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Slot game South Park

Play South Park
NameSouth Park
SoftwareNet Entertainment
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileno
Available on Tabletno

It just had to happen! The very controversial American animated cartoon South Park was naturally entitled to its own slot machine and, just for once, it’s the unbeatable publisher Net Entertainment that has bonded them together. Let’s remember that the television sitcom was created and written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and that the first episode highlighting the bizarre and crude adventures of Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny was broadcast in 1997. Extremely faithful to the original animated cartoon, the NetEnt slot will enable you to spend a delirious moment alongside these grade-schoolers that no one wanted to have for adoption. As for Kenny, do you think that he finally encounter a happy ending?

Technical features

The video slot South Park is a faithful representation of the original work. Here, everything will make you think of the cartoon: the snowy landscape reminds us of the town where the protagonists live; the graphics and symbols have been produced in the style of the designers of the sitcom; finally, the completely idiotic music that one recognizes can be discerned in the background! Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are all four on the scene and each is fortunate to have his own eponymous symbol. Other personalities from the cartoon also appear in the game including Mr. Garrison, Butters and Ike, to name only a few. As is often the case with Net Entertainment, letters reminding us of poker are used (10, J, Q, K, and A).

In terms of bets, users will have no problem getting their bearings on South Park. In effect, the developer made the decision to incorporate a significant number of diverse and varied wagers. Also, bettors will be able to play South Park without going to ruin, with a required minimum bet of 25 eurocents being sufficient to indulge in a round. For its part, the maximum authorized bet, which is €250, will specifically interest the High Rollers.

Bonuses and payments

At present, you would be hard-pressed to find a slot that is fraught with as many bonuses as South Park. There are so many payout systems in this game that we can’t describe them all to you! In the following review, we will concentrate uniquely on the principal bonuses, although other secondary bonuses also deserve to be gone over. As you might imagine, the principal bonuses revolve around the four main characters of the game. Each of them possesses two special bonus symbols! Those of Kyle, for example, enable you to win up to ten additional free spins; and Ike will even lose his balance and fall from the top of the screen, revealing inadvertently an exceptional prize! Kenny’s mini-bonus will encourage you as usual to help him avoid death: you will have to guide him towards the right path. At the conclusion of this mini-bonus, you can land a multiplier bonus, cash in a new reward, or else say good-bye to the little character that once again will die in a grotesque manner. Cartman too has his own personal mini-bonus: you will have to pull on his shrubs with the help of a snow gun and disturb the game’s characters while they are sleeping. While you can multiply your initial bet by 5,000 by means of this bonus, be careful not to disturb the policeman! Finally, thanks to Stan, you will be able to transform all the icons affixed to the screen into Wild symbols, an exceptional way to fill up on credits!