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Art of the Heist
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Art of the Heist™ Slot: Playson Slot is Pure Daylight Robbery

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Help Vincenzo Steal the Jackpot!

NameArt of the Heist
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
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What’s Hot
  • Amazing Graphics and Concept!
  • Excellent Bonus and Mini Game!
  • A Truly Fun Slot Game
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    Game Description

    In life, cat burglars and museums obviously go hand in hand. Remember the film Hudson Hawk with Bruce Willis? He played the worlds greatest thief and had to steal some priceless item in order to save the day. There have been many films and shows through out the last 20 years that depict the same scene, and Software gurus Playson have created their own blockbuster worthy video slot for us all to enjoy! What a treat it is, full of bonus features and amazing graphics plus a side game concept that has not been seen before in a slot game.

    Art of the Heist is the new video slot by casino software developers Playson and is a very interesting concept for a slot game. You play Vincenzo who is a cat burglar and your aim is to try to escape the museum while collecting (stealing) priceless paintings and other goodies along the way before you’re caught. If you’re lucky enough to make your way through the whole museum and out into the real world, you’ll be rewarded with a free spins round. Should you land the Mona Lisa icon then you will get the chance to play the bonus mini game and win the jackpot!

    Technical Characteristics

    Art of the Heist is based in the world of professional cat burglars where your job is rob a museum of all its priceless paintings and statues and make it out alive. The game is set on the backdrop of the museum and as it has the special feature of trying to get your burglar out, each line and reel forms a room he has to pass through while escaping with all the loot. The graphics and sound really do the game justice because the concept is truly refreshing. The in-game icons are representative of the theme; treasure, crowns, paintings are all just some of the symbols you’ll see on the reels.

    The game is played on 5 reels with 3 lines and a total 21 paylines available to players. Playson have an intuitive UI design which allows you to click on the icons on the reels to reveal their worth instead of having to go into the info pages. There’s a free spins counter up in the top left hand corner plus various bet and spin settings to play with. There is of course the usual info pages to consult if you need to find out about the game before playing also.

    Bonuses and Rewards

    Art of the heist has many cool features that will keep players returning for more spins. During the game there a 3 symbols that affect the game when Vincenzo is in the same ‘cell’ with them. The telephone symbol allows Vincenzo to move forward through the museum from 1 to 3 steps depending. The wild symbol which is a treasure chest, adds 1 or 2 free spins to the counter on the top of the screen while the bonus symbol (which is represented by the Mona Lisa) will trigger the bonus game in the secret treasure room! There are an additional 2 symbols which will punish Vincenzo if he lands in the same ‘cell’ with them and that is the Mummy symbol which pushes Vincenzo 2 steps backwards and then the Security Guard symbol which keep Vincenzo in the same cell for the next 3 consecutive spins.

    The free spins can total up to a maximum of 10 free spins and are activated only if Vincenzo manages to escape the museum in the additional side game. Stacked wilds can also appear anywhere and immediately substitute for winning symbols.

    The bonus game is triggered and you begin to investigate rooms looking for the priceless masterpiece. You use the keys you collected and unlock up to 14 different rooms. When you correctly guess the location of the discharge switch, this turns of the alarm and allows you to steal the masterpiece, but beware because in 4 of the 15 rooms there will be a guard waiting to ruin your day!