3 Card Poker - A Complete Players' Guide to the Casino Poker Variant

For all the games found online in your typical casino, there is inevitably a unique variant of it. As such, we bring you our complete guide to 3 card poker. This review of the casino game will cover EVERYTHING about this incredible three card variant of poker.

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Introducing the game and discussing what is 3 card poker and why this is one of the best card games to play

For those wishing to play their hand against the dealer in this game, then our guide will take you through all the key details to help you as a new player. Our first section will look at the game itself and answer the question: what is 3 card poker? This is possibly what your immediate thoughts were when stumbling across this page? We cover areas of how to play the game, where to experience 3 card poker online and lead you into other areas of rules and three card strategies to assist you during a game of 3-card poker.

History of the Game

As far as variants for casino games go, this one is surprisingly young. The game was created back in 1992 by Derek Webb. His intentions were originally to create a game which had easy to understand game rules, large payouts to attract players and the inclusion of a house edge so it could be incorporated by the casinos. The result then transpired into a variant of the poker game.

All the key aspects of 3 card poker online explained from Rules to Strategies will be presented in our guide

We have a complete article for each component of the game. First, we briefly introduce the three card poker rules and strategies. You can acquire access to the full guidelines by selecting the tabs to read all about each section of the 3 card poker game online.

A Brief Introduction to the Rules

3-card poker is a cut-down version of the original card game, so, as you can imagine, you still have the same hands to claim in order to win, just miniaturized. Both the player’s hand and dealer's hand contain three cards, you begin with your ante bet just as you would when you play card poker in its traditional form. If the hands are favorable to you, then the ante play wager can be actioned to continue your pursuit in the game.

To give an example of play, the straight flush (the highest-ranked hand), is formed of three suited cards that are in sequence.

For current poker players, this game will be very easy to adapt to, for new beginners to the concept of poker and this variant, please head to our 3 Car Poker Rules guide to assist you further, with its complete step-by-step instructions to how to play 3 card poker online.

A Brief Introduction to the Strategies

As with all casino games online, 3 card poker is no different in the art of strategical play and development. The three card poker game can be influenced and there are key points to incorporate into your approach which can lead to more profitable success.

We hold a complete guide to this area of the game and discuss matters of how to gain a healthy bankroll, why practice is key and why playing two games at once can benefit you.

Just select our 3 Card Poker Strategy Guide to begin learning about this subject.

You can play 3 card poker online through a number of variants that are found in the best casinos online

One of the great benefits of playing within any online casino is that players get to experience multiple numbers of different games and titles, strung out in a seemingly endless variety of styles and dynamic themes. The three card hand with this option can take on some dynamic shifts also.

Some variant of this game has seen adjustments in the ways of winning. One variant pays depending on the color of a winning suite. There are additional bonus payments if the dealer’s hand also matches the color of the cards. Look out for the Prime 3 Card Poker game to play this format.

Six Card Bonus is another variant. This takes the best 5-cards from both the player’s three card hand and the dealer’s hand. If the newly formed hand can form a new hand then you win regardless of your previous bet.

What we got from our experience of the 3 card poker game and how you can get the very same enjoyment

We gave the task of testing the game to two different types of players within our team, a regular player of the traditional format of poker (user #1) and one completely new to the concept of casino 3 card poker (user #2).

User #1: “For any poker player that is used to the standard way of playing, this alternative is easy to get to grips with. The game is a condensed version of the original so for me, and I assume other players, nothing really changes except for the number of cards held within the card poker hand you play with. I found the game to be a lot faster and given the minimal card numbers the house edge is smaller than a standard poker game, which is another positive of the game. I’d play again in the place I’m currently signed to.”

User #2: “I’ve not experienced any poker game before, my expertise is in slots. Being a machine format, it took on those slot qualities. I played three card poker and saw each deal as if it was a slot reel rotating, each bet was a spin and from this, I could immediately see there was a way to strategize my approach. The game was seemingly very basic - get a queen or higher and win. I had to learn what hands were and which was the highest-scoring ones to get paid back on. The game came with an info tab for me to be able to refer back to examples of hands in case I needed reminding of which hand I could aim for rather than just fold. I won more times than I lost so I can see this being a very popular game if it’s not already so.”

Best 3 sites to Play 3 Card Poker
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Royal VegasRoyal Vegas


888 Casino888 Casino




The top 5 operators which provide the casino 3 card poker variant, each offering their own exclusive bonus

At Casino Bonuses Index, we hold the best casinos online that offer you the game of 3-card poker. You can get your alternative Las Vegas experience from each of the sites within our listings and commence playing with the benefit of your welcome bonus.

Within these great casinos, you can find a multitude of variants of the game, some include 3 card poker progressive machines and the rest? Well, you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Use the rest of our guide to assist you, without the need of seeking help from 3 card poker YouTube videos. Enter our highlighted tabs and seek out the rules and strategies and also head to our selection of free games where you can find this and all other poker variants to play for free on any device. Enjoy!

3-Card Poker Summary: Ready to learn more on three card poker and take the real game in casinos?

The game offers so much and is on par with blackjack and roulette when it comes to favorable odds. You can now read about other topics of the game such as free games and strategies. The pair will help you practice your bets on a virtual table, helping you to be a better kind of player. You will learn how to beat the odds by betting with professional strategies. Your skills level will go from low to high in a matter of tries a this, in turn, means bringing in more money as you land queen or better time and time again.

Final Reminders

  • 3-card options come with fair odds of winning just like blackjack and roulette.
  • You can pay through casino bonuses and keep any payout money.
  • The odds paid are just as good as normal poker wins.
  • The game offers a higher chance of winning as the hand options are now over 3 cards.
  • Practice makes perfect. You can play table demos to experiment how to play better, test bets, learn what kind of variant suits you, find games with better odds as part of building your strategy around tri-card poker.

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