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Novomatic Slot: Changed the face of Online Slots With the Book of Ra™

With a fondness for the Ancient worlds, casino game developer Novomatic’s most popular games read like a discovery channel TV schedule or a list of National Geographic articles. With a slew of old world ideas, they built such games, most notably the legendary slot game Book of Ra, which became a global success and triggered endless clones by other casino software designers.

Following up with titles like Egypt Deluxe, Aztec Power, Pharaoh’s Tomb, Dynasty of Ming and Quest for Gold, Novomatic set the foundations for successful and reputable gameplay and this led to a huge fan base, which still continues to grow this very day in Canada.

Over 30 years have passed since they began entertaining within the casino market and they haven’t fallen short of ideas, They currently have over 90 games circulating throughout top Canadian online casinos. Their online casino games are available to play across all devices; from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs and Mac.

Novomatic Slot Games – Features

The success of the gameplay comes down to Novomatic’s familiarity, not to say that every single game is basically the same, but the consistency in quality, in production, graphics which are dowsed in richness of colour and detail, and of course the ability to land jackpot winnings, which is a must for all of us that want big returns. Novomatic slots have been around in land-based venues for decades and entire generations have grown up with the familiarity of seeing a Novomatic slot machine in a local establishment. Book of Ra was an incredibly popular land-based slot, it's transition to online casino cemented its legacy as one of the most popular slot games of all time.

Newer games like Four Seasons and Jewels Factory offer some mega Jackpot values that are to be found within several big operating houses. With Novomatic games, you’ll find increasingly popular ‘gamble’ feature, a 50/50 to double your money by picking either the colour of something or leaving it to a flip of a coin. Games come with multiple pay lines and a variety to further increase the winning effect.

If this is your first foray into the world of casino the software designers name will just cause a blank stare, but Novomatic games won’t be too hard to find. If however you’re a dab hand at slot gaming but was unaware who Novomatic were, it’s safe to bet that you have already played one of their games without knowing about them. The popularity is such that the bigger games are freshly renewed in deluxe versions so that their ‘classics’ don’t appear as dated.