Interac Casinos – The Best Casinos where to use e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfers is a highly secure Canadian payment method that lets you send money from your Canadian bank account to an online retailer or casino without disclosing any private financial information. The Interac e-Transfer service is already well known to many Canadians who shop online, but others may not be aware that it can also be used to finance casino accounts as well as making other online purchases. The fact is, the simplest site for a Canadian to play real money games online is at an Interac casino. Consequently, several casino sites include Interac in their list of accepted player deposit methods.

On this page we’ll be looking at how Interac works, how to make an e-transfer deposit and withdrawal, and recommend the best e-transfer casinos offering you casino bonuses when you deposit with Interac.

Casinos Accepting Interac
# Casino Bonus Rating Terms Claim bonus
Players' choice1

Crystal SlotsCrystal Slots

Bonus1000% up to $1000
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Legend PlayLegend Play

Claim bonusGo to website


BonusUp to $1500
Claim bonusGo to website

Need for SpinNeed for Spin

BonusUp to $3300 + 300 Free Spins
Claim bonusGo to website

Fever SlotsFever Slots

Bonus+ 500 Free Spins
Claim bonusGo to website

STS​bet CasinoSTS​​bet

BonusUp to $750
Claim bonusGo to website


BonusUp to $75010% CASHBACK
Claim bonusGo to website


Claim bonusGo to website


Bonus100% up to $500
Claim bonusGo to website

Zaza CasinoZaza Casino

BonusUp to $1500+ 1000 Free spins
Claim bonusGo to website
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What is an Interac Casino?

Requiring only a mobile number or an email address, Interac is a free, quick and safe way to transfer money from a Canadian bank account.

Founded in 1984, Interac is well-known to many online consumers based in Canada. Interac Online is an Canada-only debit card system that also handles electronic money transfers. All of the big 5 banks in Canada and over 250 credit unions support Interac e-Transfer. The service is comparable to using a debit card because it only allows you to transfer as much money as you have in your account.

Interac is also a safe and secure deposit method for online gambling as your financial information is not shared with anybody else when using Interac e-transfers. Interac transfers will only show on your bank statement as "Interac", not casino deposits, and your security is always assured. Online casinos that accept Interac are known as Interac Casinos.

Interac is integrated into nearly all Canadian banks (except CIBC) so it is simple to make electronic transfer casino deposits. This is why most players who are interested in using Interac e transfer deposit and withdrawal casinos will discover that they already have an account they can access using their current online banking credentials!

Canadian players can use Interac and be eligible for an extra money casino bonus when they use it to make a deposit at the Interac casinos listed on this page.

Interac Online and Interac debit cards

This Interac service is not restricted to just online features and spending. With an Interac debit card, you can withdraw money from any ATM and carry on with your business as usual. Interac Corp looks to providing a low-cost service the Interac Cash service has a flat-fee of $0.75. The Interac Debit is free. The Interac Flash (which is the contactless version of Debit) comes with a $0.02 – $0.35 fee.

Interac casino

Interac e-Transfers to Casinos in Canada

Making an Interac e-transfer is very simple. You begin by logging into your bank account and linking it to an email address or a mobile number. Once connected, an automated email will be received to confirm the linked Interac account.

You can then request money from Interac contacts. They simply only have to accept your request. This is all done within the Interac Request feature where your stored Interac contacts are. You’ll find them by name, phone number or email when submitting a request. You can also personalize the message sent with it. You receive an Interac receipt of payment through text message and one to notify you when the funds will be ready. No fees are charged. This works as well with online casinos that accept Interac.

Interac Online vs Interac e-Transfer Casinos

There are two options available when using Interac to makes transfers with casinos: Interac e-Transfer or Interac Online.

Interac e-Transfer requires you to log into your bank account separately in order to authorise the electronic transfer casino deposit via email.

Interac Online allows you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to the Interac casino using a payment gateway over your cellphone. Interac Online is a slightly faster process but isn’t as widely accepted as the Interac e-transfer casinos Canada has.

How to make an online casino deposit using Interac

Because you must access both the Cashier of the online casino and your online banking account at the same time when using Interac e-transfer, the process of making a deposit at a casino that accepts Interac is slightly different from that of other e-wallets. Making a deposit, however, is still a simple procedure that only needs the recipient's email address or phone number and has zero fees. Players who have just signed up and make their first deposit with Interac Online will have access to top welcome bonuses and VIP programmes. You might even get an extra free spins offer!

Steps to making an Interac e transfer casino deposit

  1. Make sure your bank is integrated with Interac. CIBC Customers can’t use Interac to pay online
  2. Visit one of the Interac casinos on this page and register.
  3. In the casino's Cashier area, choose Interac e-transfer as your preferred deposit method.
  4. Note the details of the payment.
  5. Log into the online banking portal of your bank.
  6. Enter the appropriate details of the casino for the electronic transfer.
  7. Choose the amount you want to deposit into your casino account and initiate the transfer.
  8. Your funds should be deposited instantly, together with any additional bonus you’ve triggered!

Steps to making an Interac Online casino deposit

  1. Make sure your bank is integrated with Interac.
  2. Visit one of the Interac casinos on this page and register.
  3. In the casino's Cashier area, choose Interac Online as your preferred deposit method.
  4. Select your bank from the choices given. Currently Interac Online is only available with First Nations Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank and TD Canada Trust.
  5. You will then be forwarded to the payment gateway which is handled by Gigadat.
  6. You will be then transferred to your bank’s website to finalise the payment
  7. Confirm the amount you want to deposit into your casino account and initiate the transfer.
  8. Your funds should be deposited instantly with no fees, together with any additional bonus you’ve triggered!

How to make an online casino withdrawal using Interac

It's just as easy to withdraw your earnings from an Interac casino as it is to deposit money. However, not all casinos allow Interac e-transfer withdrawals. On the other hand, many do let you withdraw money to an Interac card. You can always select an alternative payment method (such as a PayPal casino withdrawal) if Interac withdrawals are not accepted.

Steps to making an Interac casino withdrawal

  1. Log into your online casino account and go to the cashier section to collect your winnings.
  2. Choose Interac to withdraw your winnings.
  3. A casino will first need identification documentation, such as a proof of address, before processing your withdrawal for the first time. The withdrawal request is suspended
  4. pending verification of such documents.
  5. Provide all relevant payment information and documentation requested by the casino.
  6. Select how much you want to withdraw. Make sure you’ve cleared all of the casino’s wagering requirements before trying to take out any bonus money.
  7. Initiate the transfer.
  8. Wait for your winnings to arrive into your Canadian bank account!

Interac as a Safe and Secure Payment Method

With more than 250 Canadian banks, credit unions, and financial institutions as partners, Interac is a well-known payment processor for all Canadian transactions. The payment gateway for Interac is secure, uses current security standards, and offers bank-grade security.

Your bank account or credit card numbers are never shared with e Transfer deposit casinos due to the layer of security. You send money between your bank and Interac account, and between Interac and the etransfer casino.

Sharing your credit card or banking information with an unreliable merchant is no longer a concern as you are shielded from losses beyond your control by its Interac's "Zero Liability" promise. Of course, if you stick with our recommended Interac casinos, you won't have to be concerned about this. If you experience any problems making deposits or withdrawing money from our suggested Interac casinos, you can contact their customer support team at any time.

Pros and cons of Interac Casinos

Interac is a well-known payment processor of all Canadian payments.Only available with Canadian bank accounts.
Protects your financial details from any potentially unsafe websites.Email is used to notify users of transactions. Every electronic transaction has some potential for phishing fraud. Players risk giving hackers access to their accounts if they reply to emails asking for passwords or other information rather than logging into their accounts directly.
Users can electronically transfer money quickly and safely to most online casinos.Not offered at all online casinos.
If your bank or other financial institution already uses it, there is no need to register or download any extra services.You must have access to Interac e-Transfer-compatible online banking.
Low or no fees on all transactions.Transfers may incur fees.
Thanks to encryption technology, Interac Transfers are safe and secure.Every transaction requires action from the recipient. The transaction's life cycle will end in 30 days if the casino somehow forgets to credit your gaming account while debiting your Interac account. It could take some time to resolve the issue with the casino if a player is unaware that they played for free.
You can deposit in Canadian Dollars.
Your withdrawal request will typically be processed by most casinos within 24 hours.
Payments only go through if you have money in your bank account.
Flash Interac works flawlessly on mobile devices.

Why use Interac at online casinos?

More than 6.6 billion money transactions were handled by Interac in 2018. Both retail customers and online casino players alike trust this bank option based on its reputation for being fast and efficient and having a good customer support team to assist users in resolving any issues they may encounter.

It's the perfect method of payment for Canadians playing at online casinos because there are no additional fees for deposits or withdrawing winnings. Contrary to debit and credit cards, Interac just needs your Client Card number and online bank account pin.

You won't find Interac at every online casino though, as it is a Canadian-only banking option. On the top of this page you can find a list of all the Canadian online casinos that accept Interac.

The best news for casino goers is that the best Interac casinos give their users significant welcome bonuses. You can count on receiving generous first-deposit incentives with just as good wagering requirements!

Frquently Asked Questions about Interac Casinos

✅ Is Interac e-Transfer a regulated banking service?

Interac Banking has been in existence for over 30 years and is recognized by the OSFI and the FCAC. The two leading consumer protection services when it comes to regulated banking services.

✅ Do all American casinos accept Interac e-Transfer?

A large majority of the most reputable online casinos accept the Interac e-Transfer payment method. There is a small number that have yet to acquire this service for their own means, but they will provide alternative methods with other popular and regulated banking services.

✅ Does Interac banking support both deposits and withdrawals?

Yes and no. Not all casinos online follow the same guidelines with their payment services. One casino may offer the service that supports both deposit and withdrawal payments. Some may, for example, be only able to handle the deposit side of payments. Be sure to check the individual casino reviews for confirmation on the payment service of Interac Banking.

✅ How do you use an Interac online casino?

Canada's Interac payment system, which processes payments through hundreds of thousands of retailers nationwide, is exclusive to this nation and acts as its debit card system. Additionally, Interac offers an e-Transfer service that allows owners of Canadian bank accounts to send money easily and securely. Interac is one of the most popular payment options accessible at Canadian casinos. With just one payment screen that will walk you through the procedure, utilizing Interac e-Transfer to fund an online casino account is super simple.

✅ Which banks allow gambling in Canada?

At the moment, only two of the big five Canadian banks allow payments to and from foreign and local (provincially regulated) online casinos. They are the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Bank of Montreal (BMO) (CIBC). Royal Bank of Canada(RBC), Scotia Bank and TD do not allow international online gambling transactions.

✅ Can you bank transfer to a casino?

Yes, you absolutely can. Many high rollers choose this method of transferring their funds into their online casino account. In fact, many Canadian gamblers select the websites where they will play online casino games based on how simple it is for them to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts using bank transfer.

✅ Does TD Bank allow online gambling?

Do you permit internet gambling at TD? Canadian gamblers are prohibited from funding their offshore gambling operations directly from their Banque Toronto-Dominion accounts, under the bank's deposit account and cardholder agreement. TD payments can be used at local online casinos, however.