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In addition to casinobonusesindex.ca’s Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy which is found here (the “Privacy Policy”) solely applies to your use of casinobonusesindex.ca’s Services and Site (as defined below). Our Privacy Policy is incorporated with the Terms of Service and constitutes as an integral part thereof. casinobonusesindex.ca’s Terms of Service along with the aforementioned Privacy Policy shall be known to herewith as the cases “Agreement” which forms as a legally binding agreement between both parties (you and us), as well as governing the online relationship between you and us.

In this Agreement the reference of, "user" or “player” or "you" or "your" means that any person who uses the casinobonusesindex.ca’s Site, Software or the Service under the Agreement.

Important: Please review our Privacy Policy prior to your use of the Site or the Services.

By using or accessing the Site or, you consent to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.

1. Acceptance and Amendment of the Agreement

If you happen to not agree to any of our term or conditions of the mentioned Agreement you should cease immediately the continued use of the Site and the Services.

We are at liberty to amend the Agreement as we wish and make changes that when made shall take effect 14 days after being publically published through the Site or earlier if required. You therefore agree that your own access or direct use of the Site or your use of our Services on casinobonusesindex.ca following this period will be as your acceptance of the aforementioned amendments legally made to the Agreement.

It remains within your responsibility to abide by the current terms and conditions and any alteration of the Agreement and we strongly advise you to check the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy on a regular basis whilst you continue at casinobonusesindex.ca.

It is within our capacity to suspend or terminate your use of the Services and this Site at any time we deem appropriate, should there be a breach by you of the Agreement and in doing so there will be no action on providing any financial compensation to you.

2. Use of the Site and Services

The Site and the Services of casinobonusesindex.ca can only be accessed or used by you if you legally 18 years of age and over to match the laws and any jurisdiction which will apply to you (the “Legal Age”).

The casinobonusesindex.ca Site and the material obtainable therein have not been designed with the intention to target or appeal to those who are classed as minors and are yet to reach the Legal Age.

If you’re not of Legal Age you must stop using or accessing the Site and the Services immediately.

3. The Services

The Site of casinobonusesindex.ca provides access to casino games and information regarding the gambling industry (the “Services”).

Both Site and the Services are provided for free and for informational purposes only.

casinobonusesindex.ca does not operate or produce any online casino games or poker websites nor does casinobonusesindex.ca accept any wagers or bets.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

casinobonusesindex.ca, affiliates and its licensors (as applicable) legally own all used software, written materials, data, and other content, forms, graphics, artwork, images, pictures, functional components, graphics, photographs, animations, , audio, text, videos, music and any software concepts and documentations and any other material on, made available through the Site or within the (“Site Content”).

By using the Site you agree not to alter or remove any other proprietary notice or copyright notice on the Site or the Site Content.

In addition, any other trademarks, the brand names, service marks or/and trade names that are used on the casinobonusesindex.ca Site (the “Trade Marks”) are specifically the trademarks, the trade names and/or service marks of the Company, its licensors or its affiliates (as applicable) and each of these entities reserve all such rights to the Trade Marks.

The Site Content and the Trademarks within are legally protected by copyright and/or intellectual property rights. You are then hereby acknowledging that by using our Services whether using or visiting the Site, you obtain no legal rights in the Trade Marks and the casinobonusesindex.ca Site Content and you may only be able to use the same in full accordance with the above mentioned Agreement.

5. User Content

casinobonusesindex.ca may allow you to transmit, post, upload, e-mail or otherwise make available text, data, software, sound, music, photographs, graphics, videos, messages, images or any other materials ("User Content") found on the Site, which may but not limited to include via chat facilities and online discussion forums.

You are solely responsible for the entire User Content and casinobonusesindex.ca and its affiliates shall therefore have no liability with respect of the User Content meaning you hereby waive away all claims should you place any against us and/or our affiliates in this regard.

By providing you the User content, you grant casinobonusesindex.ca and their affiliates a, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, worldwide license to use, perform exploit, copy, distribute, reproduce, modify display, subtract from, add to, edit, translate and create derivative works that is based upon or within the User Content and/or any portion thereof in any such manner (including but not without limitations, promotional work and/or advertising purposes) and including any and all aspects of media now known or hereafter created and devised all without any monetary or form of compensation to you whatsoever. This means you also agree to waive away all moral rights to the casinobonusesindex.ca User Content.

You will therefore also acknowledge and fully agree that neither us as the Company nor its partner affiliates are obligated to regularly monitor or fully nor review your User Content.

You shall also therefore acknowledge and agree to the fact that any User Generated Content may be removed or edited by casinobonusesindex.ca the Company and its partnered affiliates and you will hereby waive any rights you feel you may have if the User Content is changed or altered.

When submitting or publishing User Content, all personal or personally identifiable information which you submit, can be collected, read, or used by other casinobonusesindex.ca users or visitors and can be fully used by third party companies and/or affiliates to, for example, send unsolicited messages to you. We the Company and its partnering affiliates are therefore not and shall not be held accountable or responsible for the personal or personally identifiable information which you choose to use and/or submit within the User Content.

During your use of casinobonusesindex.ca you shall at all times throughout be polite when it comes to interacting with others, including users or visitors of the casinobonusesindex.ca and you agree that you shall uphold and not engage in any behaviour that could be construed by us, casinobonusesindex.ca, as sexist, tortious, aggressive, libellous, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, offensive, obscene, racist, insulting, harassing, or otherwise deemed as inappropriate towards other users.

You the user fully agree to not engage in and/or assist, encourage others users or parties to or looking to engage in posting, transmitting, posting, uploading, or otherwise proceed in making available on the casinobonusesindex.ca Site, your User Content or in any other form of content that: (i) is, or which actively encourages engagement or conduct that is threatening, unlawful, abusive, harmful, harassing, tortious, insulting, defamatory, vulgar, libellous, invasive, obscene, pornographic, of another's privacy, racially, or hateful, ethnically or otherwise without objectionable grounds; (ii) you the user do not have any right to make legally, fiduciary relationships; (iii) infringes any of the proprietary right of any third parties which also includes but is not fully limited to the intellectual property rights belonging to any person and/or entity and/or any rights of the publicity, or privacy, personality of any person or recognised entity, thusly including after as an outcome of your failure known or unknown to obtain consent to openly post personally identifying and/or otherwise private information about a person known or unknown; (iv) that you are and have been compensated for and/or granted any consideration fully by any nature by any third parties; (v) contains hidden or resticted content; (vi) action which violates any applicable binding law, ordinance, regulation, statute, or agreement which; (vii) is untrue, , false, malicious or that which is damaging to us the Company, its partners and affiliates or the Site itself; (viii) is created and designed, meaning by designed, to interfere and/or interrupt the working Site; (ix) infect the casinobonusesindex.ca Site with computer coding, code or virus, files or disruptive programs that are designed to destroy and/or limit the functions and the functionality of any of the casinobonusesindex.ca computer hardware or software; and (x) advertises, promotes and/or otherwise which is relating to any other known or unknow online entities or websites which are deemed as competitors of the casinobonusesindex.ca Company, its partner affiliates or the Site.

Therefore you shall not knowingly or unknowingly misrepresent or lead to making false statements with regards to the source and/or origin of any of the User Content.

6. Prohibited Activities

By using the Site you fully agree not to permit others:

  • Access or to collect any personal information of other casinobonusesindex.ca users or casinobonusesindex.ca visitors for any reason whatsoever;
  • Use casinobonusesindex.ca, the Services, the full Site Content in connection or conjunction with any known or unknown unlawful activity;
  • Copy, redistribute, reverse engineer, modify, translate decompile, publish, disassemble, or make any attempts to gain access to the source code to carry out and create derivate works of the site’s source code, or otherwise;
  • To collect or store any data and/or information through the casinobonusesindex.ca Site, or maliciously use robot, scraper, spider, or with or by any other means, automated or otherwise, to access casinobonusesindex.ca;
  • Disclose any private data about or from the Site or its Services to any third parties;
  • To distribute malicious spyware, trojans, code viruses, keyloggers, worms, spybots, or all other forms of logic bombs, malware, droppers, locks, clocks, hidden files, copy protection features, or any other CPU serial number references or devices of similar intent to the casinobonusesindex.ca Site or its Services or actively upload any files designed to harm casinobonusesindex.ca, the Services or the casinobonusesindex.ca users or visitors fully;
  • Not modify, distribute, display, lease, copy, perform, reproduce, transfer, publish, licence, create derivative works from, or sell any casinobonusesindex.ca Content, used Trademarks or the User Content;

7. Your Undertakings and Representations

Through visiting or using casinobonusesindex.ca you affirm:

  • You are indeed of Legal Age;
  • That you will only use casinobonusesindex.ca for information and non-commercial purposes and within your personal capacity;
  • You verified that your intention of use upon the Services and the website does not break or violate any laws and regulations against any jurisdiction which applies to you and that you will not use casinobonusesindex.ca materials and its information contained within, in connection with any known or known unlawful activity;
  • You shall use casinobonusesindex.ca in full accordance with the stated terms and conditions of this Agreement including its amendments;
  • You shall not to use casinobonusesindex.ca for any unauthorized purposes or illegal actions that violate any international laws, local and national;
  • No impersonation of any individual or entity, other than yourself;
  • You waive the right to participate in any class action or trial through jury against the Company and/or its affiliates not matter the jurisdiction where such a waiver is possible and you fully agree to submit in the event of arbitral proceedings as further set out in these Terms of Service.

8. Third-Party Content

casinobonusesindex.ca may contain linking or hyperlinks to other services, products, websites or external content run and owned by entities/persons other than us. You therefore agree not to hold casinobonusesindex.ca responsible for Third Party Content. You may use the Third Party Content and in doing so you recognise you do so at your own risk.

9. Gaming Services

casinobonusesindex.ca and our service makes its content available for your informational purposes and personal entertainment only.

casinobonusesindex.ca Content may at times contain references, links to and/or advertise or promote Third Party Content that may relate to online gaming and online gambling services (the “Gaming Services”).

The online Gaming Services are intended, with digression, to be viewed and/or used for casinobonusesindex.ca users or visitors located in jurisdictions where the Gaming Services is legal and you therefore agree and affirm you are located in such jurisdiction where the Gaming Service is lawful.

You are of legal age and not under 18 years of age thusly consent for actively engaging in and using the Gaming Services;

10. Disclaimer




11. Limitation of Liability

casinobonusesindex.ca, licensors and its affiliates will not be held liable, whether actions directly or indirectly, including, damage for loss in business, loss of business information a loss of profits, business interruption, or any other loss.

You agree that casinobonusesindex.ca shall not be held accountable or liable to you or any users, third party or otherwise.

12. Indemnity

You agree that by using The Site and The Services that indemnify, hold and defend us, and our officers, agents, licensors, directors, employees, suppliers, harmless (collectively as the “Indemnified Parties”) with immediate effect, against and from and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, proceedings, fines costs and including expenses of any kind that includes but not limited to legal fees incurred as a result of: (i) breach of this Agreement; (ii) the access and use of the Site by you and by using the Services (including those which use your username and password); (iii) the violation of any law made by you as the user; (iv) negligence on your part; (v) your knowing misconduct and behaviour (collectively the “Claims”).

You agree: (i) to immediately contact and notify us of any ensuing Claim; (ii) you will not look to settle any legal Claim before without our prior written consent to do so; (iii) that the “Indemnified Parties” may assume the defence upon any claim and that you shall co-operate with all reasonable requests made for information to help in the assistance with respect to the Claims.

13. Notification of Copyright Infringement

We at casinobonusesindex.ca respect and support the intellectual property rights belonging to others and the same is expected of those which you’re the Site and Services to uphold the same ideals towards the intellectual rights. If you have reason to believe any User Content on casinobonusesindex.ca infringes upon a copyright or violates your intellectual property rights, we urge you to notify our Company’s Copyright Agent by providing the following information as soon as possible.

The casinobonusesindex.ca Copyright Agent can be reached via our Contact Us page.

14. Termination of the Agreement

We have the right to terminate this Agreement and terminate the access you have to the casinobonusesindex.ca website and site with immediate effect and without notice to you under any reasonable grounds we see fit.

15. Governing Law and Arbitration

You agree casinobonusesindex.ca shall be governed only by the laws of England & Wales.

Should any controversy, dispute or claim arise in relation to actions notified within the Agreement. Your (“Dispute”) and the parties hereto will consult and negotiate accordingly with each other, recognizing mutual interests and attempt to reach a satisfactory solution.

Should any dispute go unresolved and 30 days has passed from the point of notification to the Company it shall be referred to arbitration for resolve under the (“LCIA”) London Court of International Arbitration Rules (“Arbitration”.)

Under Agreement:

  • Arbitrators appointed shall be one;
  • The seat for the case shall be in London. The language used in the arbitral proceeding shall be English;
  • The appointing authority of the Rules shall be in a court of London under the LCIA.

16. Confidentiality

At casinobonusesindex.ca, through viewing or using the services, you agree to keep strictly confidential matters undisclosed during the term of this Agreement or any time thereafter, including Dispute and/or the subject matter of any other than to LCIA at Arbitration. You will not look to exploit, directly or indirectly, any Confidential Information for any purpose or gain, other than to resolve the Dispute in the Arbitration,

Notwithstanding you will disclose Confidential Information. You shall promptly notify us, and cooperate with us in full and in accordance all Confidential Information will be given confidential treatment.

17. Entire Agreement

The casinobonusesindex.ca Agreement contains entire agreements between us and you in relation to how you use the Site, Services and the Software in which supersedes all prior agreement between you and us the Company and you agree to the same. You confirm to accept the Agreement and do so freely and agree that you have not relied on third party help to accept these terms and in doing so waive all representation to counter argue the Agreement.

18. Irreparable Harm

You understand and agree that should you breach any points of the Agreement it may cause irreparable harm upon the Company. You acknowledge and agree that damages cannot be an adequate resolution for any such breach by you of this Agreement, and we shall be entitled to satisfaction of injunction, other equitable relief, and/or specific performance against any threatened or breach of the provisions within this Agreement and also that no proof against the special damages will, at all be necessary for the enforcement of this Agreement.

19. Waiver

No waiver by casinobonusesindex.ca under any terms within the Agreement can be taken or understood as a final waiver towards any preceding or succeeding breach of any terms within the Agreement.

20. Third Parties

Nothing in the Agreement shall be construed as a form of joint enterprise between you and us in any measure, partnership, associate or otherwise.