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Deuces Wild Video Poker: Gaming Rules, Strategies and Free Play

Deuces Wild Poker Deuces Wild Poker

The world of Video Poker presents many styles and theme and none are more popular than the deuces wild video poker title. Here we present the game with our complete player’s guide to the game, the rules, strategies and options for playing the game for free!

1. What is Deuces Wild Poker?

The deuces wild video poker title is another exciting variant of the ‘original’ poker game. It’s available online and from the best casinos that you’ll find throughout our website. Plus, make the right choice and you could land yourself more cash to play with, which is something we’ll discuss here also. Deuces Wild is a variant which uses 52 cards in the show deck and is played, like most poker machine games like slots. Players more familiar to poker will have to adjust or tweak some of their prior knowledge as there are some minor adjustments. In the rules, you’ll find that twos are, in fact, wild cards thus, deuces meaning twos or 2s, and wild being that, wild.

1.1 The Online Experience

The part slot, part card game, is popular on the Las Vegas strip and now finds a new home online where players can land a healthy sum in winnings. There are many tables of this game from many different software developers to pick from. The payout remains roughly the same, however.

Despite a few tweaks, the gameplay is very natural if playing poker is something you have done before. The title is not just limited to machine play as you may find many casinos online presenting this as a live feature. This allows for players to test their skill and bet against the house dealer in real-time.

What you get from our site is the chance to join the top online casinos providing this card game, with that, additional bonuses to better your stakes on the hands which are dealt and through our site directly, you’ll have free games of deuces wild to select and help teach you how to play.

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2. How do you play Deuces Poker?

If you are unfamiliar with this game or any within the poker section, then fear not, it is very easy to play and learn. The first trick is to memorize the hands, find a natural way of memorizing this or you can write down the necessary hands required to win and in what order they are more powerful over another set.

Deuces Paid Hands in Order

These are the names of the hands which are going to help you win that fortune from your #1 casino operator.

  • Natural Royal Flush
  • Four Deuces
  • Wild Royal Flush
  • Five of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind

The best part of all this is that any twos can substitute any card to help create a winning hand to better their chances against the house. The higher the hand the more chance of landing a payout from your bet which is placed prior to the cards being dealt.

How Winning Hands are Formed

These are how the winnings hands are made up of the cards in the deck.

✅ Royal Flush minus the Deuce: the highest hand for players which consists of all the top cards; Ace, 10, Jacks, Queen and King.

✅ Four Deuces: The second highest paying set of cards which holds a pair of deuces equalling four 2s.

✅ Wild Royal: Just like the top Royal Flush but containing two or more deuces.

✅ 5 Kind: A hand containing all the same value cards

✅ Straight Flush: Same suit cards, all in succession i.e. 2h, 3h, 4h, 5h, 6 hearts.

✅ 4 Kind: All matching cards of the same value.

✅ Full House: Must have three cards which hold the same value and 2 different but the same. i.e. 5h, 5c, 5s, 4h 4s.

✅ Flush: Only requires 5 cards all of the same suit i.e. jacks, Queens, King Spade

✅ Straight: 5 cards with successive numbers but can be of different suits.

✅ 3 Kind: A hand with three matching numbers.

Players are advised to practice on our free tables on our site. These are demo games play with virtual coins and are the natural way to practice playing and learning how to get the right hands from the cards dealt.

3. What is full pay Deuces Wild?

You can pick two forms of deuces wild, one of which is the Full-Pay Deuces Wild, the other is called Not-So-Ugly, referring to the payout of the game. We discard this latter option though and look at the benefits of Full-Pay. The names given to these titles were mainly given by the player and not through the casino or even the software developers making them, so they won’t be found labelled as such within the operator’s site. The Full-Pay is also in reference to the pay table of the game. In this variant, the game will pay 5 times the amount of a single coin bet solely for the draw of a 4 Kind hand. If you draw a 5 Kind, it will pay 15 times the stake. This substantial increase is what makes it so popular from the Las Vegas strip to the online platform.

3.1 Full-Pay Pay Out Table

Here are the multiple of coins you can make from the relevant hands

  • Royal Flush x 800
  • Four Deuce Wilds x 200
  • Royal Flush with 2s x 25
  • 5 Kind x 15
  • Straight Flush x 9
  • 4 Kind x5
  • Full House x3
  • Flush x2
  • Straight x2
  • 3 Kind x 1

The expected return = 100.76% by the casino

4. Presenting deuces wild video poker strategy theories to help improve your gaming experience

Though video poker machines play like slots there are strategy techniques to assist a player over the house edge.

1. If the hand you are dealt holds four deuces, then retain the 5-card hand as you won’t be able to improve on it anyway.

2. If you land more than a pair of twos, then hold again or try to get 5 Kind or a Royal Flush.

3. If you have two 2s, then discard the remaining three cards to see if you can improve.

4. If you have a single deuce then aim to create a Royal Flush, four cards to gain a Straight Flush or any 3 Kind or better.

5. Always hold onto any 4-card flush you’ve been dealt.

6. Always hold onto a 4-card straight.

7. Hold three cards to any straight flush.

8. Always hold onto deuces.

9. Discard all cards if no deuce appears.

10. Keep any pair.

11. Play with bonus offers to boost your bankroll.

12. Practice playing before dealing with real money machine or live tables.

4.1 Benefits of Practice

One of the most important strategic moves is to actually know the game you’re playing. Never bet on something you are unsure of, this leads to most spending, loss of funds and wasted bonuses.

Practice allows you to learn the game in your own time. As mentioned, there are more than just one form of machine for Deuces Wild. Some machines will be built with an RTP algorithm and others with an RNG algorithm. Find out which you prefer as it will dictate how frequent you win.

Experiment with different betting levels and amounts as you learn your hands. For example, if you wager 2.00 each game, does it payout more frequently than if you were to alternate between 1.00 and 5.00? These kinds of experiments will influence the algorithm, so see which works best for you.

5. How to get the deuces wild card game for free through ourselves and the top 10 casinos online

You have double the choice when it comes to free play. You have the bonus option and the selection of demo machines we provide through our site.

5.1 How to Play Free Demos

Select any gaming title from our menu. For this example, we will use Deuces Wild by Microgaming which will be offered as an option by the casinos in our top 10 list.

The display shows the pay table at the top, beneath the cards and below this, you have your action buttons, to collect the prize to double the stake, to draw the cards and to deal.

First, you select your bet value with the + or – buttons, then confirm by pressing deal. The cards will rotate to show their faces. At this point, you can press on the pay table to select what value of wager you wish to go for once you have seen your hand, multiplying the original value.

During the game, you can hold your card or draw alternatives for what is not held by selecting draw. The outcome is then revealed as to whether you matched any of the hands held on the pay table.

5.2 How to Claim Free Bonuses

You won’t find any free games out in Las Vegas but find a reputable casino online and you could effectively double your bankroll to help you play for longer. There are three main bonus offers to help you get into the winning habit.

✅ The Welcome bonus: A matched deposit bonus of up to 200% will see that your deposit is matched by the casino for extra cash.

✅ Free Spins: up to 500 spins can be collected through these rewards for video poker machines.

✅ VIP Bonuses: Loyalty bonuses come through regular gameplay. They have tailored allowances which are given out by the operator as a thank you for your time.

1. Join any site from our top 10 list.

2. Register for your new account to be activated.

3. Deposit, if needed and claim your bonus offer.

Three simple steps to get from point A to point B and the opportunity to win free cash back which you can keep.

Note: Please read the terms and conditions of the bonus before using them to be sure that deuce is an eligible option to play with it.

6. Deuces Summary: Concluding our review of the deuces wild online card game with top tips

If you want fast, fun and easy entertainment during your time in the casino, then this option has all the best factors. It’s a great mix of card gaming and slot style makes this a unique platform to win from. We conclude our guide with some top tips which are favored by the professionals out there. Though there is never a 100% guarantee that you’ll win every time, you can have confidence that your losses will decrease, thusly, saving you more money.

6.1 Top Tips

  • Find a strategy that suits your bankroll. This is a great way to budget your funds and allows you to learn self-management that will sharpen your decisions.
  • Practice on the demo machines first. They are exactly the same as the ones used by the top casinos, so you’ll have a head start on them.
  • Never discard any 2s if the rest of the hand is bad, you can swap the remaining four for an alternative hand.
  • Bonuses provide insurance towards your bankroll. Pick your bonus offers and casino wisely to make sure they give you the right value for the right games.
  • Find through experimentation which software developer makes their games easier to win on. Not all Deuces Wild machines are the same. Learning about the software developers can be hugely beneficial.

Thanks for using our gaming guide to help you, and from all the team at, we wish you the best of luck.

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