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Robocop™ Slot: Playtech have You setting Your Targets on a Big Win

Play Robocop

Are your targets set on a HUGE win?

TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
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  • Robocop’s weapon
  • 8 bonuses
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    Game Description

    Set in the not too distant future and glued together in the science labs of Playtech, comes the 80’s cult rom-com movie Robocop! For those braindead enough to have this film past by your lives, Robocop tells the tragic story of a wounded police officer that was shot in the head, surviving over 1000 rounds of bullets, he then struggling with his sexuality and misses out on the obvious advances of his (seemingly) lesbian partner “umm, what’s her face!”, it’s all very weird but that was the 80’s and cocaine took huge effect in the film industry. Now you’re up to speed, let’s delve into this game of sci-fi and 80’s nostalgia.

    The gaming grid in nicely chromed and looks all gadgetry and futuristic. The detail put in by Playtech is rich and packs a hefty robotic punch when the video features kick in, showing off actual film footage.

    Technical Characteristics

    Playtech have provided the player with a few helpful gadgets on the game panelling. We have an auto-stop button, should you feel you want to control the game more, a turbo button for faster game play and an auto play button, which will stop once a feature is triggered.

    We have a 25 win line game here, so the minimum bet stands at 0.25 and goes up to 25.00. The Robocop game is a 3 row, 5 slot money pit that is packed full of movie characters, scenes and homages.

    For the return to player percentage, this stands at a favourable 96.24%

    But all this said we just want to know all the juicy stuff. So let’s take a look at all the bonus features it has to offer. Did we tell you there are 8 bonus features? No? Well you should have read our review a few weeks back then.

    Bonuses and Rewards

    8 bonus features, my oh my! 4 bonuses can be triggered within the game play by landing 3 of the Detroit Police badges on reels 1, 3 and 5, giving you the pick me option to select one from four special features. In short the rewards contained within are: The Shootout bonus, this really does kicks ass. Animation comes into play massively following the video clip of Robocop walking into the warehouse and scanning all the naughty men he’s about to tell off! The feature scans the spinning reels with Robocop’s targeting system and then starts selects random wilds, using 3D animation Robocop’s weapon comes into view and fires a money shot straight at the slot to reveal the wild symbols he had targeted. It’s all very thrilling and adult. Which has to be said, that it makes a nice change from all the fluff found in online casinos these days. Another is ED-209 or the Robot Attack Spin, this walking tin can’s feature makes ED-209 turn into a 3 reel wild symbol and stands dead centre of the grid to get you all fired up for big wins. Again all bonus features have their own intro video, scene relative from the movie itself, so in this one you see ED-209 sat on the toilet, dropping tiny batteries into the bowel.

    There is a multiplier feature called Line-Up, where by all winning lines are credited with a multiplier of up to 5 times the win during a 10 free spin round. Lastly there is the visit to the OPC office; here you are faced with several CCTV monitors, pick randomly to fill the character levels and win more money. Of the other 4 bonus features, they are exactly the same only offering smaller pots to win.