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Birds On A Wire
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Birds on a Wire™ Slot: Thunderkick will Shock You with their Jackpot

Play Birds On A Wire

Roast Chicken Anyone??

NameBirds On A Wire
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • You will not get tired playing it!
  • Cheerful, clean and successful sound effect.
  • An exceptional staging.
  • Thunderkick humor as we like it.
  • Very inventive bonus features.
  • Almost all types of bonuses together!
What’s Not
  • Not to much money to be made…

Beware of electricity!

"Dinero muchacho!" Well what, you do not speak Spanish? Not a single word, really? Regardless, this is just a detail. What really matters is that we had the opportunity to test the latest Thunderkick slot: Birds on a Wire®! After the excellent Uncharted Seas®, 1429 and Sunny Scoops®, to whom we have given the glorious mark of 90%, we are interested in reviewing what looks like another emblematic slot from the Scandinavian editor. A new staging model? Another humorous masterpiece? We have vetted Birds on a Wire® and here our verdict.

Staged very nicely

Birds on a Wire® is one of those slots to which one never tires of playing. Just like its bigger brothers, the last Thunderkick production brings joy and good humor on your computer screen. As soon as you hit the space bar on your keyboard you will be transported in the middle of a small simple introduction cute clip but quite full. Music that smells like a good holiday, light and the carefree percussion will put you in the entrance room. It must be said that this musical touch brings a lot to Birds on a Wire®, especially as many instruments appear to have been exploited in the sound composition of the title.

What pleases us also enormously, it is the existence of an actual staging - rare enough to be stressed. Small birds with almost cubic forms and attractive colors flutter quietly to end up landing on electrical wire held by two large columns. After that, the show can begin. Some survive the ordeal, others will die immediately electrocuted! As usual, Thunderkick was careful to distinguish themselves from its competitors and offer something other than the usual reels and fixed paylines. The scene is filmed through a comprehensive plan that is constantly in motion. A horizontal panning left to right continually transports us to a new stage where the pattern will be repeated endlessly without this being unpleasant.

On the menu: grilled bird thighs...

It must be emphasized that the charm of Birds on a Wire® lies in its screenplay. In this game, the birds are fighting for their survival. Not only the birds can be struck by lightning at any time, but there is also a big cat hiding in a cardboard box, lurking, ready to get himself a delicious meal! Also, several animated sequences will pop up on your screens once you unlock one or other of the situations mentioned above. Moreover, whether it’s the protagonists or the on screen decorations, all have been made through a minimalist vision, purist and even cartoonish; that is the hallmark of the Thunderkick studio, which has built its identity around this feature.

Inexpensive and unrewarding

The only downside we encountered on Birds Wire® is its winning capacity. The maximum jackpot in dollars is set at $200, which is still 20 times the amount of the maximum bet allowed, which is $10. If the Birds on a Wire® jackpot is nothing bombastic, it nevertheless remains proportional to the limitations of a slot machine that wants to be very "cheap". Indeed, it is not every day that you can take a chance with 1 cent! In this regard, it is recalled that five variations are possible for credits, Thunderkick has indeed thought of those who have a really tight budget!

Far from being the most generous slot

It is true that you will not become a millionaire playing Birds on a Wire® - or so it will take you much time - but rarely will you take as much pleasure on a slot machine. Why? Because Thunderkick knew once again be innovative by offering bonus features that out of the ordinary. The "Dropping Symbol" mode participates in the staging and scrolls up and down birds. On each sides of the slot machine, you will find high-voltage multipliers. You will pass from x1 to x20 as you play in normal mode or bonus mode! To unlock the bonus mode, you must line up three symbols cat hidden under his cardboard box. And this is where the real fun begins: this mini-game you will enable Infinity Spin® function, which will not stop as long as you continue to make gains.