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Bork the Berzerker
  • Bork the berzerker hack n slash edition
  • Bork the berzerker hack n slash edition
  • Bork the berzerker hack n slash edition
  • Bork the berzerker hack n slash edition
  • Bork the berzerker hack n slash edition
  • Bork the berzerker hack n slash edition

Bork the Berzerker™ Slot: Thunderkick Ramp up the Insanity of Wins

Play for real at Wildz

Go Berzerk for Free Mega Spin Bonuses!

NameBork the Berzerker
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • Land up to 50 free spins.
  • Expanding Wild feature.
  • Interesting theme and crisp graphics.
What’s Not
  • Bonus round is not easy to land.
  • The wild symbol can only be activated in the 3 middle reels.

Game Description

If you are in for some cool comic art meets Norse mythology, look no further as Bork the Berzerker is here, and he is about to use his superhuman powers to land you some luck.

Bork the Berzerker is a slot machine that is powered by the awesome Thunderkick Games. Enjoy playing this game on a 5 reel and 25 pay line set-up on a blood stained background where the walls are all lit up and glowing. Theatrical and dramatic, Bork the Berzerker is an entertaining slot machine that features Bork the mighty leader of the cult of Berzerkers as scripted by Norse mythology and folklore tales.

Join the mighty crusader Bork in a drama filled crusade to save his girl, and throughout enjoy landing some good money. We are sure that the dramatic music in the background will add to the suspense and get your heart pumping faster!

Technical Characteristics

Bork the Berzerker by Thunderkick Games exposes you to 5 reels with 25 pay-line possibilities. Bets open at 0.01 and go up to a maximum bet of a generous 100.00 per spin. As we always mention and stress, the better and higher the bet you opt for the bigger the paying possibilities are.

If you had a stressful day at the office, worry not as there us an auto-play feature that will kick start your reels and spin until you press the stop to resume you game play yourself. This feature does come in handy when you want to pour yourself a glass of red whilst you still enjoy this entertaining slot machine.

The theme and the accompanying music are dramatic with blood spattered across your reels plus Bork and his girl featuring heavily throughout. All symbols have a good pay value and playing this slot machine will give you a solid RTP of 97.3% which we love indeed! There are some scary looking monsters that compliment this slot machine, so if you get scared easily, sometimes you might look away! We are looking at you purple monster!

Bork the Berzerker is available in all gaming platforms and can be enjoyed on mobile devices of via desktop. The quest to assist Bork in his quest is everywhere, we invite you to join the fun, you will not be disappointed!

Bonuses and Rewards

Heavy on Bonuses and rewards, Bork the Berzerker enjoys the Expanding wilds feature, which is featured heavily in the game. Yes, you did hear that right, this is a super easy feature to land, just do not be scared of the gory animations that it contains! The Bork wild symbol will emerge on reels two, three, and four and when this occurs, all the reel is transformed into a wild reel should a win be foreseen. You might want to look away when Bork slices up his enemies in pieces, but remember that this is indeed the time you will be exposed to big chunky wins!

The purple shimmering monster might be daunting and not so easy on the eye, but 3 or more of this symbol will award you ridiculous amount of free spins. Rarely we have seen and played a slot machine that awards you up to 50 free spins, Bork the Berzerker does! Three purple monsters will award you 10 free spins, 4 monsters will award you 20 free spins, whilst the holy grail of spins amounts 50, is achieved when landing 5 scatter purple monster symbols!