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A Night in Paris
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  • A night in paris
  • A night in paris
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  • A night in paris

Slot game A Night in Paris

Play A Night in Paris
NameA Night in Paris
TypeVideo slot games
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Betsoft Gaming must been greatly inspired by certain cinematic masterpieces at the time it created its new slot machine A Night in Paris. The title oddly reminds us of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, which was a big hit in 2011. However, the plot of A Night in Paris has absolutely nothing to do with it! The player witnesses the infraction of a certain Jacques, a notorious burglar in the chic quarters of Paris, who is preparing to pilfer some of the finest canvases that hang from the walls of the Louvre Museum. From that moment it will be necessary to assist Jerome, the facility's security guard, and his dog Pierre, a tenacious bulldog, to prevent the criminal from escaping and getting away with the booty.

Technical features

From a financial standpoint, A Night in Paris is in line with other works from the publisher Betsoft Gaming. Very economical, it enables a player to have fun for as little as $0.02. The player moreover may bet between one and thirty coins, the slot being composed of 5 reels and 30 pay lines. For all that, the high rollers have not been neglected: they can bet up to $150 per spin on A Night in Paris, a casino game that knows how to adapt itself to users' wallets.

Composed of breathtaking graphics and animations, A Night in Paris highlights symbols that evoke for us the spirit of the City of Lights. Eiffel Tower, doves, croissants, lovers who smooch romantically on park benches are the icons that recur most frequently in this game. However, the protagonists, too, also possess their own symbols! Such is the case with Pierre the dog, Jerome the security guard, and the burglar. One will particularly appreciate the way Betsoft Gaming brings these symbols to life once the player hits a winning combination! At that point they spring from their mold to provide a sensational and super-realistic cinematic!

Bonuses and payouts

A Night in Paris does not offer all the usual features from Betsoft Gaming but still is endowed with three very attractive options. First, free spins may be unlocked when the symbol of the police badge appears at least three times on the reels. An animation sequence will then appear, disclosing the mad dash of Jerome and Pierre who are trying to catch the burglar. A Night in Paris further permits multipliers to be acquired. To do this, the player has to obtain a combination of three specific symbols: the thief, the police badge and finally the icon of Jerome. Finally, the third option is certainly the most amusing. It can be unlocked when three paintings of Napoleon are displayed on the slot screen. The player will then have to prove his skills to be able to finally get his hands on the thief!