2 Million BC

2 Million BC™ Slot: BetSoft Go Prehistoric with Modern Cash Wins

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Name2 Million BC
Type3D slot games
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2 Million B.C. is a slot machine developed by Betsoft Gaming that transports us into a prehistoric world. Composed of 5 reels and 30 pay lines, this game ranks among the best titles of this supplier and is characterized by innovative graphics and features as numerous as they are lucrative. In 2 Million B.C., you follow a Cro-Magnum man who wishes to please his beloved. But even in that era, women found themselves enamored of certain glittering objects known for their immense value: diamonds! So, our protagonist is going to have to do anything in order to track down one of those gems which today serve as finery for these ladies. Unfortunately, the only one that is close by is protected by a saber-toothed tiger who probably does not at all feel like sharing his bounty!

Technical features

In terms of winnings, 2 Million B.C. is a quite reasonable slot machine, as it highlights a relatively significant number of bonuses. The bonuses are linked to different symbols such as the stone sculpture of a saber-toothed tiger, the caveman's club, pieces of pottery, prehistoric frescos, precious stones, and many more. Worthy noting is that the symbols are animated and that the protagonist watches the slot's reels by your side, as he is situated on the left side of the screen. One truly appreciates the intimacy that is created between the player and the characters, the latter displaying emotions and gestures that are ultimately very "human."

The player can bet on the game's thirty pay lines, thanks to an automated system. Yet, he may also manually select the pay lines of his choice. He can also place between 1 and 5 credits per pay line, the betting capacities ranging from $0.02 to $0.50 per credit.

Bonuses and payouts

2 Million B.C. has three unique features that can be unlocked by the symbols of a campfire, an acorn and diamonds. Each time an acorn appears on the reels, a sloth pops up to collect it and store it carefully on the top left part of the screen. Once three acorns are obtained, the "Saber Attacks" feature is unlocked: the caveman will then climb up over the reels to find himself at the very top of the screen. You will have to plan your attack at the right moment and heave an acorn at the saber-toothed tiger to win this mini-game and possibly win an attractive prize. There is also a mini-game of skill where you have to help the hero snatch the diamond from the predator's mouth! This bonus which is associated with multipliers will win you between 200 and 5,000 credits depending on the number of diamonds collected beforehand. Finally, the three campfire symbols offer the player free spins with other key prizes!