Zombie Escape

Zombie Escape™ Slot: JoinGames makes a Deadly impression on Gaming

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Horrifyingly good!

NameZombie Escape
TypeVideo slot games
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Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • Blood
  • Gut
  • Wins
What’s Not
  • Not enough bonus rounds

Game Description

Is it wrong to love shooting zombies in the head? Quick-fire answer, NOOO! I smite thee down with rounds of bullets because these m*ther f*ckers ain’t coming near me and my ass.

So yeah, that’s basically the bonus round mentioned before we have even glazed over the topic of what this game is about and what it offers, though we may have a hint in the title. Anyway, Zombies, blood, gore and money, the key components for a good night out we feel, are all here under the roof of JoinGames horrific slot game.

So we are in some not too distant future and the world is burning away in the distance. The landscape and game are bleak in colour and only the fire and slots spotlights bring the brightness to this apocalypse. The slot grid is home to rusted, bloodstained symbols and numerous zombie characters. To the left of the slot is the male ‘hero’ of the game, that or he’s just a billy no mates. Gun in hand and crossbow, slung over his shoulder, he moves like he has some Kanye West music playing in his ear.

The 3D animation is smooth, excellently engineered and works perfectly with the game.

Technical Characteristics

JoinGames have programmed a brilliant game, which is very engrossing thanks to the 3D characterization and the special video animation that play in the bonus round. The 5 reel slot comes with a 20 win line option. Coin values range from 0.01 to 1 and the currency from real play comes in at .025 to 20.00. The games ‘Return To Payer’ percentage stands at 96%.

A winning line has never moved so sweetly, the zombie or zombies will move quickly for about half a second, then bam! Gunshot, splat, blood sprays in slow motion as the walking carcass falls slowly. Perfect!

The game carries with it wild symbols in the form of Moving animation cars and free spins which are encased in an armoury trunk that opens up. Seriously some of the best animation symbols we have seen in a game for a very long time.

Bonuses and Rewards

Now, the game is great, the whole ambience about it could not be better. However, there is only one bonus round, which is a shame because you have a theme which can host so much possibility and idea.

The rewards come as free spins and multipliers. Maximum spins are 20 and are multiplied by 3. 5 wilds and you’re looking at a pay-out of 3000 time your betting stake. To land the main bonus feature requires you to get three or more of the crossbow symbol, this isn’t too hard as it came around twice after each other. The more crossbows you get the more bullets you’ll get to fire, as we alluded to in the first part of this review. The win from the bonus round multiplies your stake by 100 times.

So in the Animated bonus round, you’ll have five doors each guarded by a zombie, your bullet amount is indicated in the top left corner. And you get to pick which one will meet their maker. Beautifully crafted if not just for the gore. But will you survive?