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Barry Howard

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A retired poker and blackjack professional from Manchester in the U.K, Barry Howard spent his early years playing blackjack and went on to have a very illustrious career in professional gambling. He now lives in Macau in China and serves as our expert on a variety of poker and blackjack subjects, from in-depth strategies to tournaments and everything else in between.

Barry also wanted us to highlight that he once had a role as an extra in the movie Kes when he was 7-years old, he says that he is still open to offers should any agents like his headshot.

He may be of mature age but the narcissist within is still very much 18.

His vision of online casino games

Mr. Howard once told us that the simple pleasures in life are pointless unless you have the money to buy such things, so we asked: “what are these simple pleasures?” to which he replied, “A Mustang Shelby ’67”, followed by a brief pause to capture a passing memory or fleeting thought. He continued…, “Never get married!”

This is Barry and when we ask him on his own personal visions of online gaming as he sees it, he swiftly pointed out, on skype, that he has three different pairs of glasses and has ever decreasing vision so he couldn’t answer that.

As with many of the changes in the casino market, Barry was quick to point out that it is now no longer a special moment with modern gambling. Before it was an occasion, a moment to be shared amongst friends, now he feels it’s too accessible and that some of the magic is lost. He said he wishes that the size of the prizes people win these-days were around some 20 to 30 years ago when he was playing.

Note: Come the end of our Skype conversation we asked what he’s doing later, to which he held his mobile phone up to the camera and said “finishing this”. It was an online slot game. Typical!

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