Blackjack Card Values – Rules of Gaining the Upper Hand

card value

When looking at the blackjack rules as a whole, nothing is more important than knowing the actual value of the cards you are playing with. Here in this section of our blackjack guide, we discuss blackjack card values and how they impact the game between you and the dealer.

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Blackjack Card Values Reminder

Card Value
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
Jack 10
Queen 10
King 10
Ace 1 or 11

Getting back to basics with online Blackjack

Blackjack is a very simple game to play but has the ‘card; stigma attached to it. Many players are put off by casino games whereby cards are used to bet on. Games like blackjack and even poker are never the first choice for a new player simply because the game rules need to be learned when for the majority, players just want to play games more quickly and simply knowing that card games come with a strategy and more unique approach to its style no matter the option you select.

Note: Playing blackjack is very simple

When it comes to card games, knowing the values is the main goal of playing. In blackjack, the total aim is to hit a score of 21 while playing. There are a number of ways to achieve the score, for example, the ‘split’ of the hand you are dealt by from the deck, or the double down. There are a number of ways to out beat the house and you don’t need an ace up the sleeve in order to succeed.

The rules of the card value are the same across any variant table game of blackjack. There are indeed many forms of the game within casinos and one rule works for them all, so bets are made easier should you wish to explore the options online.

The values of the Blackjack cards

When it comes to the hands you obviously need to count the values of the cards you have in order to know your position at the table. It is very easy basic counting and will allow you to know your position within the game to know what your next move is. Do you stand, surrender, hit, double or split? Also, do you play with insurance when you face the deal, just to take that edge off?

Well, here are the values within the decks used to help you know the rule of thumb over the game.

💥 Keep in mind:

  • Number 2 = The value of the card is scored as 2
  • Number 3 = The value of the card is scored as 3
  • Number 4 = The value of the card is scored as 4
  • Number 5 = The value of the card is scored as 5
  • Number 6 = The value of the card is scored as 6
  • Number 7 = The value of the card is scored as 7
  • Number 8 = The value of the card is scored as 8
  • Number 9 = The value of the card is scored as 9
  • Number 10 = The value of the card is scored as 10
  • Jack = The point value of the card is scored as 10
  • Queen = The point value of the card is scored as 10
  • King = The point value of the card is scored as 10
  • Ace = The value of this card is scored as 1 or 11

As you can see, this is why aces are so revered in any card game because they have plenty of power to alternate your approach and give you advantage over your own hand.

When it comes to dealing cards from the shoe, there is no knowing how many decks are used. Therefore, counting cards is not something you can actually count on to help you win money. Attempting it when playing both virtual and live games could send you into a hole that is not worth getting into.

The basic table rules faced with your hand

Blackjack can be broken into very simple easy to learn rules. These rules are approaches to beat the dealer when playing both live and virtual games. A player has four moves they can make in a game that effects their bet. Here we look at the moves available to out to the dealer.

Basic blackjack moves

  1. Spit
  2. Stand
  3. Hit
  4. Double Down

All bets are placed before your hand is dealt; those are the rules. So, what do players do once they have the cards? There are four ways to acquire a total score of 21 or as close to this, in order to win the casino game of blackjack.

Once you are dealt your first to cards, you can play a split if both cards are of the matching value. This strategy allows you to for two pairs with an additional bet added to the newly formed pair. This means you have two goes to beat the house instead of the one with additional cards added to each split to reach as close to or to hit a 21 total to win the game.

Games can be won with no strategy should you wish to stand with the cards you have been dealt with. If you have already hit 21 with the two cards then you make a ‘stand’. All that remains is that the dealer has a lower or higher value to then go bust and lose.

If you are in a position where you cannot split, yet the value you have is reasonably low, then you can ‘hit’ whereby asking the dealer for another card. The risk is there that you could go bust, but it could be fortunate enough to bring you closer to the target and up your advantage to win money back.

Whilst playing, the remaining option, in terms of moves is the double down. When Doubling Down, you are able to add an additional wager for one card and one card only. Many players believe you should always double down if your initial total is at a value of 11.

The variations of blackjack gaming

As mentioned earlier, there are many variants of the game that you can face online. From single deck games to ten deck games in both virtual and live formats. When it comes to the house edge, the variants still pose a good 1.40- 2% in favor of the house, so it remains one of the best options to play regardless of how many decks are used. So, what can be played?

💥 Breaking the traditional format of Blackjack

There are many live tables and more so virtual games of blackjack found online. Here are just some of the options that are played and their rule of thumb when it comes to the variants table.

  • The Reno Rule: If the game allows, then you are allowed to double down when you have a hard nine, ten or eleven score.
  • European Blackjack: This variant only allows for players to double down when it is a hard ten or eleven total.
  • No-Hole-Card 21 Blackjack: A variant that is more common inside of online casinos outside of the Canada. This format is played where the dealer has only one card dealt for themselves at the first state of dealing from the shoe. This means the player has a theoretical advantage as the house is down on the odds they have of getting aces from the deck.
  • The Side Bet or Side Bet City: This variant is an additional betting option for players. This is all about table insurance and is why it is only offered in casinos online. Though the ‘side bet’ gives the house an advantage that is higher than the game itself it is favored if you wish to use card counting techniques.


You will find that picking up blackjack is very simple and easy to do. Learning the hands and values of them takes no time at all and no real skill is required when playing online.

For many, the games which feature live dealers are the most common format to play because you get that immersive realism. The streaming platform uses real tables, cards and dealers and it is also the platform where players can play against each other and take part in online tournaments.

Our site and guide can help you to access the online casinos that offer these options and plenty more to boost your blackjack gameplay at the highest level and quality.