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The Ultimate Player’s Gaming Guide to Sic Bo Online

For players that are looking for a greater challenge when it comes to playing exciting casino games from Canada's best platforms, then one might consider Sic Bo. A game that every player must try at least once in their lifetime. Playing the game certainly comes with its uniqueness and rewards in equal measure. Here, we shall introduce you to everything the game offers.

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Best Sic Bo Casino to Play Online for Real Money

Let us begin with a few facts to warm you up. Firstly, there are hundreds of online casinos, a good portion of these are accessible to players in the Canada. But from this point, the odds of finding Sic Bo drop! Sic Bo is a niche game, it is not for everyone, granted, but it is a precious gem if you can find it.

Through our know-how and expertise of the industry, we are able to provide you not only with the game of Sic Bo, but the best casinos in the US that provide the complete package! Sic Bo gaming, Bonuses, live dealer games, and lots more to give you the rich experience needed to become a Sic Bo master.

How we Rank Casinos to Play Sic Bo Online

When it comes to providing you, and the thousands of other players that pass through our site every day, with the best casinos online, we have to be very specific when it comes to the facts and details that we pass on. It is a simple combination of honesty and experience. Your safety and money security comes first, so let us share with you how we go about selecting and ranking the casinos we do, so you are able to play online with confidence and peace of mind after using Casino Bonuses, followed by the top 3 Sic Bo casinos to join

    1. All Game Variants available to Play

    If you have a strong keenness to play Sic Bo, then we want you to be able to experience all of it in every form or format. By having the best selection of gaming variants that come with Sic Bo, you will not miss out on any game made for this category. This is why we only provide the casinos online with the capability of giving you every Sic Bo variant.

    2. Games are Optimised for both Mobile and Desktop devices

    We understand that players are different and what highlights this most is how they prefer to access and play games online. So, to provide the best of both worlds, the Sic Bo casinos, must be able to supply games that are suited for both Desktop and Mobile users, with the inclusion of those wishing to play from their MAC or Tablet also.

    3. Demo Games are made Available

    Demo games are essential criteria for an online casino making it into our TOP 10 list. Demo Games are an alternative option to playing for real money. The casino will offer you the option of free gaming to test and practice the game before committing your money to it. This will then allow you to pick your favorites from the different options out there.

    4. Licensed and Reputable Casinos Only

    The priority that is always numero uno comes down to having a legitimate site that offers you legal service in Canada and tested and verified games. This comes down to making sure all casinos are licensed and regulated by official governing commissions or authorities, and unless this is the case, they will not feature on our website.

    5. Fast Payouts and Plenty of Banking Options

    You are playing to win, that is the be-all and end-all of gambling, so when it happens, we know you want your winnings asap. In order for this to happen, we look for casinos with fast payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin and e-wallet services that can action the payments quicker than most others.

    6. Fair RTP % (aka payout ratio)

    Gaming fairness is a hugely important factor. This relates to how games are built and how they are programmed to determine wins. The RTP% factor is essential in this decision making, so we want you to have the best Sic Bo online that comes with fair and favorable RTP percentages. *RTP stands for Return to Player

    7. Generous Welcome Bonus and Regular Promotions

    We specialize in supplying players with the best and the most recent exclusive bonuses online and when it comes to Sic Bo, our commitment means that you have a wealth of opportunities to play Sic Bo online with favorable rewards, offers and allowances to help you play for free and win real money for free.

    8. Reasonable Wagering requirements on Bonus Types

    Many players refrain from reading the small print, so we do it on your behalf to make sure everything is as it should be and when it comes to bonuses, we check to make sure you’re not being outfoxed by horrid wagering requirements when you opt to select a bonus offer. This means you can rest assured that all bonuses will provide as they say in their advertisement.

    9. Multi-layered Customer Support

    Players may play online for a decade and never have to speak with the customer support team, but it is still essential that the help is there and ready when and if needed. We supply globally used gambling sites and for players in the US, getting help must be made easy no matter the time of day. Therefore, all casinos listed will have 24/7 support what easy contact options covering live chat messenger, phone and email support.

Jackpot City Casino

One of the best sites for Canadian casino players, no matter what game you want to play, is JackpotCity Casino. This online casino has a

variety of all of the most popular casino games out there. They even let you get your online casino experience with them off to a complete flyer by offering a bonus of up to $1600, spread out over your first four deposits. There really is nothing that will disappoint you at this

online casino.

✅ Welcome Bonus of up to $1600

✅ Variety of Sic Bo

✅ Mobile Compatible

Slots of Vegas Casino

A casino that is always in the TOP 10 list; Slots of Vegas. Joining our three recommendations, Slots of Vegas provides players with a fantastic gaming platform, from which, you can experience over 250 games all made by Real Time Gaming. The game of Sic Bo is provided amongst a range of other delights like roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines.

Slots of Vegas has a huge Welcome Bonus to claim once registered, giving you a 250% match bonus up to $2500, all of which you can use on the Sic Bo game is you like.

✅ Welcome Bonus of up to $2500

✅ Sic Bo by Real Time Gaming

✅ Mobile Compatible

Royal Vegas Casino

If you want to feel like royalty, then Royal Vegas Casino is exactly what you are looking for. They have a good variety of Sic Bo games that will keep you highly entertained, and if you do not feel like playing Sic Bo, then they have plenty of slots and other table games for you to enjoy. If you sign up with them, you can claim a bonus of up to $1200, which is definitely nothing to turn your nose up at. Immerse yourself in this casino and entertain yourself all night long.

✅ $1,200 Welcome Bonus

✅ Good variety of Sic Bo games

✅ Mobile Compatible

How to Register with a Sic Bo Casino Online

For all new first-time players, let it be known that registering and forming your online account is very easy and can be completed in no less than 5 steps.

This is the same for all online casinos recommended at Casino Bonuses From this point to playing, you can have an account set up in under 10 minutes and most of that time will be spent on deciding which casino to join.

    1. Pick an online casino from Casino Bonuses and take advantage of our super exclusive bonus deals when you join.

    2. Click on ‘open an account’ where you will be asked to submit your details.

    3. Enter your username, password, email, and your personal information such as name, address, and date of birth. Also, provide a photo of your I.D and utility bills for proof of address.

    4. Await your confirmation email to activate your account and sign-in.

    5. Claim your welcome bonus and deposit money to begin playing Sic Bo games online at your new casino.

What Types of Bonuses do Casinos offer for Online Sic Bo?

By accepting a free or paid for a bonus, you are taking a step towards winning free money. What you win through a bonus, it will be yours to keep. The number of bonuses changes from casino to casino. The games you can play with the changes from bonus to bonus. Here, we share with you the bonuses you can claim today, right now, to help you enjoy Sic Bo online, and no matter how big or small the total you win, it’s yours to keep and cash out.

  • Welcome Bonus: All welcome bonuses through Casino Bonuses are exclusive and cannot be obtained elsewhere. These allowances with either be packaged as free cash credit, free spins or both, that can be exclusively used for all Sic Bo games.
  • No Deposit Bonus: The rarest of online casino bonuses, the no deposit bonus is a completely free, no strings attached allowance that again, either come as a cash credit to play with or free spins. It is the very definition of a 100% free bonus offer that can be used for any Sic Bo game.
  • Free Spins Bonus: The free spins bonus comes in different numbers, ranging from 5 anywhere up to 500. You can use free spin bonuses for Sic Bo because the game is only found in the US as a virtual machine game, which this bonus is built for.
  • Matched Deposit Bonus: This is the most common of all bonuses provided by casinos online. The simple term is that you deposit to play online at your casino and they will, in turn, match your deposited payment with a percentage mark-up and add it to your account to play with.
  • Loyalty Bonus: These are Free bonuses that are completely bespoke because they are offered in relation to your favorite games. So, if you plan on playing Sic Bo, your loyalty bonuses will either be free money to play Sic Bo with or free spins to use on the game.
  • V.I.P. Bonus: This unique bonus comes from the schemes put in place with casinos offering a V.I.P service. The more loyalty points you make, the higher the status you have in the V.I.P clubs and programs. This, in turn, will reflect what Sic Bo bonus you will receive.

Start Collecting Your Bonus Offers and Begin Playing Now

Live Dealer Sic Bo: Play one on one against the game’s host

Sic Bo is a niche game, let’s not kid ourselves, finding it online is hard and limited, when it comes to playing the game live, boy-o-boy… not only is it a treasure of a find, but it is also one of the most captivating games you can play within any casino.

Live dealer gaming is as it sounds. You will play one on one against the host of the table and potentially with other players involved.

The process of play is the same as a live table as it is with a virtual machine. You set your wager, predict the numbers that will form from the three dice and if you make a winning prediction, you collect your payout.

How to Play Sic Bo

Let us now briefly share with you the rules on how to play Sic Bo. We will discuss in further detail the different bets you can make and the functions of the gameplay within Sic Bo.

Basic of Sic Bo

The Sic Bo game is often seen as a mix of Crap and Roulette. It is one of only two dice games that exist in the casino industry and like roulette, the winning outcome is measured by the accuracy of predicting numbers.

Let us begin with the board, this will be the first thing you see, and most likely the first thing to put you off playing. Note that all the board is offering you are options to bet on, nothing more and nothing less. The layout is massive, giving you loads of betting chances to win from.

You can bet on the total that will be rolled from the triple dice, You can bet on the Big / Small sections, so whether the total will be between 4 and 10 or between 11 and 17. The layout also allows for combination bets, single number bets, double bets, and triple bets.

All bets are placed before play. The sum of your return is relative to the units you put down. The table below shows what wins can be made from the probability factors. It pays to know Sic Bo Odds to help make smarter betting judgments.

Table of Odds

The BetThe OddsProbabilityHouse Edge
Small/Big1 to 11052.78%
4 or 1750 to 1315.28%
5 or 1618 to 1613.89%
6 or 1514 to 11016.67%
7 or 1412 to 1159.72%
8 or 138 to 12112.50%
9 or 126 to 12518.99%
10 or 116 to 12712.50%
Single Bet1 to 1, 2 to 1, or 3 to 175, 15, or 17.87%
Double Bet8 to 1618.25%
Triple Bet24 to 1613.89%
Specific Triple150 to 1116.20%>
Two Dice Combo5 to 13016.67%

Sic Bo Online Strategies: It’s not cheating, but winning smart

There are a number of optional strategies to use if you want to know how to win at Sic Bo, that you can easily incorporate into your game. For a complete review, head to our SicBo Strategy Guide to read all of these winning options. Here, we are briefly going to touch upon a couple of common methods that can help you to play Sic Bo games online and to beat the house odds and walk away from the table with more money in your account.

Betting Strategy #1

Like a good poker strategy, stick with low-risk betting. Similar to roulette also, you can opt to bet on returns that come with 2 to 1 odds. These 50/50 bets bring the house edge into closer alignment, for example, the Small/Big bet offers this.

Betting Strategy #2

Combination betting is the second-best strategy to use and it helps you to leave the table with more gains. Again, like roulette, you can make combining bets that in principle covers one number. With Sic Bo, the same can be done here. If, for example, you opt for number 5, you can place a single bet, a double bet on the 1 and 4, the 2 and 3, the Small bet and so on.

This will more than double your chances.

Sic Bo - Tips: The online hacks you need to know

The tricks of the gambling trade, what does it offer to those players looking to bet wisely on Sic Bo games online?

Here are 3 of the best tips for you to use whilst playing online Sic Bo inside your new casino.

#1 Tip: Don’t Be Tempted

With online Sic Bo, you can put multiple bets down at the same time. But fewer is better, make sure the return gives you a profit that is always higher than that wagered. So, 16 mixed bets will cost more than 4, though you might win more from the 16 bets, there may not be enough profit to compensate on the original wager. So, do not be overly greedy and bet smart.

  • What are the odds and chances of winning?
  • Is the total payout higher than the potential profit?

#2 Tip: Go Big or Go Small

It’s tactically an obvious choice so why not stick with what we all know works. The Big/Small or Small/Big betting option comes with the safest of odds and the most reduced of house edges.

#3 Tip: The Gambler’s Fallacy

Do not assume or presume. If a game is rolling high numbers, then small numbers may never happen. The fallacy is, of course, the idea that lower numbers are bound to roll at some point. Do not be thinking like this because there are no laws or rules as to what should happen.

Free Sic Bo VS Sic Bo Real Money

From Live dealer Sic Bo through to free demo games, which is the best format to play, which of these Chinese dice games should you be focused on?

Step into any Sic Bo casino and the option is there. Do you play for fun only or play for money? We share with you the pros and cons of both options.

oney takes longer than accessing free demo games.
Free Sic Bo OnlineReal Money Casino Sic Bo
✅ With a demo Sic Bo casino game, you have the perfect tool to learn and practice from.✅ You can experience Live Casino Sic Bo gaming that is not available as a free demo game.
✅ All demo Sic Bo games come with no download or financial costs. ✅ Through real money Sic Bo, you can make a financial profit when you play.
✅ Practice is the best Sic Bo Game strategy and can be access 24/7 on any device. ✅ If you play Sic Bo online real money games, you can also use casino bonuses to access them for free!
❌ Free games do not payout.❌ Playing with real money comes with risks.
❌ You will not be able to access free live Sic Bo games.❌ Registering to play for real m

Note: Sic Bo falls under the legislation of the Casino Control Board of New Jersey as can be found in pdf:

Barry Howard Casino Games Expert and Reviewer @

Sic Bo FAQ’s

🤓 What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is an Ancient Chinese dice game that uses a cage to shake three dice in and a table with betting options on. Your goal is to predict what number or numbers will be rolled from the dice.

🎲 How to Play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a simple game to play but looks complicated. You have to predict what numbers will be rolled from three dice. You can bet a multitude of ways to cover the prediction. With singular bets, betting on doubles, triples and Big and Small numbers.

💰 Where to play Sic Bo against a Live dealer?

Unfortunately, Live Sic Bo gaming is not actually available in the Canada. If you find a site that promises this, it's most likely a fraud site because no gaming developer is currently licensed in Canada to offer such services

💸 Which is the best online casino to play Sic bo?

We can recommend three online casinos where Sic Bo is provided.

Join any one or more of these casinos and you can claim your exclusive Casino Bonuses bonus offer and reward.

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