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Rules and Strategy

Live Blackjack - Rules, Dealers, Strategy and the Best Live Casinos

Live Blackjack Live Blackjack

Inside our guide to live blackjack, you’ll have a complete overview of what the format of the online blackjack game brings and how you should approach the game. From the rules of live dealer tables through to sites which host them, all you need to know is right here.

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1. How Does Live Dealer Blackjack Work?

Blackjack is a famous card game that is now streamed live from studios, through to the casino and onto a player’s device. In the live dealer arena, you can play many styles of live blackjack where it introduces members to one on one games and tournament specials. The live dealer setting is a place packed with intense gaming, high stake bets, exclusive bonus allowances and real money payouts. It’s certainly one of the best gaming experiences to have and your chance of getting this live blackjack format will be held within the top 10 sites which are presented on the table within this guide.

1.1 Going Live

Taking the game live is has been part of a huge innovative change by the casinos. The gambling experience is taking members into a more real state of play and this is building up to the end goal of virtual reality gaming. In the past, many gambling aficionados would have to travel to land-based sites in order to get access to any form of casino game, especially with dealers. The step-up in online services has now pushed games like blackjack towards a larger market, which leads to a higher generation of revenue, which, in turn, leads to more cash prizes being won online by players.

The streaming of these games takes place from software developer studios. Trained hosts and hostesses play the game from the confines of the studio and are able to communicate with member’s which join the server of any particular table. This allows for live chatting between those involved and between players taking part. Live Casino Online transforms your online gambling experience into a magnificent trip to Las Vegas where you can visit any world-class casino you desire.

1.2 How Does it All Work?

The standard rules hardly change at all from the virtual machines. From the point of entering a game from the menu of the casino, you’ll be greeted by the live dealer. They’ll be in view across the other side of the table as you face it. The camera will be positioned so that viewers can see the entire table, raised high as to look down and still have the hosts face in view. The cards in the deck are microchipped, this then links the actions through the developer’s software which translates to the screens data which records the actions and moves made.

1.3 How to Play?

The rules are easy to grasp. PLUS, you have a number of free Blackjack games for fun unblocked possibilities to practice the ultimate Game of 21 for FREE.

So here is how to play this brilliant game step by step:

1. Bets must be wagered first before any action is taken, the dealer will wait for you to place your chip and to confirm the bet.

2. The dealer will take the cards from the shoe deck and give you and each other player two cards. And shall then dealer their own pair.

3. Players must get a score of 21, or as near to 21 without going over, or “bust”.

4. At this point, you decide whether to hit for another card, split to double down or surrender if your hand is too weak.

5. After all possible actions are taken and confirmation of the decisions are made. The cards are all revealed to see if they have beat the dealer’s hand, in scoring higher than them and getting 21 without going bust.

1.4 Key Points of the Game

The house edge in a live format is roughly 1.75% over the player before a move is made. So here are some rules of playing that relate to the odds of winning and how they are accomplished.

Hands in Online Blackjack

  • The Ace card is scored as either 1 or 11 points.
  • Jack, Queen, King and the 10 cards are each valued at 10 points
  • Card between 2 and 9 retain a points value matching their number.

Moves in Blackjack

  • Split: A move more commonly done with lower point valued cards. If you have, for example, two pairs of 2s. you then split them to become a newly forming pair. You’ll pay the dealer another chip of the same value as the original wager. Two new additional cards will be added face down over each of the 2s you originally had. This then doubles your chances over the host.
  • Hit: If your pair is low, you can ‘hit’ for another card at the same value as your first original wager, you can continue to hit until you reach a safe points total close to or on the amount of 21 to win the game.
  • Stand: To make a stand is to signal that you are sticking with the pair you originally had dealt and wish to make no further moves in the game and are ready for the dealer to reveal their hand.
  • Double Down: If your pair is looking like a perfect hand, then players can double their wager against the house, in hopes of a bigger return should the cards beat the host’s pair.

As each move is made the edge for the house always changes. Say you hit and another card is taken from the deck, this now lowers the percentage in your favor and you’re now playing with one more card in your hand which the dealer can’t use against you. You’ll find all moves in blackjack have a cause and effect action should you make any of the above moves to improve your hand.

2. You have many variants out there to play, like live blackjack 21. Here’s how to find them

Now, you’ll clearly want to be enjoying the best live formats of the blackjack game which will bring plenty of fun and excitement. So, where can you find such casino games? Well, you’ll find the best real money gambling sites with trained dealers on hand, from or top 10 casino listings. There you’ll be able to access the talents of Evolution Gaming who are by far the leading developers in online streaming. The choice you can play is numerous, there are different games online that players get to experience from just one operator. You have options like Pontoon, a variant of blackjack and one of the more popular games, simply called blackjack 21. Playing in the live section of a casino also invited you to experience VIP tables and platinum tables which are the home to the high rollers of the casino membership. With all these options, which is the best live game to play?

2.1 Pick Your Favorite Variant of Blackjack

With Evolution Gaming, the three popular table options are;

✅ Live Blackjack

✅ VIP Blackjack

✅ Blackjack Party

Each table from this developer contains 7 seats for other members to join the fun. And they offer a dazzling feature called the Bet Behind. This allows for an unlimited number of casino players to place bets on the outcomes of those 7 players. This boosts the multi-player environment and adds more winning amounts to the table of the 7 original players.

3. All you need to know about the online blackjack live dealer and what their role is all about

Let us now look at the various actions of the dealer blackjack has within the live casino selection.

Live dealers have a multitude of tasks and knowledge when it comes to being at the tables. They cover all casino titles with experience on roulette, baccarat, craps, sic bo and many others. There is no strategy that can influence the dealer’s moves, which makes this all about how shrewd you are able to be through how you bet.

Dealers spend a long time in training and customer service. Their time is used to host the game, assist members, and more importantly, congratulate you when you win.

Unlike the customer support team of a casino, they cannot offer in-game advice, they cannot offer you free bonuses and all chat is logged so players are advised to show courtesy and respect.

The residing host won’t pick the number of decks the game plays with, this is already a predetermined choice, so you have single deck options and multideck options. You can ask if you’re interested in knowing.

4. Looking at some of the known strategies which exist to help you win at live blackjack online

Just like other card games including baccarat, the rules are simple and the odds of winning are very good. When playing live dealer platform, you are able to use strategies to get one over on the house and dealer. Just like a roulette strategy, it’s about time and patience. Here are five of the most common actions taken by professional casino players, who use these solely for live games online to double their chance of luck.

4.1 Top 5 Strategy Tips

1. Only play a game that has a minimum wagering value that is less than 5% of your bankroll. This allows for more time and more time in a game is key if you card count.

2. Strategy charts can be used to help guide you over your next move. The dealer and other members won’t see you using this.

3. Card counting, again, depending on your skills and how many decks are in play, you can still do this with no-one being able to tell.

4. Never take insurance betting on live blackjack, it is mathematically flawed and offers nothing in terms of making any profitable gain.

5. Practice and lots of it. In any realm of gameplay, the more you practice the more you learn and the more you learn the better you become with budgeting, making smarter moves and card counting.

As an outside tip – look for casinos that offer you free bonuses, why use your own finances to play, when there are many options to claim extra funds through casino bonuses.

5. You’ll be able to stream live blackjack USA tables directly through to your mobile phone and play

You can access live blackjack casinos through any device and the most popular for that is the mobile phone. Smartphone users can access every avenue of a casino’s site and because of the software used by operators, mobile users don’t need to download any additional software to enjoy their time inside.

Inside each review of the top casinos recommended, you can read which operators offer mobile app software to its members.

✅ 100% Security.

✅ Android Compatible.

✅ Available on iOS devices.

✅ Windows and Blackberry accessibility.

Through your smartphone, you can deposit instantly into the site and access the gaming menu in under 30 seconds. Another side to the app option is that you can, in some instances, just download the live casino section. This allows direct access, whereas, with the ‘main’ operator’s app, you’ll have to select ‘Live Casino’ then login again.

6. Get free live blackjack from the top 10 live casinos with a number of exclusive bonuses from us

Here we review the option of accessing free gameplay. This means looking at bonus free spins which are available for real-time dealer blackjack online and a host of other bonus rewards which are readily available from the recommended operators in our top 10.

6.1 The Bonuses

Look out for these incredible offers to help you play more live games of blackjack for free!

✅ Welcome Bonuses: This can either supply new members with a cash allowance or free spins, but in most cases, you get both which are eligible to use within the live arena.

✅ No Deposit: No payment or wagering requirement, this is a unique no strings attached offer that will allow you to play with a small sum of cash or valued chip, totally for free.

✅ Matched Deposit Bonus: Pay in X-amount and the casino will match this with a percentage from 100% to 500%.

✅ Exclusives: There are specialist casinos which look after blackjack players and with them come exclusive offers to help in live blackjack tournaments and event challenges.

7. Live Blackjack Summary: Concluding our guide with some final tips and commonly asked questions answered

We conclude this guide with a look at commonly asked questions left by our users in the comment sections, which we found throughout our guides on blackjack.

  • Q: Why should I play live and not virtual machines? A: Many machines are programmed with RTP algorithms which determines when it will pay out based on the money paid into it. The live format is based on total random chance.
  • Q: How many decks a casino uses? A: Many people ask this in relation to card counting and if it is at all possible. Typically, the operator will use up to 8 decks. After each round, the cards are reshuffled.
  • Q: Is card counting illegal? A: It is not illegal to do; the act is just not accepted by casinos. But because you are online, no one can tell.
  • Q: Do I get my free bonus from you ( or the casino? A: Your bonus come directly from the operator you choose, but it is our links with are embedded with the bonus code that helps get you the reward you want.
  • Q: What is the best strategy? A: Practice, as dull as it may sound, the return is actually more rewarding.

Thank you for picking for all your facts and information. Enjoy playing and the best of luck winning.

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