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Slot game Candy Cottage

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NameCandy Cottage
TypeVideo slot games
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Inspired by the tale Hansel and Gretel composed by the famous Brothers Grimm in 1812, the video slot machine Candy Cottage, which was produced by the developer Rival Gaming, brings one of the most popular children’s’ stories of our era to life. The young brother and sister, accidentally lost in the forest, come face-to-face with a house covered with candy and other sweet treats. But behind this mirage lies a clever subterfuge conjured by a terrible cannibalistic witch who hopes to use the children as dinner. Faithful to the original work, the colourful slot created by Rival Gaming studios is clearly not aimed at young children in spite of its theme that may seem very childish at first. You now have the opportunity to discover Candy Cottage for free on our site. Will you be able to rescue Hansel and Gretel? Will you have the courage to defeat the witch? You will find out the final outcome of this exciting story in a few minutes.

Technical Characteristics

Consisting of 5 reels and 20 pay lines, the Candy Cottage video slot machine game is a tribute to the fairy tale known as Hansel and Gretel, better known in Sweden under the name of Jeannot and Margot. Those who know the story will be surprised to find that developers have opted for a different approach, which is far more candid than the plot implicitly developed in Hansel and Gretel. The entire setup is indeed quite pretty: the edges of the slots are composed of gingerbread and sugar sticks, and the reels highlight a string of colourful candies such as lollipops and liquorice. There are also some of the iconic characters of the story such as a goose and the terrible witch. Despite the cosy and fun ambiance of the game, we all know that the lives of Hansel and Gretel are in great danger!

To rescue them, you are definitely going to have to spin the reels. It is worth noting that the slot machine from Rival Gaming supports a wide variety of bets if you wish to try your hand at Candy Cottage by betting real money: the minimum authorized bet is 2 cents while the maximum bet allowed is : €50. Note that a fixed jackpot of € 6,250 can be won at any time.

Bonuses and rewards

Among the bonuses that will make your adventure in Candy Cottage more exciting is a Wild symbol that will only appear on the third reel. The Wild symbol, which is represented by the cauldron, falls frequently! Otherwise, users will definitely have to keep an eye on the gingerbread. At tea time, it will unlock up to ten additional free rounds associated with x3 multipliers. Not bad for getting credits! Finally, a bonus mini-game can be activated with the cage symbol. You will then have to help the two children to catch candy in a completely carefree manner while they are imprisoned by the witch. In summary, Candy Cottage is a slot machine with a friendly atmosphere that will keep you entertained for hours while reviewing your classics. You are likely to love it.