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A Canadian Comprehensive Guide to Casino War

Ready to learn more about one of the easiest casino games of all time. With our experience in the business, we’ve compiled this comprehensive Casino War guide, to take you through all the steps of the game. From the rules, to your odds, strategy and more, everything you need to know is listed in the sections to come. Without further ado, are you ready to play casino war?

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What is Casino War?

Did you know that Casino War has existed for as long as we can remember? Although there have been many debates about its true origins, the founder remains unknown. That said, it generated a lot of excitement throughout the years, up to the point that casino platforms started to offer Casino War online. Ready to learn more about the game? Let’s skip right to it!

So, what is casino war? The Casino War card game is very similar to an extremely popular children’s game called War.

  • In its early stages, it was played with a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • The deck was then divided between two players; each player had to flip each card over to compare it with the opposing player.
  • The player with the highest card won the game and was also entitled to take the other player’s card.
  • Additionally, if players happened to have cards of the same value, they go to war. In this case, each player dealt out 3 cards and revealed the forth one.
  • The player who had the highest value from the 4th took all the cards on the table (his cards and the other player’s cards) and also won the game.

The game is now played with 6 decks, rather than just 1, as per Casino War rules,. In this case, the Ace is the most valuable card out of the lot.

We’ll touch on more details and Casino War rules in the sections to come. Are you ready to learn how to play Casino War?

Casino War Rules

Casino War is one of the best and easiest casino games. As previously mentioned, it is played with six decks of cards. The croupier deals one card that needs to be facing up at all times, to all players and themselves.

As soon as all of the cards have been dealt, you’ll be faced with three possibilities:

  • You Win: If your card is higher than the dealer’s
  • You Lose: If your card is lower than the dealer’s
  • You end up with the same card as the dealer

The aforementioned rules are featured in the official registered document by SHFL Entertainment. It is a reputable company that owns Casino War as shown in the following PDF:

How to Play Casino War

Let us now take a closer look at some of the most important Casino War rules. Casino War is played with six decks of cards. They are ranked in the same way as they are in poker, with the only exception being that the Aces are the most valuable cards. The suits aren’t important here.

After the players place a wager, both the player and a dealer get one card. Once all the casino war dealing is complete, every card that is dealt needs to be compared with the dealer’s card. If it’s higher than the dealer’s the player wins the game. If the dealer’s card is higher, the player loses.

If it’s a tie, you either surrender or go to war. However, you need to keep in mind a few key points. Should you choose to go to war, both the player and dealer must raise the stakes to equal the initial bet. The dealer will then deal three cards to himself and the player. Additionally, another card must be dealt. If the player’s card matches or beats the dealer, the player will win the money on the raise. However, if the dealer wins, the player loses both bets.

Casino War also offers a tie bet. This pays a 10-to-1 payout, however the house edge increases by 18%. More on this in the following sections.

Casino War Odds

So, are the odds in your favor? Let’s talk about your Casino War odds. We won’t beat around the bush, but this is a tricky one.

Both the player and the dealer have a staggering 46.3% chance of winning on the first card that is dealt. However, this is a case of things are not always being black and white. Due to the fact that so many decks are used, we are faced with one problem – the house edge. In short, the more decks a casino uses, the more the house edge increases. Additionally, it also increases if you choose to surrender or if you take the tie bet.

As you will see in the following section, the house edge is down to 2.8% when you go to war, while it increases to 3.7% when you surrender. Additionally, it goes up to 18% should you decide to take the tie bet.

The following table summarizes the information listed above. We will elaborate further on the house edge percentage difference in the upcoming section.

GameOdds for Player and Dealer
Traditional game46.4%
Go to War2.80%

Casino War House Edge

Are you familiar with the phrase the house always wins? Since all games are powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG), both the player and the casino stand a chance to win. In this regard, the house edge is the advantage that a casino has over the player. Since it varies from one game to another, you need to think about which games suit your preferences and bankroll.

Take roulette as an example. Especially if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you first player European Roulette, rather than American Roulette. This is due to the fact that the latter’s house edge stands at approximately 5.26%, whilst the former’s is around 2.70%. So, what does this tell us? You need to maximize your wins and minimize your losses, by choosing games that have a low house edge.

Let us now turn our attention back to Casino War. In this case, the Casino War house edge is slightly complicated. Let’s put it this way, the more decks that are used, the more the house edge increases. You have two scenarios here: the house edge of Casino War is 2.8% when choosing war, but it goes up to 3.7% if you choose to surrender. Naturally, you know which option is your best betting strategy. We also advise you to avoid the tie bet at all costs. Since 5 decks are used, the house edge goes up to a staggering 18%.

Bottom line, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Do not surrender
  • Play with fewer decks
  • Never resort to the tie bet

The below table shows the house edge percentage difference amongst the number of decks and the strategy you choose to take.

DecksGo to War (Bonus)Go to War (No Bonus)SurrenderTie

Casino War Strategy

As with any other casino games like blackjack, Casino War is also a game of chance. You might end up walking away with a huge payout, or you may either lose the game. It’s a 50-50 situation. However, there are ways and means to go about this. Let’s talk Casino War strategy.

Although most of the game depends on luck, a key point to always keep in mind is to always go to war. As it is, the name of the game gives you a pretty good idea of what you have to do to win the game.

That said, you have to keep in mind that you’ll be risking twice your original bet for one payout. So, is it worth it? You might think it’s easier to surrender or alternatively think that it’s not a very wise choice to win just half of your bet. Nevertheless, keep in mind what we’ve stated in previous sections – the house edge increases if you surrender or if you take the tie bet.

Bearing this mind your best strategic move is crystal clear – battle it out and go to war.

How to Win at Casino War – Top Casino War Tips

So, what is the key to winning Casino War ? Besides employing any of the aforementioned strategies that suit your gaming level, the Casino War tips mentioned below are basics that apply to both beginners and seasoned players on how to win at Casino War.

  • At no point should you surrender; this only increases the house edge.
  • Always choose to go to war. If you double your first bet, the croupier will deal another card that will lessen the house edge from 3.70% to 2.88%.
  • Never resort to the tie bet(the side bet). Although it offers a 10-to-1 payout, the house edge shoots up to over 18%. While the payout is impressive, it can be hard to recover from the repercussions if you lose.
  • It’s also best to avoid the sucker bet. The only games in which the house edge is in your favor is Slot Machines, Keno, Sic Bo and Big Six.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the Aces. These are the most valuable cards in Casino War because you can only win or enjoy a tie with the dealer. If no aces have appeared at an early stage of the game, expect them to appear at some stage in the game.

Where to Play Casino War Game Online

Now that all the nitty-gritty is out of the way, it’s time for the fun part. There are hundreds and thousands of casino platforms out there, but only a select few make the cut. Casinos need to provide a world-class casino experience to keep players entertained. Through our years of experience, we’ve listed a number of platforms that qualify as some of the top reputable casinos for the U.S market.

This all depends on a number of factors, including the game selection, the bonuses on offer, the payment methods, the legitimacy of the casino platform, and the overall gaming experience. Bearing this in mind, we’ve listed some casinos where you can play Casino War. All of the following platforms qualify as some of the top reputable casinos for the U.S market.

How we Rank Casinos to Play Casino War

So, why did we choose the following casinos? First of all, all of them are legitimate and have successfully maintained a great reputation throughout their years of operation. More or less, all of the chosen casinos have great games offered on both mobile and desktop, multiple banking methods, top bonuses, fair payouts, a dedicated customer support team, and an overall top-notch gaming experience.

JackpotCity Casino

Without a doubt, JackpotCity Casino is one of the best online casinos that Canadian casino players can play at. They have hundreds of great games that you can play from some of the best software developers, with one of those games obviously being Casino War. If you decide to open an account with this online casino, then you can claim a Welcome Bonus of up to $1600, that is spread out over the space of four deposits. In addition to this, if you become a regular player with them, they will offer you plenty of other bonuses and promos.

Additionally, there are plenty of payment methods that you can choose from, and you can play all their games on the go since it is a site that is 100% mobile compatible.

✅ 300+ Games from Microgaming and NetEnt

✅ Monthly Promotions and Exclusives

✅ Fully Optimized for Mobile Use

Lucky Red Casino

Want to get your hands on one of the most exciting welcome bonus offers yet? Look no further than Lucky Red.

You can win up to 400% with no maximum cash out – that’s right you can get your hands on $4,000! If that’s not enough to tempt you, we’re going to give you a couple more reasons as to why Lucky Red Casino is such a great contender. Along with the welcome bonus offer, multiple promotions are up for grabs all week. Be it select promos on slots, on all games, and more, the list is endless.

Lucky Red also offers the option to either instant play or to download your favorite games. In this way, your options are kept open. Like any other reputable casino, Lucky Red offers its platform for mobile use.

On top of that, you can avail of multiple payment methods. In line with this, all withdrawals and deposits are SSL encrypted to protect your safety and security. Should you require any assistance along the way, you’re also free to contact customer support, by using the 24/7 live chat feature.

✅ Great Selection of Games

✅ Multiple Payment Methods

✅ 24/7 Live Chat


If you are looking for a great casino with more than 1,000 games that you can play from some of the biggest and best software developers in the world, then we highly recommend that you take a look at 888casino. If you decide to open an account with them, they will treat you to a 100% Welcome Bonus up $1500 spread out over five deposits, while Canadians can also claim a no deposit bonus of $88. They will also provide you with numerous bonuses and promotions if you gamble with them regularly.

When it comes to payment options, you are definitely not limited in your choices, and they have a very good customer care team. Overall, this is an online casino that you will definitely not regret opening an account with.

✅ $1600 Welcome Bonus

✅ Top Games and Multiple Payment Methods

✅ Exclusive VIP Rewards

How to Register with an Online Casino

You’re almost ready to start playing Casino War! Nevertheless, we figured it’s important to enlist all the deets you need to register your account. These are the key steps that you need to keep in mind:

  • Launch your casino platform of choice
  • Click Register / Log in
  • Enter your personal details
  • Place your first deposit to claim your bonus
  • Get playing and winning!


🍸 How do you play Casino War?

Casino War is one of the easiest casino games to date. It is played with 52 cards and the objective is to either win, lose or enjoy a more interactive experience with a tie bet. Whatever you do, always go to war, and never surrender.

🧐 What are the Rules of Casino War?

Casino War is played with six decks of cards. it is played with six decks of cards. The dealer deals one card that needs to be facing up to all players and themselves. As soon as all of the cards have been dealt, there are 3 scenarios:

  • You Win: If your card is higher than the dealer’s
  • You Lose: If your card is lower than the dealer’s
  • You end up with the same card as the dealer

🚀 Is Casino War a good game to play?

Casino War is a very exciting casino game. Since its beginnings, it went on to be one of the most popular casino games to date. From one land-based casino in the 1970s, it established itself in more casinos, until it finally also found itself on many online platforms.

🎰 Where can I Play Casino War?

You can play Casino War at multiple casino providers offered by All of the ones listed on the site have been proven to be reputable and legit. Most of them offer a great selection of games, fantastic bonuses, multiple payment methods and more. To name a few, you can play Casino War at Golden Lion Casino, Lucky Red Casino and BoVegas Casino.

🃏 Can you count cards in Casino war?

As opposed to other casino games like blackjack, you can’t really count cards in Casino War. This is because the game works very symmetrically. Payouts are all even and effects of removal are not so clear. Since you are mostly dealing with high cards, card counting doesn’t work here because the dealer can get the same cards as you.

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