reviews trying to find a comprehensive list of ideas, useful tips, and strategies that will help you get started. Stay tuned and we will help you save time trying to find the best casino bingo as everything you need to know about top online bingo has been carefully listed on our site.

Did you know? Originally, the bingo game was called “beano” (by the way, it sounds a bit strange now, doesn’t it?) The name of the game got instantly changed when one lucky player won a gigantic jackpot and shouted “bingo” instead!

Just like this lucky player, you can scoop out a spicy payout while enjoying your favorite online bingo games. Tune in and learn how to make your first steps towards grabbing YOUR lucky jackpot!

The history of bingo and how the game dated back to the 1500s and made it to the Internet

We begin our bingo guide with a look back at the history of the game. From the Italian 1500s through to the online bingo game we all still love and play now.

How it all started

It begins in, as mentioned, Italy during the 1500s when the game was called the Italian lottery or Beano by regular players. The game was played as it is today. Players had cards with numbers on and winning numbers were pulled out of a sack. The game then made it to France in the late 1770s and was developed with three rows going horizontally and nine rows going vertically, the numbers ran one to ninety in a random sequence. Numbers to complete the game were still at this stage drawn from a sack and it wasn’t until a horizontal row was filled that a player had won.

This is perhaps one of the few forms of games that retained much of its identity from creation to modern gaming, with the principle of using numbered rows and the drawing of the numbers didn’t change for centuries.

The game of bingo conquered Europe and hit America in the early 1900s with settlers bringing it to local carnivals. The format kept the French approach but with fewer numbers, players would cover their cards with beans to highlight the drawn numbers, this promoted them to shout “Beano” on a win. The name changed in 1929 when Edwin S. Lowe created his own version of numbered tickets and called it Bingo.

Modern Gameplay

The game was unquestionably huge, land-based venues were built just to house the game for fans to book a seat and enjoy their favored card game with the company of friends and family. Soon in the late 90s venues were linked for a national jackpot game which made it very much one of the hottest tickets going in the gambling sector.

As the internet formed, bingo slowly transitioned, and soon rooms were forming where players good enjoy the random number gaming from their home and still gain the benefits of conversing with people and winning big sums of money.

Because of the accessible age range, bingo provided massive appeal, soon specialist sites formed. Dating bingo sites for people to build relationships with other players is just one of the insane examples where technology took the game. As the gaming grew in numbers as did the money to be won and in theory, players enjoying bingo online with their random numbered tickets now have access to one of the biggest online jackpot sources.

We review all the key points of online bingo so you know exactly what you’re getting from the game

Our online bingo guide will lead you to all the key areas of the game, you have access to bingo site reviews, the best bingo sites to experience the real money games and bonuses provided directly from the top 10 bingo sites listed on our website.

Bingo games are a great source of entertainment for players. When it comes down to that last number, nothing can beat the tension. It doesn’t matter if you play cards, slots or any form of casino table game, online bingo is unique and those which play it understand the passions it raises.

Book yourself into the gaming sites today and make your money from live event rooms offering the best jackpots anywhere in the world online.

Additional reviews are found within our guide which touches on greater detail regarding the areas we are unable to cover in full on this page. Below you have additional reviews on the rules of bingo so that any new players can learn how the game is to be played. There is also the strategy behind the concept of bingo and a look at the variants which the online sites provide to loyal fans of the game.

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How to Play Bingo

Get all the information you need on how to play online bingo from our guide by selecting the header. Read about the rules to complete your basic knowledge of the numbers game. Learn about the relationships between player, numbers, and chance which is the perfect way to begin for any new player showing a smart interest in investing with this game.

Bingo is a fun and entertaining way to win cash. From the moment you sign up to your new casino, by-pass the video poker machines, slots, and blackjack tables, and head into the digital bingo hall and become totally captivated in the most thrilling wagering opportunity, especially inside the live rooms.

Bingo Strategy

Is there a way of winning? Any known theory which can determine what numbers will be called? Do bonuses help players? And is it just about pure chance and luck? Well, we tackle a number of these thoughts and questions within this section of our guide. Click to learn the Bingo Strategy and if there are ways in which your actions can influence the game or if your fortune is in the lap of the bingo gods.

Bingo Variants

online bingo online bingo

Because of the various online casinos provide, we have added a review of the Bingo Variants which are optional to players. Did you know of 30 ball bingo? 75 ball bingo? Our guide discusses these games and more to expand your awareness of opportunity in both the realm of live rooms and virtual machines in which the entertainment is shared.

Enjoy the bingo game online without the need of paying and through any device with no download

Our bingo players guide now get the ball rolling with free access to the game from all the best sites online and through our own website. Here we review the games which you can play totally free.

This is the perfect place for people to start learning in their own time, yes, our own site has hidden gems within our free bingo games just for fun section, which you are welcome to use to start playing instantly. You’ll find over 10 different titles to help you as a new player to learn about the game through demo mode machines. You also have access to free bonuses to help you play free games from any site within the top 10 listings.

Best of Bonuses

Bingo bonuses are soon to become your best friend. Every site in our top 10 has a special bonus for every play that crosses their path. You’ll find a large mix of special offers, deals, bonuses and rewards which are eligible for the game of bingo. Here we have listed the most commonly found options which you have to option to opt for should you wish to preserve your own expenses.

  • Welcome Bonus Package
  • Free Game Spins
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • VIP Loyalty Rewards
  • Matched Deposits
  • Refer a Friend
  • High Roller Bonus

Each bonus offer comes with specific terms that you must read to make sure you are using the offer correctly. Because there are so many deals, from so many casinos and because they change repeatedly, we cannot list what each one actually is, so below, you’ll read about the general idea of them.

The Bonuses

They say nothing in life is free, wrong! These people have clearly never been part of an online casino. Here are the individual reviews of the free bonuses you can obtain to assist you whilst gambling either through live games or through virtual machines.

The Welcome Package

This is a bonus of strength as it can reward all new members with both a financial reward and additional free games. The bonus often looks like: ‘100% up to $500 with 120 Free Spins’. There are, of course, many different variations of this depending on where you decide to play your bingo games. What this means is, if you place any deposit down, the casino will match this with a percentage value. The free spins are, in fact, free games, which you can enjoy on the virtual machines which almost play like the familiar slots online.

Free Spins

Claim anything from 5 to 500 spins on your favorite virtual machines with this reward. Not just part of the welcome bonus but is itself a major reward found within the promotions of the best online casinos. The number of spins changes from time to time, so strike whilst the figure is high to get the most out of this type of offer.

Matched Deposit

When you make an online deposit during your time at the casino through a matched bonus offer, you’ll receive added funds to the amount paid in. The casino will match the value depending on the percentage amount offered. This could be 100%, 300% even 500% added to the fund you put in to play the bingo games.

No Deposit

Why not play without depositing? Well, the options are there for you to claim this allowance which doesn’t require any payment put forward. Look out for No wager bonuses and you can get a small sum of money to play with and the option of free spins to enjoy within the casino.

VIP Rewards

Book yourself into the VIP program of the casino and start receiving the perfect goods to help your time during the live and virtual bingo games. It comes down to loyalty, get your rewards for time and effort paid off by the casino. If you have a particular favorite machine, then you can get tailored rewards just for it. If you love live bingo so much, start getting extra free tickets to play inside the best rooms online.

Refer a Friend

Have your friends and colleagues help you by registering to the same casino and you can both claim extra money for your bingo games. And yes, you get to keep what you win and they can still claim the welcome bonus and all other promotions on offer.

Exclusive High Roller Bonus

If you want that extra insurance on your finances, then the high roller offer is perfect for you. Get more cashback and more bingo spins for your money. Deposits are a bit higher than the welcome bonus, but so too are the returns from the casino.

Demo Play

At, we guarantee quality and security. These both come with our selection of free demo games. Authentic casino machines in demo programming that gives you the real feel of the games and how they play. This is perfect to learn from and this is what you get from us.

  • 100% Authentic Games.
  • Casino Software Developers.
  • Compatible to Every Device.
  • No Downloads.

All new players will have to practice how to play online bingo and to test out any bingo theory should they wish to incorporate strategies into their decision making and gameplay. Our selection of free games may only amount to over 10 titles but what you have is a cross-reference to every type of virtual bingo machine there is. These are made by award-winning software developers who have helped shape and transform online gambling for over a decade now. The providers include Microgaming, Play’n GO, Playtech and 1x2 gaming. You can access these titles, as with all other free games on our site, through desktop, tablet, mobile, and MAC.

There is no need to download in order to play these games, as they load up directly from the site’s browser. The perks of using these games are that, unlike Google app games, they are built by the very companies which supply the casinos you are joining. So, you get the same quality and odds of winning and, thusly, you can learn much more about them and this ties in with our strategy guide.

You get the exact same games here as what is held in the casino and here, we will explain just how easy they are to play.

How it Works

► Click on the picture to access the FREE version of the game ◄

Example: Pop Bingo by Playtech.

Not all online bingo games are the same when it comes to the virtual element of them. There are many different styles and themes portraying the bingo game, but however different they look, they all retain the core basics of how bingo is played.

  • When you load Pop Bingo, you’ll see you’re faced with a single ticket and 90 numbers to the right. This is the basic game, the feature of this one is found along the top.
  • Here you find payment lines, playing well pays off with this game.
  • Complete your card within 40 pops and you win 1k if played at the lower stake limit of 0.10. This can, however, rise to 200k if playing with the maximum stake limit which is 20.00 The payout returns are also highlighted in this section, so you are fully aware of what your returns could be when the right balls land.
  • Before you play, you can alternate the card numbers by selecting ‘new card’, you set your stake amount, the minimum being 0.10 and the max of this particular game being 1.00.
  • Once satisfied with your options, press play.
  • The balls will fire up from the right side into the numbered grid. Each time one of your numbers land, the card becomes highlighted.
  • You can play with the same numbers again by selecting play or you can opt for a new card.
  • The square in the middle of the game counts the number of balls dispensed to see if you can qualify for the bonus payments of up to 1k if achieved in less than 40 balls popped.

There is nothing else to it. Select your values, your card, and play – easy!

Our bingo casino online review brings it back home as we test out the gaming option ourselves

In this part of the guide, we put the ball in our own side of the court, we review the games literally and share our experiences through the site our colleague is part of and the gems we hold in our demo list.

For this, we chose Karen Newport, who is a mad bingo lover and has free time to assess the world of online bingo for us.

“Love it, bingo anytime anywhere if given the chance. People can say what they like about it, it’s not just for old people. I have played the demo games before and found them to be user-friendly, very easy to play and the wins are quite substantial if you select the right title.

I loved the Flying Pigs bingo game by Play’n GO, my favorite of the lot in our own demo games. With Flying Pigs, you can play up to four different tickets and there are only 30 balls in the game which makes it easier to win. You can buy 12 more balls to be added to the game if you’re close to winning which is a handy feature. In addition to the base game, there is a bonus round which rewards 625 times the amount you initially wagered.

The game is fun, brightly colored, and animated. My passion for bingo, however, resides in the specialist games held online. The casino I’m with allows me to join rooms and chat with other people that have also entered. These live rooms are the complete package and just because it is online, doesn’t lose any tension or excitement. The best thing about the live option is that jackpots are in-house and the even is now linked to other casinos. This again increases your chances of winning big.

I think people tend to forget that one of the strengths of bingo is the possible amount to be one, it’s now seen as a niche game and often hidden away by the online casinos. As a gambling option, there is no better form of entertainment. You can spend hours jumping from room to room, chatting to different people, and swapping tips on which rooms are the best.

I encourage everyone to at least try it once, especially if they are giving out bonuses to help players play for free. If you like it, you’ll be playing for days after.”

Casino Bingo Summary: Concluding our guide with online bingo game tips and a look at the FAQs

As our guide comes to an end, don’t forget to read the other reviews we have about the online bingo option. Click the links to read about the rules and variants of the game, not forgetting to mention the strategies to help you pick and bet smarter to cut down losses and costs.

We end with a bonus look at the more frequently asked question regarding bingo as a game and the top tips to make your life easier.


Is it safe to use my credit card to play online bingo?

Completely, online casinos provide a secure connection with your banking service. You have multiple methods to pick from should you wish to use an alternative, more of which can be read in our payment reviews.

Are there special rules for joining live tables?

There are rules and guidelines, yes. Chatting to others must be respectful and nothing deemed offensive or suggestive. Some rooms you’ll need to book a spot for because they are so popular the spaces go fast.

What happens if I get disconnected during a game?

The software used by casinos will be able to track your card and the numbers on it to continue playing for you. If you win, you get the prize once you have reconnected to the site again.

How big are the live jackpots?

The amounts are relative to the room you join. For many rooms, the value can be reflective of however many members are inside. For the big games, you can easily find the values climb beyond the million marks.

What if two people win at the same time?

With all bingo games of this nature, the prize will be equally dived by the number of winners even if there are more than two.

Top Tips

  • Play for the right reasons because a large majority of the game is based on luck, so you must be able to enjoy the game knowing that you may lose more than you win.
  • Set a daily limit for how long you will play. Bingo is addictive fun even when losing. If you can set yourself time frames, then you will spare your budget.
  • Quality, not quantity is key. If you play live, then keep your tickets to a minimum of 3 or 4 that way you won’t lose track of what’s going on. You want to be able to play and enjoy it not panic and get flustered.
  • Pick the right time to play, given that rooms pay more the more people are playing, you’ll notice a distinct increase in numbers after working hours, which is the best time to mark your mark on a room.
  • Bonuses are always a plus for any player. Don’t miss the opportunity to get more funds and free games when a casino offers them out, you’ll have nothing to lose.

We trust our guide will help you become a bingo star and thank you for choosing as the platform to springboard your success from.