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Bonus deuces wild
  • Bonus deuces wild

Free Deuces Wild – The Go Wild Over this Free Video Poker Game

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NameBonus deuces wild
TypeVideo Poker
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes

Deuces Wild is a standard one deck card game. The objective of the video video poker game is to land the strongest poker possible hand over what the machine reveals. If your hand wins, your prize is reflected in the paytable above the card hand. If your hand wins, you are able to increase your winnings by taking part in the game’s ‘double’ feature.


Natural Royal Flush: This is a combination of the highest possible cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a Ten. They must all be of the same suit.

4 Deuces: This combination comprises of four Deuce cards. Deuce being the number two.

Deuces Royal Flush: The hand will consist of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and or a Deuce card. This hand can use one or more deuce cards.

5 of a Kind: This combination holds four cards of the same number and a wild card, though you can use one or more wild cards.

Straight Flush: This five-card combination holds five cards of the same suit and in sequence.

4 of a Kind: This is a combo of four cards that holds the same number value.

Full House: For this hand you must have three cards of the same number and two cards of another value.

Flush: This hand only needs to consist of five cards holding the same suit.

Straight: This hand only needs five cards to follow in numerical sequence of any suit.

3 of a Kind: For this hand, you need three cards with the same number value.

Double Feature

In this bonus feature, you need to draw a higher card value than that of the dealers. You can continue to double your winnings, but your values will be lost should the dealer’s card beat you.

Play free video poker deuces wild

This is an easy game to play once you have grasped the concept of the card hands. Best of all, once you have mastered the free video poker option, you can take your skills that you’ve learned and play the very same game for real money inside one of the top 5 casinos listed above.

By being able to access this deuces wild poker option in its free form, it gives you time to think about how you will approach the game when facing the casino to win real money. The strategy behind all slot-like games is to firstly bet smart with your finds, this is a key strategy to wild video poker title.