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Online Casinos with a Birthday Bonus: Top 5 Birthday Bonus Casinos

Birthday bonuses Birthday bonuses

One of the nicest casino bonuses you can find is the birthday bonus offer. Yes, with the right casino, you could be picking up a special birthday present that could lead to untold riches and fortunes for every year you grow that little bit older.

Author: Barry Howard Last updated: 10 January 2024

Unwrap your Casino Birthday Bonuses at our TOP 5 Casinos
# Casino Bonus Rating Terms Claim bonus
Players' choice1

Crystal SlotsCrystal Slots

Bonus1000% up to $1000
Claim bonus Go to website

Cherry GoldCherry Gold

Bonus270% up to 2500$ + 20 Free Spins
Claim bonus Go to website

Legend PlayLegend Play

Claim bonus Go to website


Claim bonus Go to website

Need for SpinNeed for Spin

BonusUp to $3300 + 300 Free Spins
Claim bonus Go to website

Casino Birthday Bonus

Of the many casino bonuses you can get from an online casino, the birthday casino bonus is a special gift for players looking to celebrate another year with their favorite casinos.

You get to play all the games and slots with no strings attached, except for having to survive another year to claim your next one. Formed as an allowance or coupon code, you could collect a wonderful present of free spins and other advances from these bonuses.

The birthday bonus casino is primarily an opt-in feature, which is something that the player has to activate. You can’t expect a casino to remember all 100,000 members' dates of birth now, can you!

By opting in, you activate the manager tool to service this reward each year on your date of birth.

Opt for casinos with Birthday Promotions and maximize your chances of winning

Great free play is a worthwhile experience since you get to learn a lot about the actual games as well as the service offered by the selected casino in a very short space of time. Once you have committed to a casino, you can still extend your free play by using a variety of bonuses and promotions that many reputable casinos offer to keep their players engaged and happy.

Casino birthday freebies are presented to every existing player as long as you indicate your date of birth during the registration process and give consent to casino promotions and other special offers to be regularly sent to you. Don’t shy away from these offers as you can receive more funds to boost your chances of winning using various online casino birthday bonus codes to claim your free bonus.

Keep in mind that some casinos also offer a no deposit birthday bonus, which is very similar to your no deposit welcome bonus with one key exception – it is available to you every year. Yes, you guessed it – it’s your birthday gift from your favorite casino. Enjoy your free play and Happy Winnings on your special day!

Unwrap your birthday present lovingly packed with delightful Casino Birthday Bonus Codes

Celebrate the most important milestones and challenges you have overcome in life with the dearest casinos that give birthday money. You are free to choose from a vast selection of online casino games and play them for free on this special day! With casino birthday free play, you can actually spoil yourself and spend money on yourself rather than on casino deposits. Today is the day when we light up candles and please you with the best casino treats and online deals.

Throw the biggest party in town and share this moment of joy with your friends and family. Look for casino birthday promotions near me to grab this great offer available to you only once a year! Every year of your life brings new accomplishments and sets new targets on your life journey. Online slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat will always be there for you to give you time to unwind from your hectic life and enjoy your well-deserved break. Now, unwrap your birthday gift and use your casino birthday bonus codes to claim your free cash! Game on and Many Happy Returns of your Play!

Introducing you to the fantastic casino birthday promotions available and why you should use them

It’s not the most commonly known of rewards offered by casinos, but never-the-less, if it’s an excuse to play for free, then why not? Now the offer may only be once a year where you can use the code to deal with your favorite games or take spins on the best slots in the casinos online. But if you are like many other players, you’ll recognize that bonuses are opportunities not to pass on.

It may also help you to cut down on spending if you know your birthday is coming up, you can sit tight and await this free bonus chip or cash allowance that gets added to your account.

The management tool software controls what you receive, so the only process you need to take is to sign-up and check the offer out on their promotions page and opt-in. What you win

This free form of wagering is relative to each casino. You may be allowed to withdraw your winnings, or you can transfer the payment to other gaming options

You can enjoy bingo, card gaming, Slots by RGT, the gift can be open to every game, regardless of the amount you are rewarded or the number of multiple free spins.

Why the Birthday Bonus?

If you want to maximize your playing options from across all streamed gaming platforms, sports betting, and general machines. Then why not redeem this offer. If you love poker, you can make it even special on your birthday. You could play a special match against other players and friends on the internet.

If you like playing on your phone you can download the app for the specific casino palace and take an active part of the gaming experience whilst on the go.

The gift is 100% free, with no cost, a totally transaction free bonus. With any offer it comes risk-free, you can use your casino birthday bonus to test gaming options you wouldn’t normally play. If you wanted, you can use the casino free spins on gaming titles which are virtual machines of card gaming rather than the slots.

Your birthday bonus code casino allowance is yours to use as you wish, however, please check the terms and conditions before use.

The terms and conditions regarding the happy birthday casino bonus and how the offer is to be used

Though a free birthday bonus, there are still t’s & c’s to check over. Even a free deposit bonus has rules just to be sure it is used to its full potential. There are a number of areas it will cover such as the maximum money withdraw you can do if the online casino birthday bonus allows for a cash boosts to.

Before you play, check the code details. It will confirm what the spins can be played on, be it slots or any other games found in casinos. Players using these bonuses will know what the wagering requirement is if there is one. In the end, your free chip may allow you to cash out any winnings in your account with no strings attached.

Some gifts may pertain to a specific software provider. You could, for example, receive as spins bonus to win from, but wagering might be for a particular game by that developer. You may only be allowed to play a certain game, perhaps bingo, or just one form of card game like poker.

There are multiple variations when it comes to offers because of the simple fact of the number of casinos there are out there, having their own rules when you redeem their no deposit offer like this.

To get the max benefit you need to check the rules before you activate the offer, check if it’s specific to software, like RGT, NetEnt, Quickspin, etc. Can it be used for live games both for match features within the live arena or sports betting.? Also, check that your transaction for the discount meets the operator’s transaction methods.

You can gain further rewarding offers just by getting a birthday bonus casino mobile allowance

Download and get your bonus free! Yes, you can redeem the free games and slot offer with and through your mobile app. The free bonus is valid and will be available to those looking to enjoy their Vegas club games online via their mobile. The birthday player won’t have any restrictions on their claim of a chip or cash gift.

You can open your account through the software and receive your promotion deposit in a matter of minutes (if doing this on your actual date of birth.) If you win from wagering on great games like poker, roulette, poker, bingo, and slots, and you’ll be allowed to transfer the money to your own bank card via the mobile app.

Other no deposit promotion offers can be activated via the app, a good amount can be claimed from the welcome bonus which will give multiple offers to play the best games by RTG and on the live platform, all for free!

Max opportunities but can all casinos match each other or is there only one special palace that offers this limited gift?

Birthday No Deposit Bonus & No Deposit Bonus Codes

Birthday No Deposit Bonuses are as the name implies, your birthday present from the online casino/casinos that you are registered with. Since there are plenty of online casinos around, they tend to reward players' loyalty by offering you No Deposit Bonuses which are usually found in the player's bonuses tab.

Birthday No Deposit Bonus Codes, are usually the same, with the only difference being that these are sent out by email in a form of a code embedded in a "best birthday wishes card". These types of No Deposit Bonuses usually have less stringent wagering requirements if any, since it's your birthday. However you need to look out as they are time-limited, therefore you need to use these bonuses within the same month as your birthday.

Is the no deposit casino birthday bonus available from every casino online? Here’s where to look

Because all sites are different, some provide the proverbial bonus free chip or other forms of valid casino bonus, and some do not. Some places will give out just slot related gifts or for some other form of Vegas game of chance. No matter the club or venue you join in the virtual realm, the player coupon or allowance is held on the promotions page to clarify their stance. You can also find out from the review of the site. When we review such places, we note the gifts given to help you play without needing to use your own money and this type of allowance falls in this category.

With it being a 12-month turnaround, some sites may incorporate this allowance during their growth of a business so check and double-check sites to be sure where they can be found.

Birthday Bonus Summary: Our conclusion of the once a year birthday casino bonus and why you should opt for it

We end this review with a summary of key points and reminders:

1. Check what games are valid. Is it just for slot machines or other Vegas titles?

2. Can you withdraw the money won or is the transaction restricted to wagering requirements?

3. Does the club operator provide the bonus every 12th month of your birth year or is it a one-off bonus?

4. Check you don’t have to deposit to claim the coupon.

5. Download the operator’s app to use your bonus on the go!

6. Find a row of extra casino palace deals from their promo page.

7. Check the no deposit promo code is eligible for all areas of the site.

If it’s your special day, congratulations, the same goes for if you win a huge pot of money from the birthday bonus. Good luck and thanks for using


✅ Do all casinos offer the Birthday Bonus?

Not all casinos in the online market have this promotion, some do but don’t publicly display it. Some casinos have this reward as part of their VIP program. One sure thing is that all casinos do offer some kind of bonuses, such as:

If you want to know if your casino has one, then contact their customer service team.

✅ Can I ask for a Birthday Bonus if the casino doesn't offer one?

There is no harm in contacting the customer support team of a casino to ask if they would be willing to give you a birthday bonus. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

✅ What is the Birthday Bonus reward?

The Birthday Bonus reward can change from casino to casino. It could be a cash credit allowance to use across all the games. The reward could be a collection of free spins. It’s a birthday present so it has to be a surprise.

Author: Barry Howard

A poker and blackjack expert originally from the UK, Barry Howard sees success in online gambling coming from choosing the right tactics and strategy. By using a mix of casino bonuses, low wagering requirements and the right choice of games he believes almost anyone can have a successful run. This is why he devotes so much time online to finding the best casino rewards and offers.


Barry is a retired poker and blackjack professional from London, Ontario. He serves as our expert on a variety of poker and blackjack subjects, from in-depth strategies to tournaments and everything else in between.