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Blackjack Bonuses 2024

blackjack bonuses blackjack bonuses

As you know, casino bonuses are the main way operators attract potential new players. As one of the most popular games in Canada, blackjack bonuses available on gambling sites are closely followed by table game fans. If your interest in online blackjack has brought you here, then you are about to find out all the information you may need about blackjack bonuses you can play with. The blackjack promotions are completely reviewed here alongside recommendations on how to play blackjack in online casinos.

Blackjack Bonuses available for June 2024

 CasinoMaximum BonusBonus matchCashable?Wagering requirements Terms Software Play
1$250100%yes300x bonus & deposit
2$1000+ 888 Free Spins on Tahiti Time100%no-
3$1000450%no60x bonus & deposit
4$2000200%no60x bonus & deposit
5$500100%no160x bonus & deposit
6$259100%no200x bonus & deposit
7$1000100%no200x bonus & deposit
8$1000250%no300x bonus & deposit
9$200150%yes500x bonus
10$600100%no250x bonus & deposit
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Casino Bonus Match Bonus/Percentage Playthrough
Betway Casino $750 100% 50x
Wildz $500 100% 35x
Rizk Casino N/A 100%/200% 40x/45x
LeoVegas $500 100% 10x/30x
Planet 7 N/A 200% -

What Are Online Blackjack Bonuses?

If you are new to the gambling industry, you should first sign up for an account at an online casino that is governed and complies with gambling agencies' regulations. Then you will get access to the many bonus codes that switch up every few days. Blackjack bonuses are promotions that allow you to play blackjack online with the possibility of winning free money, through which, players have the chance to increase the funds in their online gambling wallets.

There are different types of blackjack bonuses but the most common are the blackjack welcome bonus, the no-deposit bonus, and the progressive jackpot bonus. More information about them, you can find in the relevant section further below. The mechanics of an online black jack bonus can vary depending on the offer, but they are typically connected to a minimum deposit. It will be credited as bonus cash once you make the required minimum investment. You most likely will be unable to withdraw the free money until you have met the conditions and wagering requirements.

Using Bonuses to Overcome the Casino House Edge

Every gambling site has a house edge, thanks to which a percentage of the bet remains in the casino. Probably everyone has heard of house edge, but only a few people know how it works. What is it? Is there a way to neutralize it? Keep reading to find out.

How the Casino House Edge Works?

Any table game you choose to play will have a statistical advantage for the house. This advantage, which is incorporated into the design of the majority of casino games, ensures that, over the long term, a casino should earn from its patrons. Slot machines, for example, have a predetermined house edge. Finding casino games with the smallest house edge is crucial. However, it's also important to realize that some games have a fluctuating edge percentage. Have a look at the table below to see the house edges of some of the most popular games.

Game House Edge
Blackjack 0.4% - 2%
American Roulette 5.26%
Baccarat 1% - 15%
Craps 0% - 16.67%
Online Slots 1% - 8%

Casino Edge for Online Blackjack

The number of decks you utilize, and any rule variations all have an impact on the house edge in blackjack. It is a game that depends (in part) as much on a player's understanding of how to win as it does on the luck of the hands dealt. Because of this, it is believed that the 0.5% house advantage, which is based on playing the game flawlessly utilizing the basic blackjack strategy and rules, is a general indicator.

Which Bets Have a Low Casino Edge

Of all casino games, single-deck blackjack offers the smallest house edge. By using the "basic strategy," the percentage can be reduced even further to just 0.5%. Blackjack involves a certain amount of expertise, thus the most experienced players will be playing against that 0.5% house edge, while the novices will raise the house edge themselves, possibly closer to 2%, just by not being knowledgeable.

How A Bonus Can Negate This Edge?

As we have already told, it is possible not to eliminate but to reduce the house edge by using some basic strategies through which beating blackjack with bonuses not to be a mirage. For instance, you can improve your chances by being aware of the "soft 17" rule. You can decide when to stand yourself more intelligently if you know if your online casino allows the dealer to stand or hit on a soft 17. Knowing how many decks the game specifically employs can also be useful. The house edge increases with the number of decks. Fortunately, you may discover this information on the game's help page or in the casino lobby.

How to Compare Blackjack Bonuses

Casinos offer different types of bonuses to be competitive in the market, to attract potential new customers, or to retain old ones. As you can imagine, there are plenty of promotions that you can take advantage of. But how to choose the best one? Or in other words, how to compare bonuses effectively? We have prepared a short guide with questions for you to research in order to find the best blackjack bonuses at online casinos.

Match Percentage

The first thing you should look for is the matching percentage. What does this mean? The casino will double your deposit up to a specified amount when you make one. For instance, if the operator offers a 100% matched bonus, you will receive an additional free amount of money equal to your deposit. So, let’s say that you have invested $100, in this case, you will have $200 in your account – your initial $100 and $100 in free bonus money. Remember to check the maximum amount that could be matched as there is no point in investing more funds because you are still going to receive no more than the maximum bonus cash.

Bonus Size

Most people often look only at what the bonus size is. Sometimes this is caused due to lack of experience but usually, the reason is hidden in the attractiveness of a given bonus. Apparently, the amount that you will receive for free may seem tempting, but at the same time, to be bound by many rules, after the implementation of which you may have practically received nothing or even be at a loss. That is why it is important to have a look not only at the bonus cash sum but also at the terms and conditions section.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

It is important to read the terms and conditions section carefully, not only because you will be familiar with the policies of the operator, the rules you must follow, and the rights you have as a customer, but also due to the fact that you will find all the information related to the conditions in which you will receive the bonus and how it will be paid to you. Moreover, it contains the wagering requirements, the house edge, and the percentage contribution of the different types of games.

Look up What the Playthrough Is

Every experienced gambler knows that if the wagering requirements of the operator are not met you could not withdraw any money earned thanks to the bonus. The playthrough condition shows how many times you must roll over a bonus before it becomes cash that you can withdraw. The fewer times you have to wager your bonus, the better for you. Usually, you need to do this about 30 times before you can transfer money from your account balance, depending on the size of the bonus.

Comparing Casino Slot Bonuses with Blackjack Bonuses

The most distinguishing feature between casino slot bonuses and blackjack bonuses is that usually the free spins you might receive as a bonus are connected to a certain game while blackjack bonuses could be used in any blackjack version. Another difference is that slot machines normally have a higher contribution rate to the wagering requirements of the bonus which means that perhaps you will need to deposit more money if you want to meet them by playing blackjack. But at the expense of that blackjack games have a lower house edge in comparison with slots.

Top 3 Blackjack Bonuses

It could be exhausting to spend hours searching for the best blackjack bonuses 2024. To make it easy for you, we have made a top three of the best black jack promotions. The casinos that offer them have a thing for table games and have not only live blackjack options but also a variety of different types in their libraries.

Wildz Casino Blackjack Bonuses

Wildz Casino Wildz Casino

Wildz, which was founded in 2018, may impress you with one of the quickest registration processes - signing up will take only 1 minute. You will have access to over 1,000 games, including various types of blackjack, thanks to affiliations with 35 software developers. Furthermore, its banking options allow for instant deposits and quick withdrawals, and the customer support team is available 24/7. When signing up at Wildz for the first time, you will be able to claim a 100% matched bonus of up to $500 which you can use for playing some kind of blackjack. Your second deposit will be half-matched as long as it is not over $500.

Royal Ace Casino Blackjack Bonuses

Royal Ace Casino Royal Ace Casino

Royal Ace Casino was established in 2009. Probably the first thing you will notice about this gaming operator is that it is partnered with only one game developer. However, don't think that you will be harmed. Royal Ace may not have many titles in its library, but none of them got there by accident. Among the approximately 250 games you will find different types of blackjack where you can play your 200% matched welcome bonus as long as your deposit does not exceed $4,000.

Planet 7 Casino Blackjack Bonuses

Planet 7 Casino Planet 7 Casino

Planet 7 casino was launched in 2009. Like Royal Ace, it also has a contract with only one software developer, but this does not limit the game variety of the site. However, Planet 7 certainly has a thing for table games as it mainly focuses on adding different types of table games to its collection and especially blackjack as it is one of the most popular games in Canada. If you take advantage of Planet 7's welcome bonus to play blackjack, not only will your deposit be 200% matched, but you will have the chance to hit the casino jackpot.

How to Use Blackjack Bonuses at Online Casinos

We have prepared for you a step-by-step guide on what you need to do in order to take advantage of the best online blackjack bonuses. Bear in mind that different online operators may have some distinguishing features when it comes to the process you need to follow before claiming your bonus, but the essential steps are similar. Even if they seem unfamiliar to you, do not worry because usually online casinos have detailed instructions on how to get the work done.

Compare Online Casino Offers

Visit the promotion sections of the casinos you are considering as your potential choice of an operator to sign up at, learn about their offerings, and do a side-by-side comparison. Check the wagering requirements and ensure that the blackjack deal is valid.

Select a Casino from Our List and Sign Up

Once you have compared the casinos’ offers, choose an operator and register. It will take you only a few minutes and as with most of the other websites you have an account with you are supposed to provide some personal information to finish the process.

Deposit Money and Claim Your Blackjack Bonus

After the registration is completed, you need to visit the cashier page and pick up the deposit method you prefer. As soon as you reach the field marked "Bonus Code" or "Use a Bonus," be careful to enter the right information to be able to receive the blackjack bonus worth.

Start Playing Blackjack for Real Money

Play real money blackjack games to fulfill the wagering requirement. Depending on the game or live dealer table, wagering contributions frequently change.

Different Types of Blackjack Bonuses

In this section, we will discuss the most common blackjack gambling bonuses you can take advantage of if you have an account at one of the best casinos that have variations of probably the most popular table game in Canada in its catalogue.

Sign-up Bonus/Welcome Bonus

A real money operator will welcome new players with blackjack casino bonuses in Canada that may match their first or second deposits. To get you started, they deposit some money into your account, which you may only access after fulfilling a number of requirements. Although the sums vary, they are always meant to pique your curiosity in playing more without having to risk your hard-earned money. The majority of casinos have an entry-level deposit minimum. This implies that you might be asked to make a deposit of, let’s say, at least $10 which will allow you to claim the operator’s offer. If there is no minimum deposit requirement, the bonus won't be as big, but it will still give you the opportunity to play for free.

No Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit blackjack bonus is a unique casino promotion that players can take advantage of without making a deposit at the casino. It may be offered to both new and experienced players. A sign-up bonus is similar to a no-deposit bonus. Nevertheless, there will be no deposits requested from players in order to receive it. They simply need to enter their registration information to obtain their login information. Match money can be used as part of a no deposit bonus. Before players can withdraw any wins generated through the bonus, typically there are strict wagering requirements that they must meet. Since no deposit bonuses are uncommon to withdraw any winnings, they are best used to explore various blackjack games.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus

These blackjack promotions are exclusive deals that may be found in particular casinos or with live dealer games. One of the best bonuses offered by online casinos that increases in value each time a player claims it is the progressive blackjack bonus. As an illustration - if the additional cash is $25 and gamers fulfill the criteria to unlock it, the following bonus size also would increase, and it may be worth up to $50. The progressive bonus is made for high rollers who are prepared to spend a lot of money to play blackjack. Only a high-end deposit and wagers will unlock it.

Daily Blackjack Bonus

At some gaming platforms blackjack players can also receive daily casino bonuses after registering. Depending on how the casino is set up, the daily bonuses are accessible every day or on a few different days of the week. They typically have wagering requirements before players can access them. For instance, a Tuesday blackjack offer can guarantee players a match bonus of up to $350 if they gamble up to $100 in one day. The goal is to take full use of this blackjack bonuses to win as much as you can before the day in question is up. The majority won't be viable beyond that day.

Loyalty Bonus

Because of the intense competition in the industry, online gambling establishments must think about retaining their current clients in order to maintain their market share. This is why they reward players who have been consistent with the house for a long time with bonuses. The VIP loyalty program often has a tier-based reward system. There may be up to 8 levels in some casino loyalty programs and up to 12 levels in others. Players have access to higher rewards with each level, which they may use to gamble. Participants advance through the levels according to their overall bet. A faster ascent through the levels will result in better match money for wagering.

Blackjack Bonuses Wagering Requirements

There is hardly a person who does not know that almost every casino bonus is tied to wagering requirements. It does not matter if it is a welcome bonus, a loyalty bonus, or one tied to a game like blackjack. The playthrough rate is the number of times you have to wager your bonus to be able to withdraw the rest of the promotion and any winnings. For example, if a bonus requires to be wagered 20 times and you have deposited $1,000, this means that you will need to bet $20,000 before being allowed to cash out any money.

Another important detail is that table games usually have a lower contribution rate to the wagering requirements. In other words, this means that if you want to play your bonus on a game whose contribution is lower than 100%, you will be supposed to bet more money. It is good to inform yourself about this in advance in order to estimate how much to deposit. Also, do not forget to check what is the house edge of the blackjack you want to play or in other words what is the casino’s advantage.

Blackjack Bonus Codes

In some casinos, to play blackjack with bonus, you need to enter a bonus code when you make a deposit, which in most cases comes in the form of a coupon. Sometimes it can also be found in the terms and conditions section. It is common practice to have them tied to no deposit bonuses, as is supposed to be the case with blackjack bonus codes 2024. Bonus codes have several uses, including claiming various deals, advertising these promotions, and tracking specific marketing activities.

How to Find Best Blackjack Bonuses?

It is a common case that a player registers at a given casino with a seemingly great offer only to find out a few minutes later that it is almost impossible to cash out any blackjack winnings. As you assume the reason is hidden in the different terms and conditions of each operator. But let’s face it, it could be really boring and exhausting to read one terms and conditions section after another.

You need to understand that the casino’s welcome bonus is not the most important thing when choosing a gambling site. Why is that? Simply because the sign-up bonus could be a four-digit one but at the same time not to be among the top online blackjack offers as blackjack games’ contribution percentage is 0. To put it in other words, the best blackjack bonuses would be the ones that have the biggest contribution in percentage towards the requirements for wagering. To make it easier for you, we will present you the most important factors you should have in mind.

Terms and Conditions

These rules are typically included in the bonus and terms and conditions pages. Take your time to read all the material surrounding the wagering requirements very carefully since it is important to understand how many times you must bet your bonus amount in order to convert your possible winnings into actual money that can be cashed out. Additionally, be sure to check the legitimacy of your bonus. The finest blackjack bonuses have durations of 1 month or even longer, but some have significantly shorter periods of just a few days. Overall, betting on blackjack is highly convenient because it's conceivably the only casino game where you can employ both strategy and luck.

Contribution Percentage

The percentage that wagering bonus money on a game contributes to meeting the wagering requirement is known as the game contribution rate. The contribution rate will often be 100% for house-friendly games like slots, keno, and scratch cards. It could be as lower as 10%, 5%, or 0% for table games such as blackjack that are more player-friendly. The terms and conditions of any casino contain the game contribution rates (and occasionally exclusions and other restrictions). For example, imagine it as a multiplier: if a game only counts for 50% of your stake, you effectively need to double it.

Maximum Bonus Amount

The amount of free stuff you may receive at a time is the next enticing aspect that determines how alluring the online casino blackjack promos and bonuses are. Some casinos provide one-time deals, commonly referred to as "first deposit bonuses", in which case you receive the entire sum at once. Other online casinos provide "multi-staged bonuses", where the maximum sum is typically split over the first, second, and third deposits. Please keep in mind that as free spins can only be used on slots, we did not include them in this section and respectively in this article.

Special Offers

The majority of casinos often provide special bonuses, and some of the more alluring ones are the blackjack offers. In some respects, there are casinos that give welcome bonuses for games other than blackjack, but their ongoing promotions can be the only thing keeping your gambling experience entirely enjoyable. In the same way token, a casino accepting a $5 deposit and offering a bonus may exist without at all endorsing blackjack. Frequently, the finest settings for spectacular casino outings are precisely the live blackjack games.

Betting Limits

The maximum wager on blackjack games is typically restricted by casinos as a safeguard against bonus abuse. The maximum wager with bonus money is typically 10% of the deposited amount, or $5, in many of the top offers for online blackjack. If you want to play multi-hand blackjack, you should bear this in mind more than anything else. When you play live blackjack tables, you need also to take the table limits into account. The odds are better for low-stakes players due to the lower betting limitations. Tables with greater betting levels are the best option for you if you love high-roller games.

Blackjack Bonus Bets

Nowadays, it is hard to find a blackjack game without any kind of side bet, bonus, or progressive wager. They must be placed before you get your first two cards as well as the usual blackjack wager. Blackjack bonus bets, also known as side bets, are separate from the standard blackjack wager and have titles like Progressive Blackjack, Royal Match, and Lucky Ladies. Place a minimum of $1 in the side bet circle adjacent to your usual blackjack wager in order to play the bonus bet. Whether or not you win your standard wager, the bonus wager is paid.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackjack Bonuses

What is the 21 3 rule in blackjack?

Based on an analysis of the player's two cards and the dealer's face card, the "21 + 3" blackjack side bet is placed. The player wins if the three cards combine to produce a flush, straight, straight flush or three-of-a-kind.

What’s better 3:2 or 6:5 blackjack?

For players using an excellent fundamental technique, the house edge in the 3:2 blackjack game is between 0.5% and 0.7%. Blackjack odds of 6:5 increase this advantage to approximately 2%. Speaking in numbers, this means that for every $100 bet in the first case, the house edge will receive about 50 cents, while in the second, approximately $2.

Should I hit on 15 in blackjack?

When the dealer's up card is a 7 through an ace, it is a good idea to hit a hard 15.

What is the best blackjack payout?

Blackjack's normal payoff is 3 to 2. Avoid participating in a blackjack game with a payout of less than 3 to 2 or 6 to 5. The same thing is also valid for blackjack bonus payout.

Should I hit on a 12 or 13 in blackjack?

If the dealer holds a three, you should hit on any number eight or lower and any number 12 while standing on any number 13 or higher. If the dealer has a two, it is recommended to hit on numbers nine and under and stand on numbers 13 and higher.