Sic Bo Online – Canadian Player's Guide to Sic Bo Free Games

We have covered a lot already about Sic Bo, so why not just a little bit more to round off our full guide on the casino game. Here we discuss everything about sic bo online and how you’re able to get free casino games of sic bo. We discuss bonuses and tips to help you when playing inside your new Canadian online casino.

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Traditional Chinese Gameplay

Sic Bo is very much as dice game that holds some similarities to the game of Craps. It began in ancient Chinese times and should appeal to players that enjoy the skills of craps and the gameplay of roulette, given striking similar elements within both. Though it has these shared qualities, it is not widely played on in both the online world and inside of land-based casinos. Yet, despite the small numbers that do play and bet on this game, it is massively entertaining, to say the least.

Before you head off to pick a casino to place your bets in, we are going to cover three key areas of the game that you need to know about to get the best out of the game, especially if you are new players that have never played in casinos before.

The first section will tell you all about the game to familiarize yourself with it. In the second part, you will be told a number of benefits you can get from playing free games and then we look at sic bo live and sic bo as a virtual game, that you will have the option of playing when faced with the house!

Knowing the elements of the game

We will begin with the table as it looks rather daunting and is perhaps the reason many players are put off betting on the feature.

As you can see from the image, the table layout is quite dramatic, but these numbers and symbols of the dice are just highlighting the many ways you can bet and win real Canadian dollars from.

We will now cover these areas, informing you of their odds, what they payout, and how they can change the house edge if you play with strategy, rather than just hoping for the best.

The Sic Bo table

One of a Kind: By betting on any single non-specific number and for it to land either on one, two or even all three of the dice. This option pays odds in the following order

  • 1 to 1 when the number lands on one dice.
  • 2 to 1 should the number appear on two dice.
  • 3 to 1 if all three dice have the same number.

Two of a Kind: With this, you are placing bets on a specific number total, in which you hope for it to appear on 2 of the 3 dice. This option pays out 10 to 1.

Three of a Kind: Wagering on this option means picking an exact number total that you hope will land on all 3 dice. The odds for this are at 150 to 1.

Any Three of a Kind: This is any non-specific number that will roll on all 3 dice and the odds of this to come in are at 30 to 1.

Duo: This is a 2 dice combination; it must be wagered on a specific number total. Wins from this will bring a payout of 5 to 1.

Single Number: Pick a single number between 4 and 17 which you can see across the center of the table layout. These are the individual payouts:

► 4 = 60 / 1

► 5 = 30 / 1

► 6 = 17 / 1

► 7 = 12 / 1

► 8= 8 / 1

► 9 = 6 / 1

► 10 = 6 / 1

► 11 = 6 / 1

► 12 = 6 / 1

► 13 = 8 / 1

► 14 = 12 / 1

► 15 = 17 / 1

► 16 = 30 / 1

► 17 = 60 / 1

Big: Found in the top right corner. Betting on this means any number between 11 and 17 brings a win where the return is 1 to 1.

Small: Found top left corner. Wagering with small means that the numbers between 4 and 10 bring about a win. This returns 1 to 1.

As you can see winning on a game like this is very much like craps and roulette, the prediction of the roll outcome and the options that cover it. Some variants or casinos will have some additional options like playing odd or even, but what you see above is the standard combination of wager areas on both live dealer sic bo and virtual sic bo.

Playing Sic Bo free online

We always recommend that players looking to join an online casino to bet should really begin by playing demo games, like those available on our website.

We have a number of the best casino gaming titles for sic bo. Players can enjoy these with no restrictions or limitations. Found amongst our free slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette games, you can access sic bo in its virtual form and learn the rules, how to bet smart with strategy advice found in other sic bo articles within our guide.

All the titles are real products of the casinos you can join and deposit into right now to win big payouts. The games have their own review to give you a bit more info and if you wish to play for real the casinos holding the game you are on are listed with their exclusive bonus offer, available to any new player.

Advantages of accessing demo Sic Bo

If you don’t know what you are betting on, more and more money is going to be wasted, whilst simultaneously trying to learn from your mistakes. The house edge will always be there, but by having the demos there to help, knowing the right strategy of play, you give yourself a better chance and landing more successful bets in the long run.

Learning won’t take too long and it pays to practice because itself is a key strategy to mastering the dice game. As there are no demo games that fall into the bracket of live tables, these are the only tools you have available to learn what you can before you take on the option of experiencing live dealer casino games.

Taking advantage of bonus offers

If you want to triple the amount you can play with, then bonus rewards are essential. Not only do they give you more CAD to wager with, but it will prolong your time in the game, thusly, allowing you to roll more payouts.

As a new player, you have many options when it comes to welcome bonuses from online casinos. These extra funds are added to your account once you have made your first deposit. Some bonuses can be spread over several deposits. Any winning made from a deposit is kept, the payout can be used for further gaming or can be withdrawn, but please review the terms and conditions of any offer presented by the casino you join.

Live Sic Bo Vs Virtual Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a niche game and doesn’t have many variants on the online market, so you only have two forms to be played, virtual or live. Players have different opinions which format is the best one, though the majority side with the live format because it is more real, rather than the virtual slots of sic bo.

Live Sic Bo

Betting your money in an environment like this gives it a certain edge there is no denying that. If you land a bonus that gives you triple more money, then it is a real boost. Sic Bo live is as real as it gets, this is why you need the right strategy in your head when you face the dealer.

This platform uses a real table, real dice and communication with the dealer can be made via chat. Other players will be able to join in for the multiplayer experience.

Virtual Sic Bo

In the virtual world of Sic Bo, you can play many different styles of the game as they are made by different developers. They will, however, still keep the same rules and principles of play, so there is no actual variant of Sic Bo play, just how the graphics are presented from one developer to another.

The ability to win is also different, with the live option, it is all about chance and the knock-on effects of your decision making. When it comes to virtual sic bo, all of it is dictated by the machine’s programming.

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