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Arrival™ Slot: BetSoft bring Out of this World Jackpots to Abduct

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Type3D slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
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Casino players obviously are never going to tire of aliens and other extraterrestrials! Betsoft Gaming seems to have wanted to please them with Arrival, a 3D slot machine that features a fierce battle between an astronaut toting laser guns and an extraterrestrial villain who has captured a young woman and taken her prisoner. The mission of the protagonist is obviously to try and rescue her! But to do that, it will be required to take control of the UFO that reminds us somewhat of the aliens in Mars Attack, the blockbuster from Tim Burton. So are you ready for a high-intensity, intergalactic adventure that is brimming with suspense and action?

Technical features

Arrival is a slot machine composed of 30 pay lines, a condensation of the best from Betsoft! From a pecuniary standpoint, this game is completely affordable since it provides players with several types of bets. The bets range from 2 cents to 50 cents, although it is possible to place up to 5 coins per pay line. By betting on thirty pay lines, the user thus has every chance of chalking up substantial winnings!

As is often the case with Betsoft, you will be impressed by its incredible work in terms of cut scenes. The game's animations and graphics in 3D are quite simply excellent, and make it seem that we are watching an actual movie from Pixar studios! Where Arrival is also very strong, it is at the level of its bonuses. Each of them is linked to symbols that remind us of the intergalactic universe of Arrival: an alien with a giant-sized brain, the astronaut and his girlfriend, laser guns, humanoid creatures, etc. These and other symbols can unlock three Scatter bonuses and three skill games that also come with free spins!

Bonuses and payouts

The alien symbol is the first special symbol of this slot machine. It can appear anywhere on the reels and can offer the player free spins. At the same time, one of the screen icons will be transformed into a Wild and will reward the player with an instant win. The second bonus that we should describe for you is merely the "Click Me" option, which can be unlocked by means of three laser guns. You can thus help the protagonist to fire on suspicious flying saucers that will each reveal an exclusive prize. Finally, the skill game entitled "Abduction" will guide you to a second game screen – be careful, you will have to get three symbols of the hero's girlfriend beforehand. The hero will then enter the scene for a stunning finale in which he will do anything to save his beloved!