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Double Down Blackjack – The Rules that Could Land You a Fortune

Double Down in Blackjack Double Down in Blackjack

When looking at our blackjack strategy, we have highlighted many points regarding the game, the techniques, the tips, and cheats. But for this, we take this article closer to the moves within the game and here we look at the Double Down Blackjack move when playing online.

Increasing stakes, increasing intensity and increasing your returns

Doubling down in blackjack is a card move that has surpassed the table and gone into common parlance and a descriptive term to take on risks and to push the envelope to see where it gets you. The move on a technical level is where the dealer will hand you your initial cards after you place your bet. If your hand seems low enough to take the risk, then you ask the dealer to “double down”. You, as the player, will be doubling your wager and upon handing over the additional money, the dealer will, in return, give you a single extra card. Only one card is provided in this strategy, lots of new players make the mistake that you can ‘hit’ thereafter.

The rule of Doubling Down

Remember that this is about the casino games online, therefore, doubling down can come with different rules for different variants of the game that you can play within the hundreds of casinos you’ll be able to join.

Since the game of blackjack is all about playing against the odds, you’ll have to do a lot of assuming as to what cards are coming next. The rule of thumb with this rule is to assume that any of the cards to follow in the deck have a value that totals 10. With this rule, you should only be doubling down when the initial hand you have comes with a combined value of 11. This way regardless of what is revealed, you can never go bust and over a total of 21.

In some of the variants of blackjack, the games will give you an opportunity to do the move if your hand combines to a total of 9, 10 or 11. In this case, the process is slightly easier as your judgment should be based on what the dealer’s facing card is.

Big money move

This is one of the game rules that doesn’t have any bearing on whether you have soft or hard hands at the table through having an ace card. Plus, it is the only move where your bet will return the largest payment as all blackjack bets should be at a return of 3/2.

Many players argue that this is a move that regularly pays more often than the split but is less used as the hit strategy. It is best to use this basic advantage at the right time in a game, for example, after a win. Use the extra funds to play against the house, thus preserving your original bankroll and gambling with something that is, in fact, insurance money.

If you try to use it too often, like every other time you are dealt a hand, then theoretically, given the mathematics, you stand the chance of going bust more times. Remember, the house always has the edge and unless you’re in Vegas counting cards from the many decks, this won’t work, so it should be used at the right points in the game.

The strategy to Double Down

In the given circumstance where a casino online allows a player to bet on the move with any cards of any value, the tactic becomes more tricky. But from this, it gives the opportunity to double down with the extra card when the table is going through a hot streak. So, what are the signs to look for when to play this move inside the casinos? When should you start doubling rather than going with a split or hit with your hand to beat the house?

When to take the opportunity to win from doubling down

There are some rules to follow:

You’ll still want to double down if you receive a total value from your hand if they equal 9, 10 or 11. If the dealer has an upcard of 10, then you shouldn’t wager on this move, it is far too risky. If the dealer’s card is a 10 and you have 11, then the risks are lowered, so a safer option to boost your profits and advantage over the dealer.

If you get hands where the card count is low or if you have a soft hand which is an ace in the hands, then it becomes hard to pull the move off. The basic maths behind this move would increase the house edge advantage over the player. At this point, it would be a better option to try and win with the soft and by hitting.

Every decision is a hard one

Playing blackjack games is about beating the odds and going with your gut instinct, it is as finite as that. There will be points in the game where you will have to be brave and make a call but that is why it’s called gambling. One of the best options is to simply learn the game. If the dealer is going through a streak, then the rule of thumb is to play safe. Defense can be your best attack in the long run. Preserving your bankroll for the right time to start hitting the dealer when their lucky streak breaks.

If the shoe is on the other foot and the deck is giving the dealer a total nightmare of a game, then you should be putting yourself in the situation of doubling down and taking advantage.

The key to winning Blackjack

If you set yourself up to play blackjack straight with the hand you have and never split or double down, then you can bet that as a player, you will fail miserably. It is not a strategy we would recommend to players, whether the casino is land-based or online. By playing through those rules, success would be between hard and impossible to see a profitable return on your dealt hands.

💥 Don’t make rookie mistakes

Getting crap cards at the table obviously sucks, but too many new players panic at the sight of a bad hand. With the casinos already having the edge, the best option is to be brave and steer away from just going for a hit. Shirk off any fear, take the plunge and start playing with the available moves at your disposal and see the double down as an ace in the hole to wager on and possibly win from.

If you wish to practice first, our site has many free blackjack games that you can spend your time learning how to beat the odds and also to help you decide how you’ll be gambling going forward. Do you play single deck games or multiple decks? Will you alternate your play between hitting, doubling down or simply stand in the hope the house goes bust?

All the free games are original machines used by online casinos, so you get the perfect Vegas experience free of charge.

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