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Casino VIP Bonus - Updated Bonus List (2024)

vip program vip program

We know that you deserve only the best! Casino VIP Programs have been designed for the most dedicated casino players to make them feel appreciated and valued. You get to join an exclusive club of elite casino members and play your favorite games alongside the most talented players.


The TOP 5 most rewarding VIP programs are found in these casinos

# Casino Bonus Rating Terms Claim bonus
Players' choice1

Crystal SlotsCrystal Slots

Bonus1000% up to $1000
Claim bonus Go to website

Cherry GoldCherry Gold

Bonus270% up to 2500$ + 20 Free Spins
Claim bonus Go to website

Legend PlayLegend Play

Claim bonus Go to website


Claim bonus Go to website

Need for SpinNeed for Spin

BonusUp to $3300 + 300 Free Spins
Claim bonus Go to website

VIP Programs in 5 simple steps

Continue doing what you love and enjoy any online slots and table games you wish to try. Your trusted online casino will do the rest for you.

Here are your 5 steps to the red carpet prepared exclusively for VIP players:

  • 1 - PLAY
  • 2 - BET
  • 4 - Get REWARDS
  • 5 - Your VIP program is out!

Repeat and get an upgrade to the Platinum Club. It’s really easy and it’s SUPER FUN!

Play online and get your casino VIP rewards

It’s so great when your most valued partners and service providers appreciate your loyalty. Casino VIP programs will give you the status you deserve. The journey to your VIP Club of the most elite niche of casino players starts as soon as you complete the registration process at an online casino of your choice.

Unlike many land-based casinos, online casinos are able to effectively monitor your betting frequency and how much you deposit into your account.

This process is automatic, there is no need to place any player cards into the machine or bother the dealer trying to get them to record your visit. Your virtual casino visits and purchases you make automatically receive rewards every time you play.

Basic principle of casino VIP programs - Earn points and Get Rewards

On the whole, casino VIP programs are based on a set of requirements you would need to satisfy to receive casino rewards linked to a particular casino loyalty program. The scheme is very similar to any other loyalty programs you might be part of, for example, an airline frequent flyer program or a supermarket loyalty program. The principle is the same – the more you spend, the more you get rewarded!

VIP players casino bonuses VIP players casino bonuses

What counts towards earning points

To get your VIP pass, you would need to demonstrate your loyalty by playing any casino games you wish at your favorite online casino.

All your activities directly linked to the business of the casino will be counted towards earning additional points. Here are some useful examples of how customers normally earn points and progress through the levels of the loyalty program:

  • Your deposits: the size and the frequency of your deposits determine the reward - the more you invest, the yummier the result will be.
  • Number of referrals: refer a friend and receive a referral bonus, PLUS move one step closer to the sea of bonuses and rewards linked to the casino loyalty program.
  • Compete and win: Prove you are the best by the frequency of tournament wins and earn exclusive perks and benefits in return.

How your VIP status is granted

These are just some quick examples we can list here for you but rest assured that your passion for online gaming and your loyalty as a customer will not go unnoticed. Your online account will be regularly reviewed by a dedicated team of VIP managers. If you give consent to special promotions during the registration process, you will be offered entry into the VIP program you as soon as you become eligible for VIP status. Depending on the level you acquire, you will receive a range of privileges associated with your VIP status. It's a great deal, isn't it?

Are Online casino VIP programs beneficial?


That’s the short answer! As you accumulate your points every time you play, we are getting excited for you!

You might think that the perks are not worth the effort, but really and truly, why to overthink something that comes to you so naturally and for free?

Just go for it! Casino VIP Programs are just a noble way of saying “thank you” for your loyalty and passion for such popular casino games as Online and Video Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Outstanding VIP level perks and benefits

As a VIP you are eligible for a number of rewards based on your status and VIP level. The rewards vary depending on the casino but overall you can expect to receive the following scrumptious VIP delights:

  • High limit games that will help you make real money and win big
  • Safe regulated gambling environment
  • Secure payment options tailored to your needs and preferences
  • Personalized VIP customer service agents available 24X7
  • Invitations to tournaments
  • Expedited withdrawals and payouts
  • Personalized gifts: vacations, premium electronics and appliances personalized Exclusive Bonuses

Don't wait any longer, start benefiting from your VIP rewards now

# Casino Bonus Rating Terms Claim bonus
Players' choice1

Crystal SlotsCrystal Slots

Bonus1000% up to $1000
Claim bonus Go to website

Cherry GoldCherry Gold

Bonus270% up to 2500$ + 20 Free Spins
Claim bonus Go to website

Legend PlayLegend Play

Claim bonus Go to website

How does a three-tiered VIP system work?

The majority of online casinos operate a three-tiered VIP system: Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. This allows the online casino to personalize the VIP reward system according to the level you achieved.

Here is a table that gives you an example of the tiered setup and some of the most common VIP program rewards associated with each level:

VIP Level

VIP Benefits

Bronze (Tier 3)The entry level of a VIP program. At this level you receive a dedicated customer service agent, entry to exclusive events, free gifts, higher bonus rates and weekly free spins.
Silver (Tier 2)The middle tier of a VIP program. At this level you can enjoy a dedicated customer service agent, entry to exclusive events, free gifts, higher bonus rates, weekly free spins, higher deposit limits and a slightly improved withdrawal limit.
Gold (Tier 1)The top tier of a VIP program. At this level you receive a Personal Account Manager, entry to ‘Tier 1 only’ exclusive events, luxury personalised gifts, exclusive high roller bonus rates, weekly free spins, access to exclusive content, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, loyalty points that convert into cash and even customized vacation packages.

Do you want to step into the most glamorous VIP casino rooms you can find only in Las Vegas whenever and wherever you like?

VIP online casinos bring luxury to your doorstep

Who are High Rollers?

The majority of players who obtain VIP status are sometimes referred to as ‘high rollers. These are players who deposit huge sums of cash and also make huge wagers at most games they play. VIP status is also granted to groups of clients that include well-known celebrities and professional gamblers.

Best Casino VIP programs are offered by the majority of reputable online casinos. You will notice that casinos do their utmost to please and retain their loyal customers. This means that this gives you an extra juicy bonus when it comes to playing all popular casino games for free. provides you with the most exclusive list of award-winning casinos of the year for you to experience the thrill of online gambling and benefit from fantastic Casino VIP programs. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

Loyalty Programs keep surprising you with new delights

Casino VIP programs are a sign of class and status for those players who love the thrill of casino games and the buzz of anticipation that you get when your high real money stakes are on the table and there is no turning back!

Your favorite online casino will share this passion with you as we all know how sweet the joy of scooping a huge payout is! By subscribing to a loyalty program or other casino offers you automatically get the chance to join a privileged niche of players who are treated with extra care.

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