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Sic Bo Strategy - Start Beating the Casino with Professional Tactics

Sic Bo Strategy Sic Bo Strategy

If this is your first time looking into sic bo, let's go through our professional sic bo strategy techniques. This fast-track review of winning ideas, tips and tactical approaches will help you beat the house edge and make a healthy profit in return.

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Introducing players to the world of sic bo and the strategies and sic bo tips required to beat the casino

Sic Bo strategy has been around since the game first came to light. As the game has grown into new areas of the world and through the land-based establishments and onto the internet, a number of ideas have come and gone by the wayside. Here we present those sic strategy techniques which have remained and which can help online sic players to achieve success at the sic table.

We’ll cover several areas of interest within the casino game, how to make the right bet on a low budget. How the odds of all bets work, why you should play the dice game and ultimately discover how to beat the house.

There’s a total of 3 key techniques to use in any of the online casinos. They work for games presented live and through virtual machines.

Winning always requires understanding, so as we look at pays table odds and the rules to double or triple your winnings, take notes and use this guide as a referral point during your study of the game.

Beat the astonishing Sic Bo odds and make those dice roll your success

You might have more questions than answers at this stage as this ancient Chinese game of chance has been a mind-boggling roll of dice for centuries. But don’t worry, we have done all the hard work for you so that you can equip yourself with the most valuable insights and game tactics that will help you win.

More strategic maneuvers will follow – just stay tuned! Here is what’s coming next:

  • How to win Sic Bo – get ready to jot down some key tips and ideas that have been tried and tested by our expert team of dedicated casino players.
  • Sic Bo betting strategy – there is no need to think on your feet; get ready for a thrilling battle of chance and increase your chances of winning
  • Best way win Sic Bo guidelines will give you a better idea of what gaming moves you need to practice consistently in order to keep your profit and use free play to your advantage.

How do you win at sic bo?

First, we look at the game and the essential rules, once you know this, you have the foundations to beat the house edge.

How to Play Sic Bo

1. Before you play, set yourself a budget and stop if you exceed this marker.

2. Betting commences before the three dice are rolled. Mark your value.

3. Place your chips and pick any combination or number.

4. The three dice will roll in the dice shaker and be revealed on the table.

5. Collect your payouts if successful.

Gambling on sic bo is easy. It’s a mix of playing craps and roulette. This is, of course, a small overview of the game, but are the main principle actions to take.

The winning house edge is approximately 12% over the player. This is a big variance given that you can bet specific number combos and win a payout from multiple options. The sic bo techniques you’ll find here are the best to reduce this percentage, so the bet units fall more into an even balance plus, there’s a bonus tip which always helps.

Which is deemed to be the best sic bo strategy amongst professional players that you can use online?

So, of the sic bo winning secrets, which one is the most favoured one to use? The are several ways in which to lower the house edge. The three dice game comes with a low probability against players looking to make money from the game, but wins are possible if you take the time to study. Just like poker and other games found in online casinos, patience is key, it will define the player, those which lose and those with more of a winning mentality.

The #1 strategy is relative to the player. A single specific tactic doesn’t work for all types of games. For those looking to double or triple their wagers in the live section of the site, won’t work for those on the virtual machines.

Ultimately, predicting numbers is hard enough, add to this the element of the prediction based on three dice opens a vast combination of possibilities making it a gambling classic that pays well, but the rules of chance dictate everything.

Following are the three key tactics to incorporate which helps to change all of this!

A study of the popular low-risk Sic Bo strategy which employs lower risks to beat the house edge

This is how to win at sic bo in what is considered the simple way. As the title suggests, this is a low-risk option for your bets in the casino.

The approach is known as Big and Small betting. The option for this bet is found in the corner of the game. Your edge over the house comes to a total of 2.78% roughly. The payout from this comes in at 1 to 1 units if the roll falls in your favour.

So, how to approach this form of playing tactic?

The bonus of this is that the risk is low because of the outcome you are betting on. Your options are a total of 4 to 10 and 11 to 17. The same kind of betting option is found in craps and is one of the best singular bets you can make. In roulette, you have something similar, like betting on rows.

The payouts may be minimal but it’s safe and this is what counts.

For combo betting in the low-risk strategy come with a 6 to 1 payout. Here you pick any two specific numbers, such as 1 and 2, 1 and 3, all the way up to 5 and 6. The house probability reduces to 2.77% making the edge significantly lower, with good win returns by guessing the number this way.

How to beat the online casino with the medium-risk Sic Bo strategy which is often used by professional players

Another sic bo winning strategy is that of the medium-risk technique. This returns bigger wins on your bet as you play this method. This approach covers multiple bets and no single ones. This focuses on the player having 4 different chances from the three dice roll.

Players have 2 options to make money from this medium-risk method.

1. Place a bet on the following specific double options, 1, 5 and 6. Then place a wager on the single 9 at the next value of chips. You’ll clearly lose one of the four choices, but it will be covered if any one lands because they each come with odds that meet the values placed with extra as profit.

2. Pick numbers 1 and 2 in the double section and then double 6. Then pick single 12. These match the same odd returns as above, so all bets are covered with profit available on winning rolls.

If you wish to spend time practicing this method, you can test it out with any of our free demo titles, where we hold other games like poker, craps and roulette.

Presenting the high-risk Sic Bo strategy which should be used by high rollers that can afford the risk

If you want to take big winnings from the casino, then you’re going to need a strategy that carries a higher risk. This is the option for the higher rollers within the casinos online.

This works for both games live and machine. Winning is infrequent but pays bigger. So, as you can imagine at this stage, the odds increase in favour of the house, more than the previous two methods. But the rules of playing this way means you get rewarding payouts whilst gambling at a higher risk.

This is again combination bets, where you pick double and triple numbers.

For a bigger payout, place units on 8 and on any two doubles out of 1, 2, and 3. The units you must use are 3 chips on 8 and 2 chips on the doubles. This gives you a total of 9 to 1 odds. If the roll outcome is 9 you have covered all options both from double and single bets. If you also opt for the triple 3 then this increased the risk, but the bonus is that bigger money return.

Taking an alternative look at Sic Bo with Live Dealers and what strategies work within this format

If you choose a casino that will offer you the option to bet on the dice game through live-streamed games. Then you can play the same methods with the same probability. The total odds of an outcome don’t change with live tables, so players can get the same kind of wins during their time on the live table.

There is no specific title to opt for, it has no real differing variant for a player to experience, unlike games of poker or roulette for example.

One good tactic if you choose to play sic online through the live format, is to increase your bankroll prior to playing sic online. This can be done with a big welcome bonus that will give you a cash boost and a small number of free spins. It’s better to play and win whilst betting with free cash than your own. It may not affect the edge the casino has, but if you lose, you make no financial loss.

Sic Strategy Summary: Ready to play sic online? Here’s our conclusion of the strategical tips presented to you

Ready to experience it all for yourself? Got those lucky numbers ready? The now’s to time to roll three dice and see if you come out as a winner!

Test each method via the free titles we offer, find the right one to suit your budget and practice all the moves. You can also head to our bonus guide to see how you can play on a free budget.

These methods cannot guarantee 100% success, but their approaches do have an effect on the house's chances of beating your wagers. Stick to the basic options, the casino’s gain comes from outlandish ways of wagering. By keeping it smart and structured, then your chances improve.

Thank you for using and we wish you the best of luck.


🤓 How important is practice as a Sic Bo strategy?

Practice is very important with Sic Bo because it will help you to save money once inside the casino and help to boost your winning ratio. Through demo games, you will be able to judge which games have profitable value, rather than learning with your own money. You can examine which betting values have a more profitable and consistent return. Plus, you get to learn all the features of the game in your own time.

🎲 Is there a Sic Bo strategy that guarantees success?

There has been no strategy ever developed for any online casino game that can guarantee 100% success. In the realms on Sic Bo, you can better your skills as a player with awareness and understanding. Remember, these are programmed games based on random fortune, this cannot be manipulated, but you can put yourself into better positions with more money through bonuses and through knowing which Sic Bo games are better than others.

💰 How do bonuses help in a game of Sic Bo?

One of the key objects to success is longevity and by having bonuses that reward you with additional cash credits is the only way to gain an advantage over the game, especially with virtual Sic Bo which is programmed to payout based on the money that is put into the machine.

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