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Top 3 Winning Hands: Our Canadian Guide to Pontoon

Looking for a casino card game with a twist? Something that resembles your favorite casino strategies but will give you a more light-hearted feel? Pontoon card game is a close relative of the traditional game of 21 and you will surely have a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of this fantastic card game without having to sweat over the rules for too long!

Our Pontoon Game Guide will take you through the most essential casino milestones from making your first free and real money bets to using the most sophisticated strategies which increase your chances of winning.

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History of Pontoon Game and how Napoleon took it to the next level

The game of Pontoon is the British or domestic version of Twenty-One, originally called Vingt-Un, which translated from French means twenty-one. This game was widely played at the court of Louis XV and at a later stage it was one of Napoleon’s favorite gambling games, especially during the period of his exile on the island of Saint Helena between 1815 and 1821.

In the 20th century, Pontoon Game was widely played by the armed forces of English-speaking nations. Throughout the years of its existence, the game has spread all around the globe and produced many variations in the process of crossing oceans and continents. Thus, for instance, in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, Pontoon is a card game that resembles the game of Spanish 21 or Match Play 21.

Nowadays, Pontoon is a version of standard Blackjack, however, Blackjack rules are quite different, and players would need to do a quick study of Pontoon peculiar features and terminology in order to understand how to reduce the house edge and increase their chances of winning.

>Want to learn how to speak and place bets in Pontoon regional dialect? Read on to get your first free tutorial!

What you will find in our most recent strategy guide

This guide has been carefully compiled by our team of dedicated casino experts at Casino Bonuses Index. Com in order to help you to get started and enjoy the thrill of the best casino entertainment. In this article, you will find more information related to the game of Pontoon, its basic rules and strategies and also where you can play this casino table game for fun as well as real money. Tune in as the fun is about to begin!

Pontoon Rules

The aim of Pontoon is the same as in Blackjack – players try to collect cards that exceed the value of the banker’s hand and not go over the score of 21. If any participant of the game round regardless of the fact whether he or she is a player or the dealer exceeds 21, they automatically go bust and, as a result, lose.

The game is played with one regular 52-card deck which includes all the suited “ten” cards. Just like in Blackjack, your ultimate combination of cards in one hand is a “ten” and an Ace – and you get your Pontoon.

If you are interested in learning how to calculate the value of the hand, the process requires a few simple calculations that even a school kid can make - it is very straightforward! The principle is based on an arithmetical sum of all cards held in one hand.

The values of the cards are exactly the same as in standard Blackjack, but here is a quick reminder in case you wish to refresh your memory:

  • Numbered cards (2 to 10) – face value
  • Jack, Queen and King – 10 points
  • Aces can be worth 1 or 11 depending on the type of the hand (soft or hard)

If you compare Pontoon and Blackjack, you will notice that the terminology used to describe player actions is different.

Here are the most essential highlights you should keep in mind:

  • HIT in Blackjack = TWIST in Pontoon
  • STAND in Blackjack = STICK in Pontoon
  • DOUBLE in Blackjack = BUY in Pontoon
  • SPLIT in Blackjack = SPLIT in Pontoon

So how do you actually play Pontoon? Here are some brief Pontoon rules.

As we mentioned earlier, your aim is to get as close as possible to 21 without going bust and collect the strongest ranking hand which will ultimately give you a chance to reduce the house edge and beat the dealer.

To play Pontoon online, before the cards are dealt you will need to select your bet and choose from a pre-set range of the minimum and maximum amount you can bet. These normally vary according to your casino of choice. Once you have the bet ready, simply place it on the table.

Next, click on the ‘deal’ button, which instructs the system to start dealing the cards. In Pontoon, unlike Blackjack, there is no possibility of taking insurance or surrendering. The rules of Pontoon state the following:

  • On soft 17 or less, the dealer must twist
  • Players are required to twist up to 14
  • Like in Blackjack with splitting a pair, in Pontoon if you have two cards of the same value, you are allowed to split them
  • If necessary, you can opt to buy additional cards if you are holding 2 to 4 cards in your hand, and then twist them later in the game.

Pontoon Strategy

In the same way that there are applicable strategies in the game of Blackjack to help you maximize your winnings and minimize losses, in Pontoon it’s possible to use similar strategies to gain an advantage over the house. Even though it’s a game of chance, you can still increase your odds of beating the dealer using methods that have proven both popular and successful for a large number of casino players. These methods are easy to understand because they are based on card combinations that all have high potential.Read on as we will give you a brief overview of the best card combinations you can get while playing the game of Pontoon.

1. Pontoon

In Blackjack this hand is known as a “Blackjack” and in Pontoon it is called a “Pontoon”. It is based on a hand with two cards which are a combination of an Ace and a card valued at 10, such as a Jack, a Queen or a King.

2. 21

This combination is slightly weaker than a Pontoon, however, it can also give you a chance to win. Thus, for example, you can collect three or four cards which would give you a total value of 21 points. For example, you can have a three-card hand consisting of a King, an 8 and a 3. The trick here is the fact that your success depends on the dealer’s hand. You can win only if the dealer doesn’t have a Pontoon or a Five Card Trick.

3. Five Card Trick

This hand consists of a combination of five cards with a total value of 21 or less. Interestingly, in Pontoon it doesn’t actually matter what the total score of your hand is. As long as you hold a five-card hand with a high overall score, the odds are in your favor. Thus, for example, if you have a five-card hand with a total value of 18 and the dealer has only two cards but valued at 20, you will win anyway since you have collected a better five-card hand.

If you wish to continue learning the best tricks of an effective Pontoon strategy, don’t waste your energy oncard counting, but instead, compare some betting charts we have compiled for you and learn how to increase the odds of winning before you head to Las Vegas or any other casino establishment online or land-based.

Where to play Pontoon Card Game Online

If you are planning to start gambling online, keep in mind that it is best to explore your options when it comes to free games and casino bonuses. Remember that every online casino in the world of iGaming entertainment is trying to lure as many new players as possible by offering a range of exciting casino freebies.

When you are first looking for a suitable casino, always remember to check what bonus packages are offered to new players and whether the choice of games allows you to play your favorite casino picks. It is also important to check what software providers your casino of choice have partnered up with in order to ensure that the quality of your gaming experience is fantastic. The names of the gaming studios you should always look out for are Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil and Play’n Go.

Pontoon Free Play

When you first start playing online casino games, it is best if you practice online for free before making your first deposit. There are plenty of different options offered to all new casino members and the only trick is to select something that suits your gambling interests and needs.

By playing online casino games in demo mode and also using your free bonuses and spins, you get the chance to learn the rules of the games you wish to play and also to experiment with different betting strategies. To find the best deal, go through the list of offers compiled on our site and feel free to choose any casino you like. We guarantee that all our partners are reputable casino operators licensed and regulated by relevant gaming authorities.

Pontoon for Real money

After you have tried and tested different casino games using your free bonuses, you will surely feel ready to explore the big world of online gaming adventures. Keep in mind that you can choose to play it safe by placing a number of smaller bets more frequently, or alternatively if you like higher stakes go for some bigger games that will bring better rewards. Such games often include Progressive Slots, especially those that can help you win mega big, for example, the famous Mega Moolah Slot.

It’s also good to know that if you win something during your bonus play, you will need to meet the wagering requirements and place real money wagers before you can withdraw your winnings. This is why when you play for real money you can actually increase your bankroll and get closer to the stage when you can deposit some extra cash into your bank account.

Our experts have tried this Pontoon Card Game and here is what they say

As we conclude this Pontoon guide, we would like to point out that once you become a regular casino player it is a good idea to keep yourself updated with all the latest casino trends. To save yourself time and energy, you can always return to our site and be sure that you will receive a complete overview of everything you can benefit from in the Gaming world.

Our team strives to constantly search the Internet looking for the best deals provided by reputable online casinos. We make sure that we bring the most generous bonus packages, award-winning game providers, and a safe and responsible gaming environment into your daily life.

Pontoon Game brings new casino thrills

Your new adventures at a casino Pontoon table are about to start! Having read our guide and some other related articles, we hope that you are now fully equipped with all the tools and tricks you need to know to be able to enjoy this captivating game of chance.

Enjoy the ride and good luck!

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