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Call of the Colosseum
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Calls of the Colosseum™ Slot: NextGen won’t have You Roman away

Play Call of the Colosseum
NameCall of the Colosseum
SoftwareNextGen Gaming
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
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The famous gladiatorial tournaments which took place within the grand enclosures known as colosseums, were characteristic of the Roman empire. The developer NextGen Gaming invites you to relive those moments spent in the arena in the company of warriors battling for their survival against particularly fierce animals such as lions and tigers. In Call of the Colosseum, a video slot machine consisting of 5 reels and 25 payment lines, you must try to satisfy the Emperor, the sole arbiter of your fate. A raised thumb signifies his decision to let you live. A lowered thumb signifies your death. A rather draconian decision, isn’t it?

Technical characteristics

The Colosseum is quite evidently the main setting of the slot machine produced by NextGen Gaming. Its grounds would have bestowed glory on some heroes, but also brought about the demise of several other valorous gladiators. Call of the Colosseum is a game which is faithful to this ancient tradition and there is a great variety of thematic symbols: The Emperor, his pretty servants, shields, sandals, pitchers of wine, grapes, gold coins, chariots and roaring titles, which promise a violent adventure which is brutal but also very luxurious and sensual. However, the focus is on the life of the gladiator so do ensure that you resist these intoxicating pleasures in order to be able to concentrate properly on the field of battle. From a more technical point of view you would have noticed that the buttons of the game are easily accessible. Placed at the bottom of the screen they blend in with the background and blend perfectly with the theme which all form a harmonious relationship.

Call of the Colosseum provides a number of affordable bets. For example, all you need is a cent or penny (pound sterling) to launch the reels of this game. But those who wish all the same to bet more will be able to bet up to $50 all payment lines included. Well, that says it all!

Bonuses and rewards

The Emperor icon is evidently the wild symbol in Call of the Colosseum. This prestigious icon is capable of replacing any other symbol to form a maximum of winning combinations. However, please note that the Emperor will only appear on the three reels in the middle. You will then need at least three shield symbols to unlock additional free rounds. With a little luck you will be able to obtain the maximum number which is 12 additional free rounds! For one reason or the other, the two symbols are closely related. The Emperor will frequently be seen standing and raising his thumb which will provide bonuses to the player. At the end of it all, Call of the Colosseum depends significantly on its historic character.