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JoinGames Slot : All the Gaming Features inside the Darker Side to Slots

For many that are used to the online casino floor, you’ll load up a slot game, and 99% of the time you can pretty much guess what the game will play like and look like.

Thankfully JoinGames have the nerve to try something different and challenge you as well as themselves when it comes to creating video slot games for the online Canadian casino market.

Now, it may not sound overly impressive if we were to tell you that in 3 years, this gaming company has just developed 15 games (that are available across all playing formats.)

The reality is, the 15 games produced thus far by Join Games, are greater than what many companies have produced in 30 years. You have the pleasure of trying some amongst our best free slots online.

Their pioneering efforts are reaching out beyond the normal, you might be thinking this is a rather over-the-top statement for what is just online spin games that have nothing much to offer.

JoinGames Slot Games - Features

Join Games use current tools to bring their games to the masses via modern devices thanks to the HTML5.

Their design ethos seems to be action mixed with borderline psycho themed gaming. This makes it entertainment of the highest calibre. However, if Zombies and Ghouls aren’t your thing, there is always the Bruce Lee knock-off, The Dragon, to entertain yourself with.

The main drive of JoinGames does rest with VR gaming, but we will come to that in a bit, firstly you can dabble with games that have various pay line offerings and multipliers and bonus rounds that have real depth.

JoinGames work on the principle of Cineslots, bonus rounds oozing with video animation aside from full-on graphic ones and they are engrossing, if you find yourself fortunate enough to hit a bonus round in Zombie Escape and Horror Circus, you’ll see what we mean.

The gameplay is fluid throughout their library of work and is just drenched in detail. Things that when you see them, you can only think that they had too much time on their hands.

As for the VR, JoinGame recently showed off their Kleoplatra VR game at the ICE Gaming Conference in London. This will be a massive game-changer to the market, offering full 100% immersive gameplay that you can win real money in.