Quickspin Slot : No Rush. You Got Hours of Games Going Nowhere

Swedish casino game developers Quickspin produce some high-end slot games that feature amazing graphics, immersive sound and well designed in-game features.

Currently, they have around 50+ slot games in their portfolio offering interesting themes and stories; from the grandiose online slots like Crystal Queen with multiple special features including reactor style mechanics to more classic slot styling’s like the excellent Second Strike, a throwback to old school slots with some exciting, volatile features.

You get an overall sense of high quality with Quickspin games that you don’t find all too often with other software developers and their games. There is a social element in some titles also, with features borrowed from the social media style of gaming and adapted for online casino games.

Quickspin Slot Games - Features

Quickspin slots feature a multitude of different reel configurations throughout the entire games portfolio. Mostly, their games feature the more common 5-reel setup with 3 rows but you do find strange configurations like 6 reels with 4 rows as seen on Titan Thunder, 5 reels with 6 rows like on Crystal Queen and The Epic Journey which features an insane 15 reel / 3 board layout.

This means the amounts of pay lines vary from game to game but you it also means that you can always find a slot game to suit your bank balance too. Their games retain a standard UI across the board which is nice because it means you’re instantly familiar with their bright orange interface no matter which games you choose to play. From here you can control your betting amounts, pay lines and have access to features like information and auto spin. You can also read all the in game information like win amounts and total balance from here too.

The slots made by Quickspin feature a very high level of graphical quality and detail, with beautifully animated sequences and sharply presented in-game graphics. Their reels and icons are beautifully bordered and in line with the games main theme or story. There are plenty of icon popping moments during their games, wins and lines animate icons to burst from the reels to delight player and make the games that bit more immersive; Genies Touch, Phoenix Sun, King Colossus and Jewel Blast are all excellent examples of Quickspins graphical prowess. The soundtracks and sound fx that accompany each slot title are also of a high quality and fit each them perfectly.

Feature wise Quickspin slots have their own versions of scatters, wilds and bonus games, often adapting special features to each game and giving them an extra special twist on a familiar theme. There’s enough variance between games to keep players interested and their different layouts and reel setups often allow for some excellent special bonus features.

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