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Jacks or Better: Discover the Amazing Online Video Poker Game

jacks or better online game

Adding to our complete Video Poker guide, we bring you a review of the jacks or better option which is much loved amongst players online. Here you’ll access gaming information such as the rules, strategies, bonuses and the free games we hold of it.

1. What is Jacks or Better?

The jacks or better variant is a 5-card poker game played out on a slot machine. Online players see it as one of the best variants to draw wins from because it is so easy to play. Through our guide, you’ll have a full insight into the game, from the rules to learning what bet brings about the high and low wins.

1.1 Your Casino Experience

Casinos offer this betting machine in many different styles from a selection of the top software developers. Whilst playing, you’ll have a chance to experience over a dozen different ways Jacks or Better is represented as a game. It is more commonly played as a slot machine game but can, on occasions, be found as a live variant and enjoyed with real-time dealers.

1.2 The Game

The platform began as a cabinet game which found much popularity throughout the Las Vegas strip. The transition to digital format hasn’t seen any drop in its entertainment value and is perhaps one of the most common games played of all machines.

The house edge on the game varies with it being between 2% to 5% in favor of the house.

Here is a look at the probability and return of the game;

  • Royal Flush: x800 pay out = 0.000025 probability and 1.9807% odds.
  • Straight Flush: x50 pay out = 0.000109 probability and 0.5465% odds.
  • 4 Kind: x25 pay out = 0.002363 probability and 5.9064% odds.
  • Full House: x9 pay out = 0.011512 probability and 10.3610% odds.
  • Flush: x6 pay out = 0.011015 probability and 6.6087% odds.
  • Straight: x4 pay out = 0.011229 probability and 4.4918% odds.
  • 3 Kind: x3 payout = 0.074449 probability and 22.3346% odds.
  • Two Pair: x2 payout = 0.129279 probability and 25.8558% odds.
  • Jacks or Better: x1 payout = 0.214585 probability and 21.4585% odds.

2. How do you play Jacks or Better?

Once you know your hands the rest of the table is easy to play. It’s one of the simplest variants of the poker game and was, in fact, the first variant of the game to be developed. Players can also enjoy the option of playing with up to 100 hands during a single game, thus, creating more winning opportunities whilst playing.

2.1 The Card Hands

Once you load a game, the machine will only activate once you set your wagering limit and number of hands. Once the deal is played, all bets are confirmed, the cards are revealed. Here are the card hands which make up a winning deal.

  • High: Basically, if it’s Jack or higher, then you win… simple!
  • Pair: two matching values i.e. seven and seven.
  • Two Pair: two pairs both of which have the same number i.e. 3 and 3 and 4 and 4.
  • Three Kind: three of the same number i.e. 10, 10 and 10.
  • Straight: five cards in numerical sequence i.e. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  • Four to Straight Flush: Dealing out four of your own cards needed to complete a straight flush.
  • Flush: five cards that hold the same suit. Either clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds
  • Full House: a hand which offers both three kind and a pair i.e.5 and 5, king, king and king.
  • Four Kind: four cards that hold the same number i.e. 8, 8, 8 and 8.
  • Straight Flush: card in numerical order with the same suit.
  • Three to a Royal: When you hold three of the necessary card to complete a royal flush.
  • Four to Flush: four matching suited cards.
  • Four to Straight when you have four cards that are in sequential form.
  • Three to Straight Flush: Three in order with matching suit
  • Two to Royal: two cards from the royal flush.
  • Royal Flush: the strongest hand which pays the highest. You must have 10, jack, queen, king and the ace and of the same matching suit.

Granted there is a lot to take in with full house flush, royal flush straight and pairs all being an option, but it will come naturally the more you play the cards.

2.2 The Machine

A site bonus of ours is that you can play in-house with our free games. If you load up Jacks or Better MH by Play’n GO, we can explain how it all works.

Top row: the paytable.

Middle row: the poker cards hand that is dealt.

Bottom row: action buttons i.e. coin value, number of hands and the deal button.

Video poker like this is really simple. Begin by selecting your bet amount and coin value. To confirm, select deal. The cards will rotate and with hold buttons underneath each of the 5 cards. You can hold any card and then press deal to substitute those not held.

To double your wins, you have a gamble option in the game. If you select to gamble on your win, then you either choose if the mystery card is red or black for double payout or guess the suit to win 4x the amount. This additional betting option ends when your guess fails.

3. What is full pay Jacks or Better?

When the first video poker games, the highest paying variant was called a “Full-Pay” a name given by those playing and not the casinos. The games which returned a lower payback on the hands were then classed as “Short-Pay”. The payback expressed is roughly 99% which, therefore, means that for every $100 coins bet a player would only lose $1.00 to the house, only if they played the right way. Some Full Pay table games come with a 100%+ payback, which won’t be advertised by the operator.

Other table variants of this game include 9/5 jacks or better which is a low pay variant of the table. 8/6, this brings about a full house pay from 9 x down to 8x. Then you have the 8/5 table which, again, cuts the payout down by a factor of one. The other games dealt out 7/5, 6/5 and progressive jackpot games linked to this variant.

4. Learn Jacks or Better strategy that will help increase your winning ratio and cut down your losses

So, is there an easy way to win? Can bonus offers really double your funds? Is there an ultimate video poker strategy? Once you’ve learned the rules and feel confident, you’ll be able to adopt some tips and strategies into your favorite machine. There are no wild ideas when it comes to the strategy, unlike blackjack. Here you’ll understand simple techniques which meet the rules of the game.

1. Do not change your hand if you have been dealt the games high scoring cards.

2. Do not discard a high pair if it’s four to flush or to straight.

3. If you have four cards from a royal flush, discard the fifth.

4. Keep any card formation which leaves you one away from a flush or straight.

5. 3 kind, flush, high pair and straight are stronger than three cards which leads to a royal.

4.1 Practice Strategy

Not a wild idea, but practice does make perfect. By learning how slots work, by learning about other games like Deuces Wild, you start to build knowledge of how things are. You have double to gaming options here than in one casino, so try our demo games to learn the rules, which games pay better, which are more player friendly and experiment as much as you can to see how these casino games are made. No pair is built the same, so you’ll find some are easier to win on than others.

5. Get dozens of free Jacks or Better machines to play on, through us and the top 10 casino sites

Fancy playing with unlimited coins? Want to win real money for nothing through jacks better machines? Well, you can! We hold a host of bonus allowances which can be used for all video poker games, meaning you don’t have to pay to play. Casinos will hand you offers for a cash injection which you can use as part of your strategy to beat them. Add these elements to the demo games we hold and you have the perfect player package.

5.1 Casino Bonuses

Look out for and take advantage of any of these bonus offers presented by casinos within their promotions page. You’ll be able to use a number of them for video poker titles including jacks or better.

✅ Welcome Bonuses

✅ No Deposit Bonuses

✅ Matched Deposit Bonuses

✅ Free Spins

✅ VIP Bonuses

Note: be sure to read any terms and conditions which come with the rewards, as they’ll highlight any wagering requirements, expiry dates and if they are cashable bonuses. Many more variants of these bonuses exist so read the casino reviews for more insight to what they offer old and existing members of their site.

5.2 Demo Games

Learn the rules of these slots and practice various strategies with no download or cost in sight. Find which games have a high frequency of payouts over others. Discover which developers make their games player friendly. Access through any device including mobile for Android and iOS users.

We hold dozens of free to play games which are authentic casino titles used by the top 10 platforms you can join and sign to today.

6. Jacks or Better Summary: Concluding our poker game guide with top online casino tips to help you

We have covered all there is that this variant has to offer, from the pay out return through to the bonus allowances you can claim to enjoy it at zero cost. We now draw on the best casino tips to take with you into the best casino sites offering this poker variant. We also have a look at some of the more common asked questions regarding this game which have been submitted to us via the comment boxes within our poker section.

6.1 FAQ

  • Q: Is this the best variant of poker? A: Many users favor this game because of the simplistic nature of how players can win. It’s all relative though in what you are after, but this guide was made given the huge popularity of it.
  • Q: Are video poker games fair? A: They are built with the same algorithms as slot machines. The RNG software picks winners at random, so yes this is a fair process.
  • Q: Can you play this live?A: There are a handful of live tables which offer this throughout sites in our top 10 list.
  • Q: how can I claim a free bonus? A: Register with any operator in the top 10 list and deposit your first payment. Then you can activate your bonus through your account manager profile. Listed under offers or promotions.
  • Q: Are they better than slot games? A: Slots provide more variations in style and themes. Video poker is limited to its classic structure. It provides the same odds of winning and the gaming functions are exactly the same from a programming perspective.

6.2 Top Tips

1. Practice with zero risks, thusly saving your funds and not putting your bonuses to waste. Find the perfect game inside out demo list and master it to then play for real money.

2. Find a casino and bonus that works for your favorite poker variant. Get the full package where an operator can give you the same gaming titles you’ve practiced on and allows you to use their allowance to play the very same game.

3. Make sure to avoid machines built with RTP algorithms as they determine the payout based on the money which has been put into the machine which makes it less random in its outcome.

Thanks again for using for your game advice. Enjoy the rest of your guide and other articles and we wish you much luck as you head towards the top casinos found on our site.

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