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Sharknado™ Slot: PariPlay give You a Slot to Take a Bite Out Of

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    Game Description

    Pariplay proudly presents SHARKNADO!We’re guessing your reaction was something along the lines of WTF! Right? Scaring audiences worldwide with god awful plots, graphics and acting, these flying fish make a return out of the big screen and into a slot game. Admittedly our knowledge of the film is only condensed to the first 15 minutes of the first feature film after that life seemed a bit more precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted and thusly not wasted by watching any more of the movie.

    But this is a slot review so we will not make any further comparisons to the movie and leave all judgement purely down to the game itself.

    Technical Characteristics

    Oh, my god, the 3D animation is just like the film!

    Sharknado comes to us as a 5 reel slot game with all the main characters hosted as reel symbols. So we have that guy that used to be in Beverley Hills 90210, the hot blonde girl that wasn’t as hotter as the dark haired girl from American Pie, (think she went onto have drug and weight problems.) Hey, look, it’s Kevin’s dad from Home Alone and some brunette with wet hair.

    The remaining symbols refer to the features, so we have Wilds and a chainsaw that triggers the bonus round.

    The game takes place out on the water by the pier, in the background sharks lurk through the still waters, only to occasionally jump out of the water, mouth open to take a bite. Terrifying!

    On top of the chainsaw teeth grid, there are 4 sharks each with their own multiplier x2, x3, x4, and x5. These will come into play later. The bet stakes for this game go from 0.25 up to 12.50 in real money.

    When triggering a win line the symbols splatter with a bloody background behind each icon, as the line marking the win is a blood trail.

    Pariplay have used very good graphics to illustrate the film’s actors but would have been a good touch to transform the symbols into video animation linked to actual film scenes. But wait, they definitely make up for this in other ways. Cue the bonus features…

    Bonuses and Rewards

    During normal gameplay, the screen will randomly darken, the sky turns grey – oh my god it’s a swirling mass of sharks forming a tornado! This is Sharknado mode! The pier is left decimated and the reward for this random feature relates back to the four shark heads that were top right of the grid. The feature will reward a multiplier to boost your stake for the forthcoming free spins that are a random amount. The slot grid is transformed and is now left black and blood red, the symbols of the characters are now replaced, going from happy, smiley ones to those of screaming terror, as the Sharknado moves violently across the reels with great 3D animation. The chainsaw grid then moves with each spin, it really is impressive and a nice little touch for the game. During this feature round you can activate another bonus feature…

    The Random Wild, this feature introduces us to the Sharknado helicopter. The helicopter drops a nuclear bomb down into the mouth of a jumping shark, a successful hit will reward a further random number of wilds. These remain for the duration of the free spins you have.

    There’s more! Heck this is packing more entertainment in than the film (we’re guessing.) the final bonus feature is the chainsaw symbol. 3 or more on the grid and you’ll get free spins. The free spin amount is sectioned, so 3 symbols can win you 5 to 10 spins, 4 symbols gives you anywhere from 11 to 15 free spins and al 5 chainsaws can go from 16 to 20 free spins.

    A fun game, it took us by surprise, a bit like a shark attack on an unexpected surfer. It has good graphics, good colour, the game comes with brilliant random triggers which does add real dynamic and immersive gameplay. Well done Pariplay, but we still won’t watch the films!