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Best Online Blackjack Casinos

Ready to play like 007? Now’s your chance to go head to head with the dealer in a thrilling game of online blackjack real money. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the most popular of all the casino games.

Top 5 Casinos
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Crystal Slots Casino

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Cherry Gold Casino

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Need for Spin

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It is a matter of dispute where blackjack originally appeared. The first recorded instance of such a game can be found in one of Miguel de Cervantes' works, which was written in Spain. Nevertheless, other historians contend that the Romans created blackjack because they enjoyed playing games and were always on the lookout for new ways to pass the time.

Blackjack was played in England and Ireland in the 18th century, and by the 19th century, it had become a staple among the diversions offered in Parisian salons. Because of this, francophones refer to blackjack as vingt-et-un. The game has numerous varieties, many of whose names have something to do with their country of origin. But North America is where it really started to take off. It makes perfect sense that blackjack is one of Canadians' favourite online casino games. To help you choose the best blackjack gambling site for you, we have prepared information on the five casinos where to play real money online blackjack. Keep reading to find out which are the best online blackjack sites 2024.

  • Wildz

    Established in 2018, Wildz may impress you with one of the fastest registering processes – it will take only 60 seconds to sign up. Affiliating with 35 software developers, you can choose from over a thousand games, including different types of blackjack. Moreover, instant depositing and fast withdrawals are possible with its banking options and the customer support team will have your back 24/7. So, if you wonder where to play blackjack online, you should consider Wildz as one of your possible choices. If what has been said so far has not convinced you, read our Wildz Casino review.

  • Crystal Slots

    Being founded in 2020, Crystal Slots is one of the newest gambling operators and as such, it is one of the modern platforms in Canada. When it comes to game variety, Crystal Slots, betting on quality, the casino has only around 600 games in its collection, but they are divided into seven categories that will suit every taste, one of which is filled with different table games. There is no doubt that it is maybe the best place to play blackjack online as it also offers live dealer blackjack tables. If you need more information about this operator, have a look at our Crystal Slots Casino review.

  • Spin Casino

    Spin Casino is considered to be one of the best blackjack casinos in the territory of Canada. It was launched in 2001 and has been one of the most popular Canadian gambling operators ever since. As the name suggests, the abundance of games is huge and, on this platform, you can find everything you could think of provided by some of the best software companies in the industry including an exciting live casino blackjack experience. In our Spin Caisno review, you could find all the information you may need before signing up at it.

  • JackpotCity

    JackpotCity Casino has been part of the gambling sector for more than two decades since it was founded in 1998. JackpotCity has built an online casino that offers all the excitement of a land-based one without neglecting the advantages of the digital medium. There are hundreds of games you can choose from and of course, you can also play blackjack for real money no matter if you are a fan of the classic version or any other type. If you have any questions related to it, our JackpotCity Casino review will answer them all.

  • Playamo

    It does not have as much experience in the gaming industry as JackpotCity or Spin Casino, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best blackjack sites for real money. Playamo has contracts with 40 software developers which provide it with over 2,000 games and live dealer opportunities. The casino still doesn't have an abundance of banking options, but customer support is available 24/7 to make sure your experience is up to scratch. Take a look at our Playamo casino review to learn more about this operator.

How to Play Blackjack?

Although real money blackjack games are simple to understand, it may still take some practice to properly understand and master the techniques. The standard blackjack version is played with a deck of 52 cards on a blackjack table, just like the majority of casino card games. Have a look at the following table to get familiar with the values of the different cards used in the process of playing blackjack for real money.

Card Value
Ace 1/11
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
J 10
Q 10
K 10

If you do not know how to play online blackjack, you would be happy to hear that the aim is really simple. All you need to do is to create a hand that does not total more than 21 in order to defeat the dealer. There are further ways to beat the house, such as having a value higher than the dealer's or succeeding in drawing 21 with the first two cards dealt. If this is not enough for you and you are about to learn how to play blackjack, we have prepared for you a guide with some basic blackjack rules you should know. In case you have played blackjack before, the guide will boost your confidence when you play blackjack for money.

  1. First, you need to make a wager that satisfies the minimum bet requirement.
  2. Utilizing the digital chips, you can increase your wager until it reaches the maximum allowed.
  3. Some variations of online blackjack enable side bets, which you should place before the cards are dealt.
  4. The dealer gives two faceup cards to each player. His next move is to deal himself two cards, one of which will be faced down.
  5. What are your possible moves?
  • Hit - you receive a free new card.
  • Stand - you play the hand that was initially dealt to you.
  • Double Down - you have a single chance to double your stake and draw a new card.
  • Split - by dividing your hand, you can create two separate hands, but keep in mind that most games only let you split pairs.
  1. The first two cards that are given to you should determine your choices.
  2. The next move of the dealer is to disclose his full hand by revealing his second card. If the sum of the two cards’ values is 16 or less, he has to hit until the hand's worth is at least 17.
  3. Following that, the hands of the dealer and the players are compared. Any player who has cards whose worth is more than the dealer's hand wins. All holdings with a sum of no more than 21 win if the dealer busts.
  4. A "push" occurs when your hand and the dealer's end up being of equal value. In this case, you receive your original wager back.
  5. Simply carry out the steps again to play another round.

The Types of Online Blackjack Games

As one of the oldest casino games whose origins are not even clear, blackjack has evolved into many variations. Although the classic version is one of the most played games on a global scale and remains the most preferred version respectively, some types of blackjack that originated in different parts of the world have managed to hold the interest of gamblers over the years and are an indispensable part of the table games section in the portfolios of the best blackjack sites. Keep reading to be able to answer the question of which are the most popular types of online blackjack games in Canada.

Traditional Blackjack

With 1 or 8 decks, the traditional, also called classic, variation of blackjack is played. You have to make a hand of 21 or a one with worth higher than the dealer's hand, as was previously mentioned. Each of you will be dealt two cards. The hole card is the card that the dealer will have, and it will be facing down. 21 cannot be exceeded at any time because if it is, one of you will go bankrupt due to having a broken hand.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Strip Blackjack is another name for the game. What origin does the name's "Vegas" term have? A well-known area of the resort city of Las Vegas is known as the Strip. The Strip Blackjack rules used in Las Vegas have become widely accepted around the world due to the renown of the city. As the game is played with four decks, the level of intricacy substantially rises. You can double any opening hand and split up to four times per game, but the dealer must stand on a soft 17.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack and Traditional Blackjack are quite similar. The only distinction is that this one offers an intriguing progressive jackpot that might be won. Normally, it is played with four decks of cards. A side wager is placed by you in the hopes that the combination of your two cards and the dealer's two cards will result in a jackpot payout. The outcome of the bet, whether you either win or lose, has no bearing on how the base game turns out.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Like other variations of blackjack, the game's fundamental goal is the same. You must create a hand with a value that is as near to 21 as you can get without exceeding it because you will be busted. As long as your hand at the end of the round is closer to 21 than the dealer's, you win. However, there are three key peculiarities to Atlantic City blackjack rules that players should be aware of: the game uses eight decks of cards, the dealer must stand on soft 17, and players can give up their hands.

Live Dealer Blackjack

A real human dealer, actual playing cards, and an actual table are all used in playing live casino online. Players will be able to connect with the dealer and see every hand being dealt in real-time through live video streaming. Both live dealer blackjack and standard online blackjack have typical return to player (RTP) percentages that are frequently equal or very identical to each other. Nonetheless, rather than being dealt from a shoe that is shuffled in between each hand, blackjack games with live dealers are dealt from a six- or eight-deck shoe which gives players more opportunities for implementing strategies.

Blackjack Strategies

It is not correct to think that there is a certain way of playing that will eventually lead you to victory. However, having tried and tested strategies up your sleeve that you can use skillfully can increase your chances of winning, but for this to be possible it is extremely important to know what the cards are worth. Here you will find an explanation of some of the techniques that have become established over time among blackjack players.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

It is not possible to discuss strategies and not to mention the blackjack basic strategy. In order to present the strategy in the simplest possible way, we have prepared two tables for you. Of course, they do not cover all the situations you can find yourself in, but you will get an idea of what moves players who use it make.

For Hard Hands (without Ace)

Player Dealer (7-A) Dealer (2-6)
17-21 Stand Stand
12-16 Hit Stand
10/11 Double Double
9 Hit Double
4-8 Hit Hit

For Soft Hands (with Ace)

Player Dealer (7-A) Dealer (2-6)
19-21 Stand Stand
16-18 Hit Double
13/15 Hit Hit

Blackjack Charts

Memorizing a blackjack chart is one of the most widely known blackjack strategies for success. A quick search on Google for a blackjack strategy will yield a plethora of free resources. These charts depict every possible scenario for the cards you and the dealer are holding. advising you on which decision to make based on the cards dealt. Keep in mind that this process can take a long time and that while playing blackjack you will learn many of the moves yourself.

Composition Strategy

Composition strategies are more sophisticated than basic blackjack graphs, but you need to understand the charts before implementing this strategy. The technique is based on using the card values that have been drawn from the deck as a guideline for what cards might be left in the deck. It can give you an advantage by lowering the house edge when done correctly. Some people call this strategy “composition-dependent” because the player benefits not only from the total of his cards but also from their composition. This strategy is more advantageous when there are fewer decks.

Counting Cards

The idea behind card counting is to apply mathematics to determine whether a hand is likely to benefit the player or the dealer. This is ascertained by keeping track of how many large and small cards have been played and how many are still in the deck. The hi-lo system, which includes allocating a numerical value to every card in the deck, is the most widespread card counting strategy. The assigning numerical values are as follows:

  • Large cards (10, Ace) - their numerical value is -1. Once they are removed from the deck, the house takes advantage.
  • Small cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) - they are rated at +1. By eliminating them from the deck, the house advantage is taken away.
  • Other cards (7, 8, 9) - they are tagged 0 as there is no need to count them because their removal does not significantly affect gameplay.

7 Tips on How to Play Blackjack Online

After discussing the rules of the game as well as some strategies, you should already have an idea of how to play blackjack online for money. If you need a little more information to gain confidence when playing at blackjack casinos for real money, here are 6 more tips that will help you out.

  1. Do Not Place Insurance Bets
  2. When the dealer's up card is an ace, you can place an insurance bet. If you choose insurance, you are wagering on the dealer having blackjack. If the dealer has a blackjack, the side punt pays out at two-to-one odds.

  3. Consider the Dealer’s Faced-Up Card
  4. You should always check the dealer's up card before taking any action. Is it bad (2 - 6) or good (7 - Ace)? In determining what the player should do, the dealer's hand is all that matters.

  5. Do Not Take the First Base Seat
  6. If the dealer is rushing, it is best to avoid the first base chair. Sitting further back allows you to spend more time reviewing your hand and the dealer's up card.

  7. Do Not Start Big
  8. If you (or a new dealer) have just arrived at the table, don't go all out. Begin small to assess the situation.

  9. Do Not Believe the Myths of Gamblers
  10. The decisions of the other players at the table have no bearing on your hand. You're playing against the dealer alone, and neither of you knows what you have.

  11. Find out Which Strategy Works for You
  12. Each person thinks differently. Some people have better mathematical abilities, and others intuitive ones. Use the strategy you understand best.

  13. Do Not Allow to Get Burned
  14. Set a limit for how much you are prepared to risk without limiting your ability to win. This way, even if your strategy did not work out you will not have spent money you cannot afford to lose.

Blackjack Bonuses

Canadian online blackjack sites offer different kinds of bonuses in order to be able to keep their customers interested. The promotions available at casinos’ websites are suitable for playing blackjack. If you are a newbie in the world of online gambling, probably you wonder what they are. We will unravel the mystery by presenting you with the most common types.

Welcome Bonus

Perhaps, welcome bonuses are the best online casino bonus type. They are quite different and the sum that will be credited to your bonus balance depends on the operator. In most cases, they give you some kind of percentage (usually 100%) of the amount you deposited. If the welcome bonus is divided into stages (2, 3, 4, 5), the percentage may vary.

Progressive Bonus

These blackjack promotions are only available in specific casinos or with live dealer games. The progressive blackjack bonus is one of the best bonuses available at online casinos that grows in value with each claim. As an example, if the additional cash is $50 and players meet the criteria to activate it, the next bonus size will increase as well, and it could be worth up to $100.

No Deposit Bonus

It is a one-of-a-kind promotion that players can enjoy without depositing any money at the casino. It may be made available to both new and experienced players. Before gamers can withdraw any winnings generated by the bonus, they must typically meet some wagering requirements. Because no deposit bonuses infrequently enable you to withdraw your winnings, they are best used to try out different blackjack games.

Loyalty Bonus

There is hardly any online casino real money that does not have a bonus system based on your commitment to the operator. A tier-based reward system is common in VIP loyalty programs. Some casino loyalty programs have up to 8 levels, while others have even 12 levels. With each level, players gain access to greater rewards, which they can use to gamble. Participants progress through the levels based on their total bet.

Mobile Sites and Blackjack Apps

In recent years, technological advancements have changed our lives a lot. Every day there are innovations that we implement in our lifestyle. Many people, especially the young, are used to doing all kinds of operations from their mobile phones, whether it's paying bills, shopping or entertainment. You've probably come to the conclusion that for companies that are part of the entertainment industry, it's not just desirable, it's imperative to be able to connect with their customers on mobile.

The best online blackjack casinos not only have mobile-friendly sites but have also invested in creating a real money blackjack app to facilitate their users and improve their experience. Other gaming sites that have realized the importance of apps are in the process of developing them. However, you can play blackjack for real money online on their platforms through your phone, which are compatible with Android and iOS devices. If you still prefer to play through mobile apps, here are five casinos that have good ones:

  • Wildz
  • Crystal Slots
  • Spin Casino
  • JackpotCity
  • Playamo

Real Money vs Free Blackjack Games

Sometimes it happens that people are not sure if a game is right for them. Blackjack variations are no exception. It's a common occurrence, especially with new players, that people do not want to jump into the game without knowing the rules and whether they will enjoy the game even a little bit. Therefore, all reputable blackjack sites give their customers the opportunity to try out the various options by playing free blackjack games. Do not worry if you don't know the difference between demos and real money games. In the table below you will find everything you need.

Real Money Blackjack Free Blackjack Games
The games are made to be played for real money. The games are free to try out.
You might get some money. No money can be won.
You can benefit from the bonuses. Bonuses are not redeemable.
You will participate in actual gameplay. You can practise the game.
You need to make a wager in order to test the tactics you consider using. Here is an opportunity to try out all the blackjack strategies you want without having to pay any money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Blackjack for Real Money Online?

Yes, you can play blackjack for real money online a every reputable casino. If you want to distinguish legitimate online blackjack for money from fake games, make sure to check whether this particular casino has a gambling licence.

What Is the Most Trusted Online Casino?

Any casino that has a license and a certificate for the games is a trusted one. JackpotCity is believed to be the best online blackjack website in Canada. Some other good examples are Wildz, Playamo, Crystal Slots, and Spin Casino.

What Is the Number One Casino App?

There are plenty of good casino apps where you can play the best online blackjack. To name a few, PLayamo, JackpotCity, Wildz, Spin Casino, and Crystal Slots.

How Do You Win Online Blackjack Every Time?

There is no guarantee that you will win. What you can do to increase your chances of winning is to practice some strategies in order to become an experienced player.

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The answers to all your questions and more can be found in our exclusive blackjack strategy guides available on this website. You will also find more guides covering the following games: