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1429 Uncharted Sea
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1429 Unchartered Seas™ Slot: Thunderkick set Sail with Treasures ahead

Play 1429 Uncharted Sea

Exciting Adventures and a Big Jackpot Await!

Name1429 Uncharted Sea
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • A new wind is blowing on the market.
  • A truly masterpiece of a soundtrack!
  • 16: 9 just like the movies!
  • Technically perfect.
  • A boat trip for $5,000
What’s Not
  • No bonus mini-game in sight?

Following Columbus’s footsteps...

Sometimes, there are games that are made in the image and spirit of their creators. The video slot machine 1429 Uncharted Seas® is a brilliant example. Made ​​by the ambitious studio Thunderkick, it stands out thanks to its artistic direction, its unusual graphics and cinematic experience at will. 1429 Uncharted Seas® is the third title produced by the young Swedish studio; it is inspired by the long journey of the famous navigator Christopher Columbus, who had braved dangers before reaching America in 1492. Thunderkick offers a harmonious blend of fiction and history to enjoy in front of your PC screen. You will surely be charmed by this innovative game that finally dares to offer a truly new experience. We like it!

Amid mermaids and other sea monsters

Go mate, it is time to weigh anchor and cast off! On your ship, ready to do battle against the dangers of the sea, you sail towards unknown territories that have never been listed on any map. All your predecessors failed in their mission, and found themselves engulfed in the depths of the ocean. Can you solve the mystery of their disappearance? 1429 Uncharted Seas® will decide that, after a good half hour of play during which you will face sirens, krakens and other terrible sea monsters. You will need courage to get out alive from the ordeal ahead. And, above all, do not dare lose that compass!

1429 Uncharted Seas® is a slot game that will leave you with a pleasant smile on your face. Very original, it is completely the opposite of what is usually done in most slot games. You will enjoy it for its incredible design and for its impeccable graphics, its shade and light, for its 16: 9 format - rare enough to be stressed - for the clarity and ease of its controls and settings available to users. In addition to an unrivaled visual, 1429 Uncharted Seas® also happens to seduce its players thanks to its very subtle and excellent soundtrack. Technically and artistically this title shows the full extent of the talent at Thunderkick.

Certainly no cinematic proposed - if not one that appears in the introduction - but the incredible extent of the updates of the game will make you forget the only fault we found with this machine. Indeed, in 1429 Uncharted Seas® remains minimal even in betting options. You can play between one and twenty-five tokens, which will go from $0.10 to $100. And as only one token can be bet per payline, you always know exactly what to expect! Note that the pay table is also very clear. Thunderkick even explains the rules of the game via a special tab.

Become a wealthy apprentice!

Although you have the ability to play 1429 Uncharted Seas® in free mode on our site, trying your luck for real money will make you have the most fun on the Thunderkick title. With a payout percentage of 98.6%, you will be sure to never be let down by this slot. In addition to unlocking your sinuses, it will allow you perhaps to win 50 times the amount of your initial stake with a maximum jackpot set at $5,000! To do this, you will definitely have to aim for the Wild symbol of the game, which is represented by a warship. The latter has the ability to spread anywhere on the screen before being swallowed by a huge sea dragon. If you manage not to lose one of your fleet’s centerpieces, you will end up with arms full of gold!

Another bonus that is worth the trip will be unlocked using the Scatter symbol in the form of a dematerialized compass. The latter will show you the course but you will also increase the free spins for more credits. The only downfall in 1429 Uncharted Seas® is that it does not offer a bonus mini-game. But given how young the Thunderkick publisher is, we do not hold that against him.