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X-O Manowar™ Slot: PariPlay lets all battles loose in BEST comic Slot

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BEST comic slot EVER!

NameX-O Manowar
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileno
Available on Tabletno
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • Graphic Animation
  • 5 Bonus Rounds
  • Gameplay
  • Level ups
What’s Not

    Game Description

    War, huh…good god, what is it good for…? Absolutely everything! Damn right Edwin Starr, especially when such evil wonders conjure up games like this. PariPlay has produced the best comic themed slot you will find in the online slot market, fact! X-O Manowar is breath-taking.

    We’ll do a brief rundown as a pure pleasure release and then come back to the points in finer detail. Graphic animation is outstanding, we have level up progressions, Video Animation, Free Spins and Free Spins with Sticky wilds, Symbol Animation and the list goes on and on.

    PariPlay follow on from their last stint in the comic book world, bloodshot, what we thought was a good game then, absolutely pales in comparison. X-O Manowar carries true gaming depth, it’s the density of the game that all developers should be striving for, rather than giving us a one dimensional reel spinner, how about some god damn backstory, PariPlay you have answered our prayers.

    Quick lesson: Based on the Valiant Comic character, like the Bloodshot game, X-O Manowar has never know peace, having been born into battle and called Aric of Dacia, after being captured by The Vine, he was left prisoner on a mysterious alien world, he now has to fight his way back and return to his family.

    Lesson now over, let’s get into all the juicy detail that X-O Manowar brings to us all.

    Technical Characteristics

    Graphically the game is sound and the comic animation is spot on, this 3x5 slot grid holds a fix 25 win line for added benefit. The minimum bet for all lines equals 0.25 and climbs to 12.50 in real money. Each win line fuels the blue orbs to the left of the slot machine, once filled you the orb you progress to the next level. The levels each end with a free spin section, in level one however, you have the luxury of benefitting from sticking wilds that remain for a period of time after the feature is over. Once the fifth orb is level is complete, a new chapter progression heralds a comic story and video, and after you are presented with a new slot background and new symbols. Of the symbols you have an array of characters which also come in their own larger symbol that is twice the size. During a win, the character symbols play out an animation.

    Bonuses and Rewards

    The game boast a lot of wow factors and we don’t want to spoil them all, plus we haven’t the hours in the day to write a full breakdown, so just to tease you here are some of the thing that will make themselves present through the game.

    Rewards Boosts, offering up to 20 free spins, sticky wilds, as mentioned these last beyond the feature, so if for example you get 3 free spins the sticky wild will remain for 5 rounds, thusly back in ‘normal’ play you would still benefit from the wilds for 2 more spins. Cash prize boosts is a multiplier that can accumulate up to 32 times you stake bet.

    There are 5 main bonus rounds: The Hara Vine, Trial of Shanhara Vine or Not, Battle Commander Trill, and defend the Earth.

    We could talk about the ins and outs of each round but where’s the fun in that?

    PariPlay have made a fantastic game, and you will be hard pressed to find a comic themed slot machine that offers a level of gameplay to match and out do XO-Manowar, in fact you will not, this is (for the time being) the best slot machine based on a comic book.


    Alistair is a journalism graduate from London in the U.K and also our junior researcher and copywriter. When he’s not working in the office on all sorts of projects, Alistair loves to play online poker and one day (when he’s a millionaire!) he hopes to publish a book about poker tips and how to profit from playing online poker.