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Time to play the most diverse card game online with free Video Poker. It’s dynamic, crazy, fun, simple and highly enjoyable, especially if you love the traditional version of poker. Enjoy these 100% free casino games no download required to access them. Plus, play on any device.

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TOP 5 Casinos for Free Video Poker
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Crystal SlotsCrystal Slots

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Cherry GoldCherry Gold

Bonus270% up to 2500$ + 20 Free Spins
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Legend PlayLegend Play

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Need for SpinNeed for Spin

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How to Play Free Video Poker Online

Video Poker is a game that takes you away from the table and plays the cards like an arcade slot machine. There are over 45 gaming titles to play right on this page. They are all handed to us by the likes of Real Time Gaming, Play’n GO, Microgaming and Playtech, the leading gaming developers for virtual card and table games.

Once you have mastered video poker, you will find it to be one of the simplest and most exciting games that you will be able to find at a land-based casino or an online one here in Canada. When you are playing online video poker, you will find that a standard 52-card deck is used in all the different variants and that they are based on poker's five-card draw system. Want to learn how to win at video poker? Well, follow the steps that we have provided below, and you will be well on your way to becoming a winner. Think of us as being your FREE VIDEO POKER TRAINER. This is basically your video poker cheat sheet.

Choose your Free Video Poker game variant & Canadian Casino

Before you start playing with your own money, we highly recommend that you try out some different variations. You should take a look at the minimum betting options, the pay tables, as well as the rules. If you are new to the world of video poker, then Jacks or Better poker is what you should opt for - it provides decent payouts and low risks. There are hundreds of video poker games available and they are all available to play for free too. Therefore, you will always be able to find a video poker variant that will suit you. If you want something different every time you play, with a lot of style and dazzling themes, then look no further than this platform. Have fun!

Select your Wager

When you open up a free video poker game, you must choose how many credits you want to put on each spin. The typical range that you will find is anywhere between 1-5 coins. The prize money that you receive will obviously depend on how much you decided to wager - the more you wager, the more you will win if you are lucky. You can simply increase or decrease the wager by clicking on the relevant arrows that can be found next to the "Bet" button.

First Card Deal

Click on the "Deal" button and you will be given five cards. In some video poker slots, the cards are given to you one by one and all face down before they turn over altogether. On the other hand, some will deal them to you all face-up. At the end of the day though, it does not really matter how you receive your cards.

Second Card Deal

After you have made your decision about which cards you are going to keep, click on "Deal" again. In one round, you can press deal twice. With this second deal, you will receive some news cards to replace the ones that you have discarded.

Analyze Your Hand

If luck is on your size, then you will be holding a winning hand. However, unless you have selected "Auto Hold", you will need to manually hold your hand. Therefore, you need to make sure that you review your cards properly before you click on "Deal".

Count your Winnings

If you end up winning, you will be paid according to the game's paytable. Remember, if you are using free video slots, you will not actually receive any money.

Try your luck at Free Video Poker at the TOP 3 casinos
# Casino Bonus Rating Terms Claim bonus
Players' choice1

Crystal SlotsCrystal Slots

Bonus1000% up to $1000
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Cherry GoldCherry Gold

Bonus270% up to 2500$ + 20 Free Spins
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Legend PlayLegend Play

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Winning Hands When Playing Free Video Poker


When you are playing video poker, whether on free poker machines or at an online casino for real Canadian dollars, there is one thing that you need to have a lot of knowledge about. What is this? Well, the different types of hands, of course. If you do not know the hands, then you run the risk of losing out on a considerable amount of money. Imagine chucking the best hand in the game out of ignorance. Free online video poker, as well as the table below, will help you get to grips with all of the different poker hands.

Your HandCards to KeepCards to Discard
Royal Straight Flush50
Straight Flush50
Four of a Kind41
4-card Royal Straight Flush draw41
Full House50
Three of a Kind32
4-card Straight Flush Draw41
Two Pair41
Pair of Jacks or better23
3-card Royal Flush Draw32
4-card Flush Draw41
Pair lower than a pair of Jacks23
4-card Straight Draw41
3-card Straight Flush Draw32
2-card Royal Straight Flush Draw23
3 high cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace)32
2 high cards23
1 high card14
No high card05

Play Free Video Poker Better with Our Expert Tips

Below we are going to provide you with top tips that will help you win more at video poker. Once you have played free video poker no download, you will have learnt different video poker strategies and be able to take everything that you have learned into real money Jacks or Better poker and other variants. You really should heed these expert tips.

Understand the Different Free Video Poker Game Variants

The most important thing to do when you play video poker is to learn the poker variation that you are playing. There are a number of different poker variants such as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker's Wild, and Bonus Poker, to name but a few. Always read the rules so you know what the game asks of you. If you are not aware of the difference between variants, you could lose a lot of money.

Know your hands

We know we mentioned this above, but it is worth repeating as it is so important. If you are playing Jacks or Better, then you should consider having a Jacks or Better cheat sheet next to you when you are playing. This will have all of the different types of poker hands on it, so you know whether you have a good hand it not. Do not be embarrassed by this as many of the world's best poker players started off using Handy Guides.

Play Wisely

Always look for simple combinations such as pairs, 3-of-a-kind, and 4-of-a-kind. This is a good way to ensure a strong hand and get some coins to improve your bankroll. You should never hold onto an unpaired card with the hope that you get a pair with the next deal. Please keep in mind that any pair, no matter what value, is always worth hanging on to. You should also opt for a flush above a straight. This might all seem a bit confusing at first, but once you have played plenty of video poker for free then it is something that will become second nature to you.

Place a Maximum Bet for Bonus Royal Flush Winnings

When you play video poker you will obviously be aiming to win as much money as possible. The best way that you can achieve this aim is by betting the maximum coin value. If you do this and you land a Royal Flush, you will get a tasty bonus added on to your winnings. What's not to like about that? Nothing, that is what!


What are the Free Video Poker Terminologies? - Be in the Know

Video poker, just like normal poker, is a simple game to learn, but a really difficult one to master. In order to go from a beginner to an advanced level, you need to know all of the basic terminologies. If you learn the common terminology before you start playing, then you will increase your chances of having a successful poker playing career. Below you will find a glossary of terms that you can put to good use whether you are playing free poker machines or for money. You really need to master the following words.

  • Action: This is the act of making use of a video poker machine and the total amount that you bet during one game.
  • Credits: The amount of cash (if you are playing with real money) or credits (if you are playing for free) that you currently have in your account.
  • Discard: After you have received your first hand, you can choose to keep or throw away some or all of your cards. If you throw away cards, you are making a discard.
  • Draw: This is the button that you will click on when you are ready to be given some cards. You will click it once you have decided how much you are going to wager and then once again after you have decided which cards you are going to throw and which ones you are going to hold.
  • Hold: Once you have been dealt your five cards, you will have to decide which ones you are going to keep. In other words, you need to decide which cards you are going to hold if any.
  • Face card: This is a card that has a picture on it. The Jack, Queen, and King are face cards.
  • Ace High: If you have an Ace and no other combination, then you have what is known as an Ace high.
  • House Edge: Different casino games come with different house edges. A house edge is an advantage that the casino has over the player. You will be glad to hear that video poker comes with a small house edge.
  • Inside Straight: When you need only the middle card to complete your straight, you have what is called an inside straight.
  • Max Bet: The maximum bet is the largest amount that you can stake on one spin of a video poker machine.
  • Multihand: There are some video poker variants where you can play with more than one hand at once. These are known as "multihand" poker variants. If you are the type of poker player that likes to play with multiple hands, then this is the type that you are looking for.
  • Pay Table: This is a guide that will show you how much you can win for each winning combination.
  • Pat Hand: If you are given a hand that cannot be made better by drawing one or two more cards, then you have what is known as a Pat hand.
  • Pay Back: The pay back of a video poker slot is the amount of money that you can expect to get from the game after it has dealt millions of different hands.

Top Free Online Video Poker Game Variants

You can find hundreds of different video poker machines on the Internet, but there are some versions of video poker that are more popular than others. You should also know that there are plenty of versions of poker slot machines, but most are based on Deuces Wild poker and Jacks or Better Poker. For those who are unsure about the different varieties of video poker out there, we have gone to the liberty of providing you with information for seven of the most popular video poker variants.

Free Jacks or Better Poker

This has got to be one of the most well-known variants of video poker. It is also one of the most popular due to the fact that it is one of the easiest to play. Jacks or Better Video Poker variant is played using the classic deck of cards and the joker can swap in for any card to help form a winning combination. A pair of jacks is the lowest combination that can give you a win, which is clearly where this game got its name from.

Free Deuces Wild Poker

The game Deuces Wild video poker is slightly different as there are no jokers used when playing this variant. In fact, as the name of this game suggests, the 2s are wild. What does this mean? Well, it means that the 2s can swap in for any other cards to create a winning combination. So, if you are playing a deuces wild card game and you have a Royal Flush and at least one 2, you will be at the end of a very decent pay-out.

Free Double Bonus Poker

The game of Double Bonus poker is pretty similar to the game of Jacks or Better. However, it has a feature that makes it a tiny bit more complex. A pair of Jacks is still the lowest combination that you need to win, but you get higher payouts if you land selected 4-of-a-kind combos. Therefore, the payout for landing 4 Aces will be more than that for 4 kings. This increases the variance of this game.

Free Double Double Bonus Poker

The game of Double Double Bonus poker has the same structure as Double Bonus Poker, but it has a higher number of bonus combinations with higher payouts. This increases the variance of the game, even more, meaning that wins will be less frequent. However, when you do win, they will be a lot bigger than usual. The high variance is also a reason why you need to try free double bonus poker first. This will allow you to get to grips with it before you start using your own hard-earned money.

Free Jokers Wild Poker

It will come as no surprise to you to hear that Jokers Wild is played with an additional Joker card thrown into the deck. The reason why you will be happy to see another Joker card in Jokers Wild video poker is that the Jokers are wild, so there are 5 wild cards in this game. Not only do the Jokers act as wild cards, but if they form part of a winning combination then the payout will increase.

Free Triple Play Poker

If you happen to be a multi-tasker, then Triple Pay poker is the variant of video poker that you will really enjoy. With this game, you can play three hands at once. This is the most popular video poker version created by software developing giants IGT. You can play different types of this game such as Draw Poker, Double Double Bonus, and Deuces Wild.

Free Multiplay Poker

This game is sometimes called Multi-hand video poker and it is a variant where you can play with as many hands as you like. There are some games out there that allow you to play with 50 hands. If you are playing multiplay poker, you should definitely play for free so you can come to terms with playing with more than one hand.

Free Video Poker vs Real Money Poker

Free video poker games are great for people who are on the lookout for pure entertainment. What makes them so popular? Well, there are no downloads required, no sign-up or registration processes, and you do not need to place any deposits. What are the pros and cons of free and real money video poker? The table below will reveal all.

Free Video Poker Vs.Real Money
✔ Instant Play, No sign-up & No Download✔ Play with Bonuses and Earn Loyalty Points
✔ Practice all Strategies and get Familiar with the Game✔ Same Algorithims as Free Video Poker
✔ Play For Free and for Fun, Risk Free✔ More Games to Play, all Up-To-Date
✖ Fewer Games to Choose From✔ Win Real Cash

Play Free Video Poker on Mobile

Nowadays, more and more casino players in Canada are gambling on their mobile phones, so online casinos are well aware that it is very important for them to make sure that all of their games are available to play on a wide variety of mobile devices. Failure to ensure this will mean that many potential customers will take their customer elsewhere. But what about free games? Do online casinos in Canada allow their customers to play free Video Poker on Mobile devices? You will be glad to hear that they do.

However, if you do not want to sign up with an online casino that we recommend, and you simply want video poker for fun then we have a good selection that you can make use of and you do not need to register or sign up to play them.

Free Video Poker in a Nutshell

So, to sum up, before you go ahead and start playing ultimate video poker for real money, you really should play for free first. This is the best way to ensure that you do not end up losing a lot of money while learning. Once you have played for free and mastered the different types of poker variants, you can start thinking about playing for real money. But where are the best places for Canadians to Play for Real Money? Well, you definitely cannot go wrong with the online casinos that we have reviewed on this site. Feel free to take a look at them and join the one that you think is best suited to you.

Note: Did you know that from the 1980s video poker machines became the economic mainstay of Canadian casinos? Fun little fact from

Free Video Poker FAQ's

🎰 What is the Best Free Video Poker Game?

This is not a simple question to answer and it all depends on what you like. For one person, Jacks or Better might be the type of video poker but someone else might feel that free Double Double Bonus Poker Game is better. At the end of the day, it is simply down to personal taste.

🎰 How Do You Practice Video poker?

Practicing video poker has never been easier thanks to the wide variety of free video poker games that you will be able to find on our website. Practice using these and you will become a better video poker player in next to no time.

🎰 Where Can I Play Free Video Poker?

When it comes to playing free video poker, you can find everything that you are looking for right on our website. If you already have an account with an online casino, then there is a very good chance that they will also have a variety of free video poker games that you can play.

🎰 Where Can I Play Video Poker for Real Money?

Once you have practiced enough on our free video poker games, you will probably feel like you are ready to start playing using real money. So, when you get to this stage, you should consider joining one of the online casinos that you will find on our top ten page. These are some of the best online casinos in Canada right now.

✍ Do I Need to Sign-Up to Free Play Video Poker?

When you are playing our free video poker games, you will be happy to hear that there is no signing up process that you have to go through. You can just start playing right away.

🎰 Can I Play Free Video Poker on My Mobile?

If you are one of many that really enjoy playing casino games on your mobile device, then you will be happy to hear that you can play all of our free video poker games on your mobile device. Furthermore, you will be glad to hear that you will not have to download anything or sign up to anything in order to do so.

🎰 What Are the Game Variants of Free Video Poker?

There are many different video poker variants. Some of the more popular ones are: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jokers Wild, and Triple Play. You will have plenty of fun playing any of these variations.

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