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Street Craps – Hustling with Street Dice

Street Craps Street Craps

As briefly touched upon in our craps rules article, street craps is a longstanding game that was born and raised on the streets of America. We will be discussing everything related to this form of casino craps so you can begin hustling your friends with just a few dice.

Introducing you to Street Dice

A simple, fun and fast way to bet, street craps is a basic dice game that holds all the preliminary moves of the more traditional form of craps. According to street law, the rules of craps are as follows: there are two ways to bet and the roll of a dice can reach a max of four. The bets and the game are not only easier but much faster.

The rules: The shooter is the person rolling the dice. Those watching the game, participate by placing their bets on the outcome of the shooters roll. Players will bet on a number before the shooter throws a seven. All that is needed is some dice and any suitable surface area on the street.

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How to play Street Craps

There are a number of terms that come with the game of craps that you should know about if someone tries to hustle you with terms and leave you confused. This covers the moves also used in any craps table game inside a casino online, so don’t start playing until you have understood these following moves and terms.

Keep in mind:
  • Dice: The rules are clear that only two dice can be used when playing. Be cautious of any player using trick dice that back a player losing.
  • Shooter: During the games, there can only be one shooter at a time. There are only two moves a shooter faces, either place a bet on your rolls or to make a pass.
  • Placing Bets: Wagers must be made before play begins and the dice are in the shooter’s hands.
  • Pass: In the rules of street craps, the pass move is a bet that the shooter will roll a seven or an eleven total. Despite the odds being high, if this lands, the bet is successful.
  • Don’t Pass: This betting option means you are hoping the outcome of the dice rolled lands a total of two, three or twelve.
  • Number of Players: There are no rules to the limit of players that can take part if they have money to bet with, then it’s an open market to win from.
  • Bounce: The bounce is important and why it is also important to have a wall or object that can deflect the dice played. Unless the bounce is there, then the roll is not valid, and the dice must be played again.
  • Making a Point: When rolling the dice and hitting numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, this is deemed as the point mark and becomes the point used for the bet in the next rounds of the game.
  • Fingers: No fingers in the field of play, also no feet or toes.

Street Dice gaming

The games are far more easy and relaxed than inside the casinos. There is no rule to the size of the bets, so wins are down to what players put into the game.

Though called street craps it did make its debut outside the house of the Grand Casino, Las Vegas in 2014.

If you were a new player to the game, it might be considered the best way to learn how gambling with craps works. It is the simplest version and the only variant that actually exists.

Street Craps rules

For those eager to play and experience craps, you only need a few things to make it happen. Two dice, a flat surface to roll the dice on and a hard wall or curb to allow the dice to bounce. Find a street with this and you are in business.

Beginning the game of Street Dice

To begin a game of craps, you need to appoint a player to be the shooter. There are no rules to this appointment, you can rotate through players to take it in turn or just go by volunteers. Usually, playing, in turn, is the best option.

Once the shooter is decided, you next take the set of bets:
  • First, the shooter will select the amount of money they wish to bet.
  • Next, they’ll pick the preferred betting option Pass or Don’t Pass.
  • If Pass is selected, this means they will throw a specific number before they will roll a number seven.
  • If they place a Don’t Pass bet, this is then the opposite and the shooter can offer the odds of the bets to the other participants.

Taking the bets

At this stage, the bets are gathered from the other participants on whether the shooter will hit a Pass or Don’t Pass bet. There should be enough players to cover the odds of the player, though if cash is low the rules allow for the betting odds to be dropped to accommodate those on the side.

During street craps, a player can utilize the side bet rule. This allows them to play any bet and win on practically anything that may come about from the rolls. Usual bets played on the side include the first numbers rolled or the total number of rolls till they win.

Street Craps Vs Online Casino Craps

Those that have not played craps before, will find that street craps is a good place to start. That said, there are plenty of free online craps, demo games used by casinos online, that you can access from any mobile device. So, where should you be gambling, online or on the streets?

Online Craps

Rather than trekking all the way to Vegas to get your casino fix, head online with you can play the best craps games either in multi-player live dealer arenas or solo on the virtual machines. The online casino is a safe place to play with many options. Registration is easy, you get to claim a welcome bonus that could give you three times more money to be gambling with. There are loads of free games that help you to learn how casino games will actually play. Note that the live table is a fully immersive experience where you can even chat with the dealer and other game players at the same table.

Street Craps

Though similar to casino craps, the experience is different, this is a stripped-down, faster game. It is perfect for beginners, but if your aim is to one day gamble for real money only, then it is best advised to get the knowledge of the game from the free demos.

With street craps, there are obvious dangers should you play with strangers that may come with corrupt dice or fix the game and not pay up.