Live Casino Sic Bo – Take on the Best Live Dealers to Win Big

Live Casino Sic Bo

When it comes to playing Sic Bo, the option of taking the game to the penultimate level can be found amongst the live dealer Sic Bo tables. If you want a change from the norm and are looking to get a taste of the real, then live casino Sic Bo is where you need to be. Here we discuss it all.

Experience the Sic Bo game live

There are a number of online casinos open in the U.S. market that provide the opportunities to experience Sic Bo live. It is very much a niche casino game to bet on, not overly popular compared with the likes of live roulette, poker and blackjack, but there is a market for players that understand its potential. Sic Bo is one of the few dice games you can play within any gambling service found online. Played with three dice, a player has multiple betting options to win from and throughout this review of the live casino Sic Bo game, we will cover areas of the game from how to place bets, how to find the right dealer table, what you bonus offers are eligible for the game and everything else new players will want to know about the live dealer Sic Bo feature.

Virtual Sic Bo Vs Live Sic Bo

As you may know, there are two types of gaming available in a casino, you have virtual gaming options and live ones. Every table offers this option, with the likes of roulette, poker, and blackjack leading the race.

When it comes to the software of virtual gaming, players lose a degree of realism when playing. Therefore, for many, the best player experience is the live alternative. Fully immersive, it gives you a total feel for the game in its real state. The two games are made very differently, especially when it comes to the house edge. The rules, however, remain the same.

Sic Bo is not a game that comes with a great diversity, unlike poker, roulette or blackjack, where there is a mix of styles and themes that present alternatives, Sic Bo remains a one-off feature that oozes big wins and payouts. So, if your focus is to win real money from a game that pays triple the amount what regular table and card games offer, then live Sic Bo is the option you should be greatly considered.

What live dealer Sic Bo offers

Unlike virtual games, there is no free platform when it comes to playing live. You need to be ready to win or lose once you face the live dealer. The game is presented with the dealer on the opposite side of the table, from there they will control the game for you. They will place your bets on the numbers, and they will roll the dice within the container.

The game is by no means small as you will see from the many betting options on the table, which makes roulette look like child’s play.

The live dealer experience is more about authentic gaming, where the player has a more resounding sense that this is fair and that they are more in control of fate than if this was played out in some mock virtual table.

The live rules of Sic Bo

Being on this guide would most likely indicate that you are indeed new to the game of Sic Bo, so you may have some concerns over how the game is played in a live environment. Though the table may look terrifying at first, the rules and knowing how to play are very simple because like roulette and craps, this is all about predicting what numbers come about from the roll of the three dice.

Mastering the Sic Bo game

Once you have established the casino you wish to join and sign up to play some sicbo online, you need to choose which table you want to bet on. When your selection is made, you’ll be greeted and faced with the live dealer that will introduce you to their table.

Before you place any bets, be sure you have taken advantage of any bonus offers given out by the casinos. These bonus offers give you access to cash credit and thusly, prolonging the time you spend playing games that, in turn, boost your chances of make more real money profit.

Your first action is to plan what type of bets you can afford, whether you are a low-risk player, a high roller or somewhere in the middle which is a balance risk player. Here are the eight types of bets you can make during the game:

  • Three of a Kind: if selecting this bet, players are betting on a specific number that must land across each of the three dice at the same time. This win would payout 150 to 1.
  • Two of a Kind: if choosing this, you are betting that one number will appear on two out of the three dice. The payout on wins from this comes in at 8 to 1.
  • Any Three of a Kind: the bet means the player is hoping any unspecific yet same number, will appear across all dice. Should playing this win, the return is 24 to 1.
  • Small: the small bet area pays even money and whereby the player is betting the dice sum once rolled will add to any number between 4 and 10.
  • Big: In the big area, bets also pays even and the total sum of all three dice must add to any number between 11 and 17.
  • Single Number: Here you can bet on any total that will derive from the triple dice.

Here is a breakdown of each return.

► 4 at 50 to 1

► 5 at 30 to 1

► 6 at 18 to 1

► 7 at 12 to 1

► 8 at 8 to 1

► 9 at 6 to 1

► 10 at 6 to 1

► 11 at 6 to 1

► 12 at 6 to 1

► 13 at 8 to 1

► 14 at 12 to 1

► 15 at 18 to 1

► 16 at 30 to 1

► 17 at 50 to 1

  • Duo: double the chance of winning by placing this bet on two different numbers that need to be on two of the three dice. Paying at 5 to 1. Though the combinations of the duo bet are as follows:

► 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 1 and 4, 1 and 5, or 1 and 6.

► 2 and 3, 2 and 4, 2 and 5, or 2 and 6.

► 3 and 4, 3 and 5, or 3 and 6.

► 4 and 5 or 4 and 6.

► 5 and 6.

  • One of a Kind: betting on the single number that can appear on all three, or two or just one of the dice. The payout from the house depends on these following factors.

► Correct number on one dice. House pays even.

► Correct number on two dice. House pays 2 to 1.

► Correct number on three dice. House pays 3 to 1.

Practice makes for perfect Sic Bo

It is strongly advised before you deposit any money to play, that you should practice first on the selection of free demo titles we have available on our own site. Gaming practice is the best strategy, where you can apply knowledge of the casino game before you play with real money. You will be in a position to better learn the odds, form your own betting strategy, know the rules and apply them all without risk.

The software of the free demos are built by the very same software developers that feature inside the TOP casinos we have listed. They are authentic games that will help give you an edge on the odds. When you are ready to deposit funds and play for real, there are many options regarding bonus offers, these pay cash credits that can double or triple your bankroll and wins from them are kept by the player using them.

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