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Hitman™ Slot: Microgaming make a new Hit Game that’s Killing it

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TypeVideo slot games
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While Hitman 6 for PS4 and Xbox One has recently been announced on PS4 and Xbox One, the Casino Bonuses Index team has made the decision to focus on the fate of the famous Agent 47 created by IO Interactive. The professional assassin and infiltration specialist must complete a new contract in the slot machine game developed by Microgaming which obtained exclusive rights to the licence to the pleasure of several fans. And there’s no need to worry if you’ve never heard of the elusive man in a suit. We guarantee that you are bound to have a great time playing Hitman®, which with its five reels and fifteen paylines, provides an unforgettable and chilling experience.

Technical Characteristics

Dark, methodical and merciless, Agent 47 is probably the archetype of the elusive hitman. The bald and always impeccably dressed, forty-something year old assassin, has become extremely famous as a result of the many video games in which he has been featured, with the latest being Hitman: Absolution Hitman but also importantly, Go ™, a strategic board game available on smartphones and tablets. In the game being discussed today, the master assassin must simply eliminate a target on behalf of the "agency", which is the company that always engages his services. Agent 47 will be able to unpack all of his best known instruments of assassination: knives, piano wire - very effective for throttling people -, sniper rifles, silenced guns... all neatly packaged in advance in his trademark briefcase. In addition to the entire entire disturbing arsenal, sombre music and a calculator will punctuate the different phases of the game. Strong nerves and the ability to keep cool are required in order to be able to succeed.

You only need a few pennies to try your luck on Hitman®. And even though the Big Players will still be able to bet up to € 75 on all lines combined gain, obtaining the Holy Grail will require a monstrous investment. Are you ready to cash in on the bonanza?

Bonuses and rewards

Considering cashing in on the bonanza is really worthwhile, especially since Agent 47 will do all he can to reach this aim. Armed with pistols fitted with silencers, the meticulous killer appears on the reels as a wild symbol, taking out everything in his path and replacing all hitherto useless icons. The Video Slot created by Microgaming studios also includes a "Pick Me" bonus which can be obtained by aligning three signatures of the agency, enabling you will be able to unlock an instant prize by clicking on the image of your choice. Finally, Agent 47 will be in the thick of it when the ICA Mission bonus is unlocked. The man dressed in suit and tie will finally have the opportunity to eliminate his target but will have to choose among five individuals with different profiles. Agent 47 will be able to use the weapon of his choice but must always be take care to stay discreet. Are you ready to take on y the greatest of assassins? In that case, play Hitman®!