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Babushkas™ Slot: Thunderkick bring Russian Traditions to the Slot Game

Play Babushkas

Playing with Russian dolls is always fun!

TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
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  • Excellent Graphics
  • Totally Original Theme
  • Well Designed Bonus Features
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    Game Description

    So, let's talk about babushkas, the new slot machine from Thunderkick. It's fun to learn about dolls in a playful way and the Russian culture of Babushkas is a very famous tradition. Babushka dolls consists of several levels, which can be gradually exposed as you open each doll. Under each doll is a new smaller doll and usually there is between 5 and 7 dolls inside each other. Thunderkick takes on this concept and turns it into a slot machine, which is very different than anything you've seen before. The concept of levels of Babushka give the slot game a particular depth that is visually appealing s. Lets take a closer look at the game in more detail.

    Technical Characteristics

    Babushka is a slot machine with 5 reels and 3 symbols per reel. If the wheels are spinning, then the icons rotate and if three babushkas fall in a row, this is the first win, but it’s better to land four or five as you win more. Babushkas has 17 paylines and through the game mechanics, in which a Babushka character can transform into another, it is also very common that several active paylines land at the same time. The graphics in a Thunderkick game are always of excellent quality. The level of detail is particularly high in this game, and is not only reflected in the dolls, but also in the background. The background is designed like a knitting pattern which is shown in different colours, depending on which icon is currently involved in the competition of the line. Babushkas can be played both on the PC and on a mobile device and thanks to Thunderkicks modern technology usage and development in HTML5, the game runs on all operating systems, whether Windows phone, Android or Apple iOS.

    Bonuses and Rewards

    Thunderkick has tried to surprise the player and offer them something new, and this is exactly what you can see in Babushkas. The concept of dolls with several levels is transferred to the design for the games bonuses and winnings. The significance of the symbols is determined by the colour of Babushka and also the size of the doll. Thunderkick also allows all kinds of transformations of symbols. For example, a minimum fourth element is in a winning line that does not match with the first three symbols, so the first three symbols that already make up the win is transferred onto the fourth icon. This only works when the fourth symbol is a step down in value than the previous three. Do not be fooled by the size of the icons. The more levels you expose, the more the symbol is worth. Larger icons are therefore always upgraded to smaller icons.

    There is also a Wild symbol which is either a classic wild, or may have different functions and a special prize, which is awarded for if all symbols of the machine hold the smallest size. Then the game is ‘won’ and you will receive 100 Coins extra! The maximum value of €100 for example would turn into €10,000!