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Berry Blast™ Slot: Amaya Juicy Jackpots in a New Slot that’s a Blast

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NameBerry Blast
SoftwareAmaya Gaming
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileno
Available on Tabletno
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Fancy a little red fruit puree? Raw with a little bit of jelly, as jam on a slice of bread at breakfast or even accompanied by a scoop of pistachio or vanilla ice cream, it’s always a good time to enjoy these berries, strawberries, raspberries and other blackberries !

In Berry Blast, the slot machine game created by Amaya Gaming in May 2012, you will be able to stick to the 5 - a - day rule of fruit and veg and most importantly be able to enjoy yourself in a welcoming and colourful environment. In addition to that, Berry Blast provides substantial winnings through bonuses and features which really make it worth a try !

Technical characteristics

Berry Blast is a video slot machine consisting of 5 reels and 30 payment lines which introduces you to a multitude of seasonal red fruits; there are even enough of them to make a vitamin rich cocktail ! There must be something wrong somewhere if you do not experience a makeover with the grapes, blackberries, blackcurrants, wild raspberries, health wise ! And if you are not particularly fond of the fruits or find them too little to eat ? That does not prevent them from enjoying their parade at the bottom of the screen and making adorable expressions at you while asking “Hey you! Don’t you feel like eating me?” You won’t have any choice, anyway: the main fruit, the plum, being reduced to shreds once the bonuses launch their infuriating pace. You will even experience the anguish of seeing your in game companion end its existence in such a manner. It will intentionally sacrifice itself for you in order to give you a chance at hitting the game’s enormous jackpot, which is set at $/£ 22 500.

As far as betting is concerned, the number of options you will have is almost unlimited on Berry Blast. Big Players will be able to bet high prices - $/£ 75 per round - while the more economical amongst you will content themselves with betting a $/£ 0.01 per each payment line. Once the winning potential of the slot machine game produced by Amaya gaming is understood, the relationship appears to be more than balanced.

Bonuses and rewards

The scatter symbols are represented by bunches of green and purple grapes. Each kind of grape provides the user with a price selection specifically when it is displayed twice on the reels. The interesting thing about Berry Blast is that winnings can also be made when different bunches of grapes appear. A combination will provide the user with even more credits! The game’s wild symbol is a raspberry. As you already know, it can replace any icon to increase the winning chances of the user. Although Berry Blast provides additional free rounds, players interested in winning the jackpot should aim for its bonus mini game: the plum unlocks the second screen in which you have to manipulate oranges and peas! We did tell you that you would get to eat your 5 fruit and veg per day!