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Pariplay Slot : Unbelievable Graphics and Gameplay Action

From a visual standpoint alone the gaming from Pariplay is high graphics all the way. It’s unsurprising then when you read the list of branded games that they have won the licensing contract for.

Okay whether Sharknado is something to boast about is another debate, but the film became a global phenomenon, so it stands to reason to jump onto the films success and market a slot machine for it and the film's many fans. Fair play to them.

They have also utilized the popular Atari Brand, this old school platform gaming has been revamped by Pariplay and brought up to date for online gamers that like not only the nostalgic element but also love fun, entertaining games.

Their library of titles house many a different genre or theme, whether it’s basic fruit slots, retro gaming, all the way to dark comic book action, there really is something for everyone.

PariPlay Slot Games – Features

There is an incredible selection of titles on offer from Pariplay, not only slot but they have also dabbled with the creation of scratch card games. Within the games glossy appearance, you’ll find a number of well-crafted 3D animation that enhances games already fluid movement, really bringing it to life and engrosses the player. Themes are lush with colour and detail and have Pariplay have a nice little trick up their sleeve. They have brought together casino games with social media, which has brought huge success, as players are not only able to communicate through several games, but they can also create private tournaments that in turn can formulate leaderboards and rankings. Nothing beats the passage to having bragging rights when you play against friends and family.

All production of gaming uses RNG software, this means Random Number Generator, allowing winning lines to be produced more on the luck of the spin, rather than a percentage based proxy, which may only allow a win every 100 spins. So the RNG is more beneficial to the player.

Pariplay also brings to the gamer a number of multiplayer slots and also progressive jackpot games, found within these types of games you have multi-line wins, bonus features, and bonus rounds that add to the depth of game playing Pariplay are so good at. These designs are for entertainment factor only, there’s no over the top glamourous, loud, yet boring games here, like some of the elite designers. Pariplay, for the time being, are keeping things cool and focus on themselves and their fans.