Rabcat Slot : Graphically on Point, Rich Gameplay and Must Experience

Formed in 2001, Austrian game designers Rabcat are a supplier of high end online casino games in Canada and also provide high quality graphics for the video game industry. They collaborate on a number of projects with online casino luminaries Microgaming and their video game side has seen them partner with the likes of gaming giants Microsoft, Disney and Rockstar Games.

Rabcat have a habit of producing games that sit squarely outside the box or the usual online casino norm. Games like Dragons Myth, River of Riches slot and Penguin Splash all take the popular online slot theme and add new features such as interactive wilds and others to take the games to the next level, while Forsaken Kingdom and Castle Builder have advanced features never before seen in an online slot game.

Rabcat Slot Games – Features

Rabcat Gambling slot games have amazing graphics and sound but that’s not all. Innovation seems to be the order of the day here, and although their current video slot portfolio is a bit smaller than some other provider’s offerings, it’s safe to say they value quality over quantity at Rabcat. Their language support across all games is also numerous.

The graphics that feature in Rabcats online slot games are like something you would find in an Xbox or PlayStation game; amazing to look at with super polished animations and overall they are of a very high standard. This comes as no surprise when you realize they also develop and produce high quality graphics for some of the worlds top video games designers also. This does give them a really good edge in terms of immersive experience as along side all the extra gameplay features, you really feel like you’re in their games just from the visual effects on display.

Another point which makes their games stand out from the crowd are the actual special features we find in the games themselves. Let’s take one of their online slots ‘Castle Builder’ as an example. In this game you spin the reels to advance your building progress, with the goal to build 10 castles in each Kingdom. It has bonus features like levelling up, in game player achievements, gameplay mode, massive content and even an in game job ladder!

Rabcat produce quality online slots for Canadian casinos that are as immersive as they are rewarding and entertaining. Try some of their games out today, they will not disappoint!