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More free casino games come in abundance with our category that presents you with free Craps. Craps is a game that is synonymous with Hollywood movies that focus on gambling and casinos. Once you play and start rolling the dice, it will all become very familiar. Discover your favorite take on the dice game right here!

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Introducing you to free Craps

Here we present to you a full and complete guide towards obtaining free craps. You will learn how you can access craps for free, both in the sense of playing craps games purely for fun and enjoyment and to also make some real money from the craps game.

This is a perfect beginners' guide for those who do not know how to play craps. We will discuss the advantages of what these craps free games provide and how it can influence the house edge inside of online casinos. Firstly, we begin with a brief introduction to what this online casino game is and how players can make their bets at the table

What is Craps?

Craps is one of the few games with favorable odds bet for those playing against the house. This is a dice game, which offers users many options to bet on, is a favorite on the Las Vegas strip. The crux of the game is formed around the ‘pass bets’, so let’s take a full look at the rules regarding this passing point and how to win.

Craps is also the one game that has no variations to its gameplay, so here you get 4 free titles to explore. Now, there are lots of ways you can bet during the game, so be prepared to enjoy a lot of intense gameplay from the off and become the sharp-shooter that takes home all the loot! Finally, experience all the strategies without losing any money. Have fun playing risk-free and with no downloads!

The Basic Rules

A lot happens on the table from the first roll to getting a point established, to then roll again to see if you win-lose, how you’ll bet, and what option you’ll go for, either for or against you.

  • The game begins by players placing their chips on the table area marked ‘pass line’.
  • Once bets are placed, then the ‘come out roll’ takes place by the shooter, that’s you!

    You have two dice that will be rolled.

  • If a roll lands a total of 7 or 11, the bet pass is a win, if you roll a 2, 3 or 12, this is classed as a loss.
  • If any other number is rolled, this becomes the ‘point’ marker.
  • If the point number is the outcome, the shooter must continue to roll. At this stage, if you roll the same number you win a 2/1 payout. If you roll a 7, you've lost.
  • Rolling a winning point number allows you to circulate back to the come-out roll and the game begins again.

Now, this is a very basic look at the game and there is much more to look at given the table is littered with betting options. So, let us take a look at this section of the game and then expand what we have learned thus far into how the machine plays inside the online casinos here in Canada.

Note: The house edge over the table comes in at roughly 1.47%. making it one of the top 5 casino games to play when it comes to fairness in the outcome.

Making Sense of the Table

So, looking at the table it seems somewhat overwhelming to see lots of things, which, for new players, won’t make any sense at all. Markings that highlight actions like ‘don’t pass’, ‘don’t come’, field, 6/8, and many more.

  • The Pass Line: The bet which starts the game leading to the come-out roll. The outcome of this throw will be marked on the table so you can see what results came about from the roll. This disk will read either ‘off’ or ‘on’. The main focus of this bet is it hopes that you roll a 7 or should you land a point number which is between numbers 4 and 10 (with the exception of 7) then you must throw the same point number to win.
  • The ‘Come’ Bet: This is an additional bet for players to make as if the pass bet was already successful. In this, you’ll be looking for a 7 or 11 to be rolled again for a win, the 2, 3 or 12 outcomes will be a loss. And alternatively, we come back to the point numbers that are your point to roll.
  • Don’t Pass Bet / Don’t Come: These are reversed betting as described above. Here the 2 and 3 are winning outcomes with 12 becoming a push bet, which means a tie. In a tie sequence, your money is returned for you to bet with again.
  • Hardways: On the craps table you can see marked several dice symbols with indicated odds 10 to 1 or 30-1, for example. These are hard way bets which roll matching dice numbers.

Now, let’s see how this all transfers into the casino games.

How your free craps games will help you to produce successful results once inside the Canadian online casinos

As you’ll have seen, we have provided you with four free craps games. Each offers very slight differences, but overall, the rules and how they work are fairly much the same. Here, we will use the Microgaming platform of craps to describe how the demo and real casino machines work.

How the Free Online Craps Machines Work

Your free online craps table brings the gameplay into very simple action. You’ll firstly see indicated the table layout, chips placed in the bottom right corner to bet with, and button options which call to action your next available moves.

Your chips range from 1 to 500, when you select your wager value, you then press on the pass line, which will then begin the betting. You’ll see that once you select this the action boxes highlight.

You are able to UNDO your bet, CLEAR the table of all bets, REPEAT previous bets and the option to ROLL the dice.

The virtual dice roll in from left to right and will enlarge in the top right corner to confirm the throw result. If you lose, the REPEAT action will auto highlight to try again. However, this is online virtual craps so it doesn’t matter if you lose set point or complete a shooter round win, you can place any kind of anywhere you want on the table.

You have a help guide to assist you through your play. This covers and will go over again what the rules are and the gaming payouts.

Making the Free Machines Work for You

These games are essentially your tools, your free craps trainer to help you understand and study the game. You can use them just for accessing craps online for fun, but for many, this is a platform which is a very useful strategy base.

The main perk of these demo games is that the player using them are actually accessing the very same online craps titles they will pick up within the online casinos they can join here in Canada. Now, there are two ways these machines can help you going forward. The first thing is to understand how to rules work and understanding the different facets of the table and game. Next, is to find which titles offer more occurring wins regardless of things like the pass bet odds.

The machines function just like slots, so see every bet placed like a spin of the reels, looking for an outcome that favors your prediction. Remember, the rule of play shifts from proper tables, you can load the game and just immediately bet on a big 6 or 8 roll. If you play in the live arena, however, then you have to go back to normal rules of engagement.

Time at the Live Dealer Tables

This area of the craps game means having to play by the traditional rules and in order. The live dealer games are accessible for free via a series of bonuses that are offered by the operators. You’ll be able to play against the dealer in this format or with other online players in Canada, where rolls of the dice are taken in turn.

The bonus option will commence with your Welcome Bonus package. Free gaming can come about through VIP reward and other gaming perks that are offered during your time as a member of the casino.

You’ll find there are many different tables to access with your free bonus, some of them are classed as VIP tables and you have those which have limited wagers values and others which do not.

You can play craps for fun and get some brilliant benefits. Here we break down your advantages

Your free craps simulator is a must-use tool for any beginner. It allows you to learn the betting sequence in your own time, with no risk or real loss. For those which play craps online day in and day out, the simulator is a very handy platform to understand how machines function inside the casinos online.

The Benefits of Having Craps Online for Free:

  • Having free craps allows you to access the game in your own time 24/7.
  • It offers great odds which match blackjack, roulette, and some poker games, so to have this as a back-up game can help your profits to grow.
  • Demo gaming allows you to decipher which software developers make their games easier to win than others. Of the four games available you have Playtech, Microgaming and 1x2 Gaming which are the software providers making these games, see if you spot a difference in how they play, is there a more favorable maker?
  • Experimentation is all about how you should practice. By studying which bets work better than others, which wagers seemingly land more wins over other options. It’s a chance to understand the logic of the programming and to hopefully discover the patterns in play.
  • The games you are available on any device and because of them being accessible directly from the browser, you won’t have to download any software and games can be played offline.
  • When it comes to gambling against the dealer or other Canucks, the games can still help in developing your knowledge of the game and you may wish to take over your betting sequence to a real money table, as you play the same patterns as you would on the demo machine.

New and seasoned players choose to play Craps online no download

Did you know that when you play Craps online no download, you can significantly increase your chances of winning? Free play is available to all new players before you make your first real money deposit. Moreover, both new and seasoned players should feel free to go ahead and play Craps online for fun no download directly through the web browser.

This great option allows you to play Craps for fun without any risks of computer viruses and malware. Mac users will definitely benefit from the no download version especially if the selected casino does not offer Mac-friendly software game design. You can enjoy all your favorite games from any device regardless of your location.

Craps Summary: Ready to experience craps online? Head to the best games and casinos and make your learning count

There you have it, 100% free online craps no download and with no requirement to deposit to experience the game. Feeling that you are now ready to play free craps? Enjoy your free craps games from the selection above or head to any of the top 5 sites to play craps online with your free welcome bonus, open to new players only! From craps online practice to the live tables, there is much to see, feel and experience from this gambling force.

We end with a summary of what free craps online offers, so you are left with the main key points.

Highlights of the Game called Craps

When playing virtual tables of the crap game, you don’t have to play in traditional orders. You can bet on any outcome you like.

When playing live table games, you’ll have to stick with the basic order of things as you take on the dealer and have the option to play with others around the table.

All online gaming is playable through any device and even is supported by smart mobiles.

There are some subtle variants of the game which you will find online, these often provide different odds and bonus rolls to spice the game up, but the basic play which happens is the same as all crap tables.

Please read the term and details of the free bonuses before using them, so you know which games are or are not eligible to use with the offer.

Final Words

We wish you the best of luck as you now become a masterful Craps player, it’ll be hard, to begin with, but the practice is key to a successful round of wins. So, head to the best sites online and enjoy the free options open to you as you make your way from this site. Enjoy!

Note: The free games can be played on any mobile device as we support Android, iOS, and Windows mobile smartphones. You can read any review of the craps game to locate the casinos where they are playable for real money payouts also.


🎲 Do I have to Download the free Craps to play?

At Casino Bonuses, all free demo games are accessible without the need to download any additional software on your device. Just click to play and the game will stream from our website browser.

🧐 What are the benefits of playing free Craps?

Rather than learn and discover the game whilst you play with your own money inside a casino, save your bankroll until you know that you enjoy the game by playing it for free first. You will also be able to learn the strategies of craps and the gaming rules during the free play offered by the demo options.

🥇 Are there any variants of Craps to play for free?

Craps doesn’t have any variants, so what you get at Casino Bonuses is a mix of different styles of Craps made by different software developers that give their own unique look of the table game for you to enjoy.

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