Game Of Thrones 243 Wege

Game of Thrones 243 Way™ Slot: Microgaming Rallies Up an Epic Slot

Play Game Of Thrones 243 Wege

Rally your Allies, Winter is Coming!

NameGame Of Thrones 243 Wege
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
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Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • Just as Epic as the series!
  • Multiple special features!
  • Fans of the books will love it!
What’s Not
  • No Progressive Jackpot

Game Description

Forget waiting another whole year to watch the world most celebrated TV series Game of Thrones™. Microgaming have immortalised HBO’s Game of Thrones™ with their latest video slot Game of Thrones™.

Based also on the best selling book series developed by George R.R Martin, Game of Thrones™ video slot will expose you to the best fantasy world since The Never Ending story with flying dragons, and various kings and their subjects battling out in gaining full access to the one superior throne.

Microgaming have equipped Game of Thrones™ video slot with 243 ways to win ensuring you enjoy the vibe of your favourite TV show whilst you pocket large amounts of coins. The game features famous symbols from the the different Houses of Westeros Houses that Game of Thrones™ world is based on. The symbol to look out for is the wild symbol that is the Game of Thrones™ logo, whilst the scatter symbol is that of the Iron Throne, the thrones that everyone is fighting for in Game of Thrones™.

Travel through the Seven Kingdom of Westeros and choose between the Houses Baratheon, Stark, Lannister and Targaryen as you enter the enchanting realms of Game of Thrones™. Even though you have the option, we are more than sure that the Starks will be your choice, let’s admit it since episode 1, everyone loves a bit of Sean Bean.

Technical Characteristics

Keeping the same soundtrack of Game of Thrones™, you will sure enjoy the same sounds as those made popular in the TV series of Game of Thrones™. If you end up dancing to the idyllic and enchanting soundtrack it is not our fault, you were warned. Based on the 4 main houses Game of Thrones™ video slot enjoy multiple amount of distinctive features that will have you enter the worlds of our favourite characters as you play.

This video slot can be played in 2 ways, the 15 paylines version or the 243 ways. Both games enjoy free spin options, scatter features and multipliers. The maximum win is 5,000 times your stake in the 15 payline version, whilst you can win up to a cool 20,250 times your stake in the 243 ways to win version. We have tried them both, won in both so both are cool features that make this video slot a cutting edge go to online slot that you are sure to enjoy for hours.

Game of Thrones™ video slot is also available on both mobile or web platforms giving you more flexibility in how and when you play this slot. Coupled with snippets and the most celebrated moments of the TV series, this online slot’s graphics are set to be a big treat, ensuring to transport you to the Seven Kingdoms.

Betting options varying according to the game play you opt for, Game of Thrones™ video slot was designed with seasonal and new players in mind, giving all the flexibility of choosing your betting range and also your coin size.

Bonuses and rewards

Just like any other online slots that we have ever played, Game of Thrones™ awards you tons of free spins according to the house that you are more inclined to chose. (Stark! Stark! Stark all the way!)

With House Baratheon you will be awarded 8 spins whilst enjoying a x5 multiplier. Here you will also smile at the winnings derived from the 3 stack House Baratheon symbols. House Lannister will give you 10 free spins with a x4 multiplier where the House Lannister Sigil is also 4 symbols stacked. Only in this video slot you will see the House Lannister Sigil and not cringe, we promise!

The House of Stark, home to Jon Snow, gives you 14 free spins with a x3 multiplier, with a special feature of the House Stark Sigil stacked 5 up. The last house, House Targaryen where dragons are kept like pet cats and enjoyed on your lap. This house awards you the maximum free spins of 18 with a x2 multiplier. The House Targaryen Sigil is stacked 6 up.

One you land on a winning reel, you have the option to either collect your winnings or gamble should you be one that aims to double your winnings. This round has 4 stages, elements that are most celebrated in the Game of Thrones™ franchise: White Walker, 3-Eyed Raven, Dire wolf and Dragon. When landing on 2 or more Game of Thrones™ scatter symbols, you will enjoy big winnings! Finally, the Gamble Trail feature will allow you to watch videos of the Game of Thrones™ TV series whilst you can double up your winnings and enjoy the ride!

Final thoughts on this Game of Thrones™ slot, just like the books and the TV series, this addition to George R.R Martin’s legacy gets another 5 stars. Bravo!