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Best 100% Match Bonus Casino Sites in Canada 2024

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We present the very best selection of casino rewards in Canada. For this review, we focus on the popular casino bonus that is known the world over as the 100% Matched Bonus. What is it? How can you claim it? And which casinos offer it? All these questions and much more are about to be answered. If you think your balance might need a boost, then get 100% added by your new casino.

Top 100% Match Casino Bonuses in Canada June 2024

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Casino Features Match Bonus Join Casino
⭐️ Betway
  1. ✅ Sportsbook
  2. ✅ Award-Winning Software
  3. ✅ Progressive Jackpots
100% Match Bonus up to $250 Betway Casino
⭐️ Emojino
  1. ✅ VIP Club
  2. ✅ Tournaments
  3. ✅ Live Dealers
100% Bonus up to $250 Emojino Casino
⭐️ Lucky Dreams
  1. ✅ 60+ Software Providers
  2. ✅ VIP Rewards
  3. ✅ Casino App
100% Bonus up to $500 + 100 Free Spins Lucky Dreams Casino
⭐️ Casino Friday
  1. ✅ 2,000+ Games
  2. ✅ 128-bit SSL Security
  3. ✅ Live Tables
100% Bonus up to $500 + 200 Free Spins CasinoFriday Casino
⭐️ Royal Vegas
  1. ✅ Microgaming Software
  2. ✅ Progressive Jackpots
  3. ✅ CAD Banking
100% Bonus up to $300 Royal Vegas
⭐️ N1 Casino
  1. ✅ Live Dealer Tables
  2. ✅ 2,000+ Games
  3. ✅ VIP Club
100% Bonus up to $1500 + 150 Free Spins N1 Casino
⭐️ Spin Casino
  1. ✅ Live Casino
  2. ✅ Microgaming Slots
  3. ✅ Mobile App
100% Bonus up to $400 Spin Casino
⭐️ Jackpot City
  1. ✅ Live Card Games
  2. ✅ Progressive Jackpots
  3. ✅ Microgaming Software
100% Bonus up to $400 JackpotCity
⭐️ Cat Casino
  1. ✅ Drops & Wins Tournament
  2. ✅ Promotions
  3. ✅ Crypto Payments
100% Bonus + 150 free spins Catcasino
⭐️ Playfina
  1. ✅ 9,000+ Slots
  2. ✅ Loyalty Program
  3. ✅ Slot Tournaments
100% Bonus up to $270 +50 Free Spins Playfina Casino

What is 100% casino match bonus?

What does 100% deposit bonus mean? Well, this is more commonly known as a matched deposit bonus because the value you deposit into the casino will generate a 100 percent increase on the amount. The 100 casino bonus can appear in several different promotions. All of which will be covered in this review.

How does 100% casino match bonus work?

The 100% deposit bonus simply works by making a deposit. Always check the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) 0to find out what the minimum deposit is to trigger the 100% match casino bonus. Also, take note that the money added to your deposit is capped, so you won’t necessarily get more by depositing more.

Types of 100% Match Casino Bonuses

The casino deposit bonus comes in a variety of promotional bonus offers. Now, when it comes to promotions, they are always subject to change. This is done across many Canadian casinos, as operators try to outcompete one another for the best and most eye-catching offers. Their true quality always resides within their T&Cs, which is why you must always read them.

First Deposit Bonus

The most common of the casino match bonuses is the first deposit bonus. This is also known as the classic welcome bonus. It’s as simple as it sounds. Open to first-time depositing members, the casino will give you a boost on top of your first payment into your account. The most common of these is the 100% match casino bonus. An example of this bonus looks like this: Deposit up to $300 and get 100% added on top. The T&Cs will always tell you what the minimum deposit requirement is to unlock the First Deposit Bonus.

Welcome package

The welcome bonus can sometimes be formed of a package, something that is recouped over more than just the first deposit. For example, take a typical 100% match casino bonus that might return up to $3,000. The casino may ask that you pay in three deposits. Each one of these will then return up to $1,000. Packages like this may also introduce ‘free’ bonus spins. Of course, they aren’t free because the deposit is the cost element.

Now, in some cases, the reward might be for certain areas of the casino. So, a sports bonus can only be used on betting, and with casino games a 100% welcome bonus slots offer can only be used on the slots listed in the T&Cs.

Reload Bonus

The reload is considered by many to be the casino best deposit bonus out there. This is typically a reusable bonus, one that either can be triggered weekly or every weekend. The principle is all the same. You have to make a specific deposit value and in return, the casino will bestow a percentage on top of the deposit. In some cases, the reload bonus can be lower than average deposit bonuses, but in some casinos, they can be competitive.

How to Claim Your 100% Welcome Bonus

1️⃣ Choose a casino and register: Take your pick from our specially selected casino reviews and join the site that suits your style of play best.

2️⃣ Get familiar with bonus terms and conditions: Before you immediately grab a casino bonus, always read the terms of the offer to understand the cost implications.

3️⃣ Select a preferable payment method for deposit: Many welcome bonuses exempt certain methods of payment so choose a service in keeping with the T&Cs.

4️⃣ Use bonus code if needed: Some casinos come with many offers and to help them know what is being claimed bonus codes are added. These codes must be input at the point of depositing to trigger them.

5️⃣ The bonus will be credited after the deposit: Deposits are instantaneous and with them are the bonuses. Your balance will reflect the new total with your bonus included. You are now ready to play.

100% Deposit Match Bonus Terms and Conditions

As we will always go on about it, the T&Cs of any and all bonuses must be read. These highlight and detail the true costs of each offer, they tell you what games are eligible, and they will inform you what wagering contributions are accepted. Small print reading might seem dull and boring but the information is literally the indicator of quality. Is the bonus fair? Is it really all ‘free’? The T&Cs give you the facts.

Minimum deposit required

All casinos have a minimum deposit limit. Now when it comes to bonuses, they can, in some cases, be equal in value to the general banking terms, or they can be of greater value. You must meet this minimum level to initiate the release of the bonus. You can deposit more than the minimum threshold, but all bonuses are capped to what is returned.

Maximum match

The values of deposit bonuses are always capped to a specific amount. For example, getting a bonus of 100% matched up to $400 means that you can deposit between the minimum threshold and $400. $400 is the max amount that the 100 percent will be added to. If you deposited $500, you will still only get the match to $400. Do double check terms of an offer, as some deposit matched bonuses will advertise the percentage, but not the actual max value.

Wagering requirements

This is referencing what is also known as a withdrawal policy. This is not a hidden fee as the T&Cs highlight them, but they are an additional charge and an extortionate one at that. First, the wagering requirement policy is found in 99% of all casino bonuses online, there is no escaping them, no matter the casino. In a nutshell, should you win with the aid of a bonus, the winnings are yours to keep. However, the casino asks you to make further deposit contributions. These are of varying values depending on the casino and the promotions. The most common value is a wagering requirement that is 35 times the bonus value. So, if you are claiming a 100% match deposit bonus up to $100. Your total wagering costs are $3,500. You will be asked to deposit and wager all this money, to be able to withdraw your winnings. Now, you might only win $10, but the worth of the bonus is $3,500. Let’s call it as it is, unfair. How is this allowed? Well, because the bonuses are all optional, and because the T&Cs discuss the wagering costs, the whole process is deemed fair by the regulators. Our stance is clear, no wagering requirement cost is fair, no matter how low it goes.

Wagering contribution

When you make further deposits to clear the wagering requirement costs, there is further information to be aware of. Not all of the games you play online will fully contribute towards the clearance of the wagering cost. Each game type will have a percentage score, which determines how much of the money you deposit will contribute to clearing the wagering requirement. Now, typically, video slot machines are always 100%. So, if you are going to want to clear the wagering requirement cost faster, then slots are the best choice. Now, games like blackjack might only cover 10%, which is going to take far longer to clear the wagering cost. Each bonus and each casino are different in how games are scored when it comes to contribution costs. This is why the T&Cs must be fully read to know how it all works.

Withdrawal limits

Not all 100% match casino bonus offers are 100% clear at the time of discovery. Some offers actually come with a winning cap. So, while the reward can seem grandiose, you might only be allowed to win $100 max. Granted this is a rare bonus policy, but it exists out there.

Choosing the Best 100% Match Bonus Casino in Canada – Tips

  • Check casino’s welcome package: The welcome promotion is a very effective tool that is used to attract the interest of players looking for a new casino. Make sure that the offer is right for you and is fair.
  • Get familiar with bonus terms and conditions: Read the T&Cs because they by regulatory standards have to detail clearly how the bonus is claimed and used. The details should be clear enough to tell if it’s fair.
  • Check minimum deposit requirements: Make sure that you can meet the right minimum deposit requirements and that the payment method being used complies with the T&Cs of the bonus.
  • Take a look at the other available promotions: Don’t just go for the first offer you see. Always compare bonuses and their terms to see which casino is providing the better deal and overall service.
  • Game selection: Always go for a deposit bonus that is suited for the game or games that you love playing. This way you can maximize its potential. And look out for offers that aren’t bound to just one singular game type.

Best 100% Match Bonus Casinos by Category

Category Match Bonus Casino
♠️ Best Live Casino 100% up to $250 Betway
🔝 Best Welcome Package 100% up to $500 + 100 Free Spins Lucky Dreams
🎰 Best Slots Casino 100% up to $250 Emojino
⭐️ Best VIP Program 100% + 150 free spins Cat Casino

Best $10 Deposit Match Bonus Casinos in Canada

What is the best available 100 match deposit bonus in the Canadian market that can be triggered with a minimum $10 deposit? Well, we found three really good bonus offers that we think are going to be hard to decide against. Here we detail what their bonus is and how it all works. You then get to choose which is the best $10 deposit bonus casino in Canada for you to join.

🍀 Betway Casino

At Betway, they are currently giving away a new members welcome bonus of $1,000. Now, this offer is a package deal, which allows you to recoup the reward over your first three deposits. Here’s how this $1,000 is broken down.

  • Deposit One: 100% match on depositing $10 or more up to the value of $250.
  • Deposit Two: 25% match on a $10 deposit or more to the value of $250
  • Deposit Three: 50% deposit match on $10 or more to a max value of $500.

As you can see, the percentage decreases, so the ‘100% welcome bonus’ is only credited to the first payment. As that percentage drops, you will need to increase what you pay in to meet the higher cash return.

General T&Cs: Min Deposit: $10 | Wagering Requirement: 50x Bonus Value | 100% Contribution: Slots and Parlor Games | Offer available for first 7 days of registration | Welcome Bonus is Subject to Change | Further T&Cs apply.

🍀 Spin Casino

Currently, the Spin Casino is offering all new Canadian members a classic 100% welcome bonus casino reward. Sign up at Spin and you can get a $1,000 bonus. This is another package that is spread over your first three payments. For this bonus, each payment is met by a 100% match return. Here’s how this great $1,000 welcome bonus offer looks.

  • Deposit One: 100% matched deposit of $10 or more up to $400 max.
  • Deposit Two: 100% match on $10 or more deposit up to $300 max.
  • Deposit Three: 100% deposit match on $10 or more up to $300 max.

This is a lot simpler offer to understand. If you deposit the max values listed, you will get up to the same figures in return.

General T&Cs:Min Deposit: $10| Wagering Requirement: 70x Bonus Value | 100% Contribution: Slots, Keno, and Scratchcards | Offer open for the first week once signed up | Welcome Bonus is Subject to Change | Further T&Cs apply.

🍀 Royal Vegas Casino

Sign up at Royal Vegas online casino and you could pick up their 100% deposit welcome bonus that is currently offering $1,200 for all new Canadian members. This is a package offer that is spread over your first four deposits, making it that little bit easier for you to pick up.

  • Deposit One: Deposit $10 or more and get a 100% match up to $300.
  • Deposit Two: Deposit $10 or more for a 100% match up to $300.
  • Deposit Three: Deposit $10 or more a receive 100% added up to $300.
  • Deposit Four: Deposit $10 to $300 and get a 100% match on your payment.

This is another classic 100% deposit bonus, in which each payment gets a simple 100% return on deposits between 10 dollars and 300 dollars.

General T&Cs: Min Deposit: $10 |Wagering Requirement: 70x the Bonus | 100% Contribution: Slots (excluding NetEnt), Scratchcards, Keno | Winnings capped to 6x first deposit value | Welcome Bonus is Subject to Change | Further T&Cs apply.

Minimum deposit casinos

What is a minimum deposit casino? Well, the term ‘minimum deposit casino’ covers five primary groups in Canada’s gambling market. You have a group that is a minimum $1 deposit casino, a $5 deposit casino, a $10 deposit casino, and a $20 deposit. These are the most common minimum deposit groups. You might also find a $30 minimum deposit casino.

Now, these casinos can still offer you a 100% deposit match casino bonus, but they each have their own minimum limits. Not all players are the same, so to help service players needs that have a smaller budget, having an option whereby they can make low deposits of just $1, can be a game-changer.

The lower deposit value does not impact or affect anything else. The gaming quality and the options of what you can play do not change between a $1 deposit casino and a $30 deposit casino. It’s purely about banking and the promotions that can be tied to the service.

100% Casino Welcome Bonus Slots

100-welcome-bonus-slot-banner 100-welcome-bonus-slot-banner
  • Need for Spin Casino

    💥 Current offer: 300% Deposit Matched up to C$3,000 with 300 Bonus Spins. 👇 Here is a look at the general details of this bonus. 🍀 5X Deposit Package | Request Bonus via Live Chat | ✔️ 1st Deposit = 100% up to $300 on $30 Min Deposit | With 70 Free Spins added a Min Deposit must be made of $70 or more | ✔️ 2nd Deposit Bonus = 50% up to $750 with Min $30 Deposit | With 70 Spins, the Min Deposit is $70 or more | ✔️ 3rd Deposit Bonus = 50% up to $750 with Min $40 Deposit | With 50 Spins, the Min Deposit is $70 or more |✔️ 4th Deposit Bonus = 40% up to $800 with Min $40 Deposit or more | With 40 Spins added, Min Deposit increases to $70 |✔️ 5th Deposit = 60% up to $400 on a $40 Min Deposit or more | With 70 Spins added the Min Deposits becomes $80 | 🕹️ Wagering Requirement: 45x | Live Casino Games Excluded |📜 Further T&Cs apply including list of games not eligible.

  • Playfina Casino

    💥 Sign up to Playfina and get their current Welcome Bonus of $1,350 and 200 Bonus Spins. 🎁 A Secret Bonus is also included. 👇 Here’s a look at their general bonus details. 🍀 3x Deposit Package |✔️ 1st Deposit = $25 Min Deposit or more, with 100% match up to $270 + 50 Spins on Wild Cash x9990™ |✔️ 2nd Deposit = 75% match on Min $25 Deposit or more up to $400 + 50 Spins on Elvis Frog Trueways™ |✔️ 3rd Deposit = 50% match on $25+ Deposit up to $680 + 100 Spins on Wolf Spins™ | 🎁 Secret Bonus available after 3rd Deposit made|🕹️ Wagering Requirement: 40x |💥 Spin awarded in batches of 25 spins per day | ⏰ Bonus valid for just 2 days | No Winning Cap |📜 Further T&Cs apply.

  • Nine Casino

    💥 The site of Nine Casino might only need one reason to sign up. Their welcome bonus is offering all new members a $675 Bonus + 250 Spins. 👇 Here is how this offer looks. 🍀 3x Deposit Package |✔️ 1st Deposit = 100% match on $20+ Deposit up to $225 + 250 Spins |✔️ 2nd Deposit = 55% match on $20+ Deposit up to $225 |✔️ 3rd Deposit = 100% matched on $20 Deposit or more up to $225 |🕹️ Wagering Requirement: Credit is 40x Bonus and Spins is 35x Winnings |⏰ Bonus valid for 7 days once activated | Free Spins only eligible on Gates of Olympus™, Aztec Magic™, Aztec Magic Deluxe™, Platinum Lightning™, Johnny Cash™, and Platinum Lightning Deluxe™ | Spins awarded in batches of 50 over 5 days |📜 Further T&Cs apply.

  • N1 Casino

    💥 One of the largest welcome bonuses in Canada is found right here. N1 Casino currently offers a $6,000 Bonus with 200 Bonus Spins. 👇 These are the basic details of this bonus package. 🍀 4x Deposit Package |✔️ 1st Deposit = 100% Match up to $1,500 + 150 Spins |✔️ 2nd Deposit = 75% Match up to 1,500 |✔️ 3rd Deposit = 100% Match up to 1,500 + 50 Spins |✔️ 4th Deposit = 25% Match up to $1,500 | Min Deposit: $20 or more |📜 Caution: There are no T&Cs with the advertisement of this offer and links to Information and Help currently do not work | T&Cs should apply but right now there is no information.

  • Emojino

    💥 You’ll be all emotional if you win at Emojino Casino. And to help make it happen, they are rewarded with an $1100 Welcome Bonus with 75 Spins to all new members. These are the general details of this offer. 🍀 3x Deposit Package| ✔️ 1st Deposit = 100% match up to C$350 | ✔️ 2nd Deposit = 25% match up to C$750 | ✔️ 3rd Deposit = 75 Bonus Spins | Min Deposit: 30 CAD or more | 🕹️ Wagering Requirement: 40x Bonus | Free Spins eligible on Day and Night™ slot only | 🕹️ Wagering must be cleared within 10 days |📜 Further T&Cs apply.

Note: All listed promotions are subject to change.

100% Casino Welcome Bonus Popular Payment Methods

✔️ Interac – The homegrown banking method that all Canadians know about. You will be pleased to know that a vast majority of Canada’s casinos are supportive Interac casinos. You can often use this bank-to-bank payment method to support your CAD deposits and withdrawals. However, there are some that do not support withdrawals. With Interac payment, depositing is immediate and to cash out, transactions can take 3 to 5 working days.

✔️ Skrill – This is an e-Wallet service that is one of the most popular third-party banking services in the world. Almost 95% of all casinos online are a Skrill casino. Skill acts as a go-between for your bank account and your casino account. It provides anonymous payment solutions, which makes it highly secure. Skrill deposits are instant, and withdrawals take up to 3 business days.

✔️ ecoPayz – The option of an ecoPayz casino is limited compared to most other banking casinos. EcoPayz is another payment service that can be opened without any bank account and no credit checks are required. It acts as the intermediary between bank and casino, again offering high security in transactions. Deposits are immediate and withdrawals take up to 3 days.

✔️ PayPal – One of the most popular online payment services that really needs no introductions. With this banking service, a PayPal Casino must meet the criteria of PayPal. They are particular with who uses their service, so very much a seal of approval when it comes to trust and fairness. Deposits with PayPal are instant and withdrawing can take 2 to 5 days.

✔️ Bitcoin – The godfather of cryptocurrency, and now rising in popularity on a global level. Crypto by its nature is the most secure form of currency and banking there is. Now, getting a Bitcoin casino is limited compared to the rest of the market as it is still a taboo issue. If you have BTC or any other digital currency, then you should only go for the casino that offers crypto deposits and withdrawals and provide BTC games. Withdrawal transactions with any crypto take less than 24 hours to land in your crypto wallet.

✔️ Visa – The most commonly used payment service is Visa followed by MasterCard. This banking service is so popular that 99% of all gambling services online are a Visa casino. Banking allows CAD deposits to be main instantly while withdrawing your winnings might take 3 to 5 business days.

100% Match Casino Bonuses Pros & Cons

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
✅ Renewable bonuses ❌ Often comes with wagering requirement terms
✅ Can be offered with free spins ❌ Caps might not benefit high roller players
✅ Doubles bankroll
✅ Can be used on slots
✅ Wagering requirements lower than free spin wagering costs
✅ Offered by majority of Canada’s online casinos

More Welcome Bonuses for Canadian Players 2024

  • No deposit bonuses – The most sought-after bonus reward online is the no deposit bonus. This is a 100% free reward that requires no deposit to unlock it. This is rare to find, and if you do find one, you will either be gifted with a small number of free spins or a miniature bonus credit.
  • Deposit bonuses - Deposit bonuses come win a variety of ways. They can be bonus spins or cash rewards. In some cases, they can be formed of both. When it comes to a casino welcome bonus which is the most popular of deposit bonuses they often come with the worst T&Cs.
  • 200% bonuses - The 200% deposit bonus will certainly help to increase you bankroll. If for example, you deposit $100, you are getting $200 back off the casino.
  • 300% bonuses - Yes, bonuses can be rewarded with a 300$ return on deposits made. Should you, for example, deposit $100, you will receive $300 on top. When the bonuses get this good, they are often in the form of a package bonus.
  • 400% bonuses - It is rare, but 400% deposit bonuses have existed in the past. These are often tied in with high-roller bonuses that will ask for a greater deposit amount.

100% Deposit Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

What does 100% deposit bonus mean?

This means that the casino will match the value you deposit into your account by 100%, effectively doubling the value.

How does a deposit bonus work?

All you need to do is make a deposit into your account that meets the minimum deposit requirements. If a bonus code is needed, you will need to add the code at the point of depositing. Once the transaction is made, the bonus is then released into your account for you to use.

Which online casino has the biggest welcome bonus?

There are several big bonuses out there, all subject to change. Right now, these are Canada’s best welcome bonuses:

  • Need For Spin: Welcome Bonus = $3,000 + 300 Bonus Spins
  • N1 Casino: Welcome Bonus = $6,000 Bonus + 200 Spins
  • Playfina Casino: Welcome Bonus = $1,350 + 200 Bonus Spins
  • Emojino Casino: Welcome Bonus = $1100 Bonus + 75 Bonus Spins
  • Lucky Dreams : Welcome Bonus = $4,000 + 300 Free Spins

T&Cs apply, and all offers are subject to change.

Do you keep what you win in a 100% deposit bonus?

Yes, and no. As it’s all relative to the T&CS. Bonuses often come with wagering requirement costs which are a withdrawal policy. They may ask users to deposit more and gamble before wins can be released. Yet, some bonuses exist that are without wagering costs, and yes, in this case, you can immediately withdraw what you win.

How can I withdraw my 100% Deposit Bonus?

The withdrawal process begins with a deductible balance. First, head to your Account, and select Bank/Cashier. Select the option to Withdraw. Enter the payment method if your default setting needs changing. Enter the value you wish to cash out. Press Continue and confirm the transaction with your account password.