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Tom Lasten

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Hard working and passionate about the online casino industry, Londoner Tom Lasten is an ex-poker player and a well-known face on the iGaming scene. Having written many strategy guides for all manner of casino games, Tom is now the Editor in Chief for, where he takes the lead and is in charge of the sites artistic and editorial direction.

Tom’s past success in poker tournaments meant free-time equated to boredom, thusly we are proud to acquire his skills and knowledge to help our own readers. His working habits are greeted with the hums of Rule, Britannia every morning whilst expressing an overly unhealthy passion for coffee.

His vision of online casino games

Tom is very much of the belief that if money is there for the taking why not grab it with both hands. Having seen the casino industry change dramatically from both sides as a player and now analyst, he expresses a vision that will one day see casino and gaming becoming a natural habit played out in the most grand of scales.

Eagerly anticipating the boom of VR casino games, Mr. Lasten is keen to don the goggles and experience poker played out in a casino room with other VR players, with the feel of cards at the fingertips, chatting (flirting) with live hostesses and teaching other players a thing or two about professional gambling.

Tom Lasten hails players for making the industry what it is and loves nothing more than seeing the next release of new online slots because of player demand for bigger and better games. Believing there is a way to crack the game, he has often come up trumps with his bizarre methods. “The trick is to remove and separate yourself from greed or the delusion of big wins, the only goal is to make profit, no matter how big or small, every penny counts. Build this and you’ll never play with your own money ever again.”

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