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Max Quest Slot by BetSoft: Unleash Your Wrath to Win Ra’s Treasure

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This is a Mutliplayer Shoot-Em-Up Slot Machine!

NameMax Quest
TypeVideo slot games
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  • 3D Animation
  • Bonus Rounds
  • 25 Level Gameplay
  • Ground Breaking Action
  • Multiplayer Functions
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    Game Description: Studying the Max Quest play and all the attributes that come with this ground breaking game

    If there was a rule book about making a standard online slot, it has truly been torn apart by BetSoft. This is a multiplayer shoot-em-up online slot machine, this is insane! There has been nothing like it and now all games going forward have to be like this.

    Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™, to give it its full title, is ancient Egypt meets new-age slot gaming with a six-play platform, over 25 different gaming levels, sci-fi weaponry and plenty of cash to be won.

    The scale of this game is enormous and the entertainment builds as you are able to develop your own avatar and gain experience point, the more points you have the higher up the leaderboard you go. Now there are a lot of technical aspects to this game so we will have to cover most of the ground by discussing this.

    Technical Characteristics: The Max Quest game provider BetSoft have produced something wholly unique

    You begin the Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™ game with the selection of a ‘character’, your avatar, here you can choose persona and badge for your symbol to be seen by all others playing the game. Before you step into the depths of Ra’s tombs, you will select your bullets which are paid for, this ranges from 0.01 per bullet or can be bought in caches which climb to 100,000 bullets.

    At this stage it’s best to still think of this as a slot game in its traditional sense, each bullet is a spin so the amount of bullets you buy is what you are willing to wager. Here in this game, each bullet is a guaranteed win so you can no begin to see why this ‘slot’ is pretty phenomenal.

    Once you select the room to join, which can hold up to SIX different players, your quest begins!

    Your ‘symbols’ so to speak, are the walking dead, mummified ghouls and guards of the gods, they move about the screen and you, well, you shoot and every hit is a win.

    Every miss from the weapons will ricochet and hit something. Note that should you shoot whilst a game round is in the throes of ending, the bullet cost is reimbursed so nothing you spend to play is wasted.

    Bonuses and Rewards: In Max Quest bonus levels set a new president in gameplay, diversity and jackpot prizes

    The multiplayer function allows for the dead to be killed quicker and all rewards in the bonus sections are equally shared. You can play individually if the room is empty but there is no option to not allow others to join.

    During gameplay more weapons can be purchased, they range from shotguns to laser beam rifles, each different form of weapon you can purchase comes with free ammunition. The power of them also vary. So pick wisely because you could have better success with a lower graded weapon than a higher one.

    There are 3 main gods to kill in this game and they form the ‘bonus rounds’, Osiris, Anubis and Ra himself. To get to them you must first kill all that which walks or crawls in the round you’re playing. The flamed mummified enemy come with big rewards going into the hundreds, so worth taking down.

    When the bonuses triggers, the game will pause whilst a God is presented, long story short, if you thought your wins were big up to this point, you’ve seen nothing yet.

    There are multiple rewards from the game. You can open up special player levels which come from the ‘experience’ you have, which is scored by the XP icon on the bar. Reserved weaponry untouched can unlock special bonuses at the end of games also.

    Software: With Max Quest mobile you can play the game through Android and IOS without the need of an app

    The Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™ game is playable through any Android or IOS device because of the HTML 5 tooling inside the software. It will play through any browser so desktop, tablet and laptop users can experience the joys of gunning down the enemy and winning easy money with EVERY bullet shot.

    Gaming Demo: There is a Max Quest free play demo you can try should you wish to test the game first

    Experience the majesty yourself for free with the Max Quest® demo, there you can experience the first stages of the game and learn how to use the right bullets for the right enemy. There is so much within the game with special missions and levels to get lost in and just to whet your appetite here is an exclusive look at how the game looks.

    Verdict: If our Max Quest casino ‘slot’ review wasn’t clear enough then here is why you should play this now

    This game is the future of gambling. There is no way back from this when you have players basically having a console gaming experience and actually being paid when taking part. Every shot in this game is a guaranteed win, the prize amount are randomised and could see one shot landing a 0.30 prize up to a 15.00 cash return. This is a bold and expanding experience which has not been done before so get your name on the leaderboard fast because you do not want to miss out on this at all.